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    As the sun set, the first day of military training concluded. Yan Yuzhou and Xiao Mu, drenched in sweat, walked side by side off the training field.

    Seeing Yan Yuzhou bid him farewell, Xiao Mu asked curiously, “Zhouzhou, does your family live in Wenjing City? If you can go home every day, why did you apply for a dormitory at first?”

    Thinking of the cold, unfeeling man at home, Yan Yuzhou’s face showed indignation. “It’s because of the big, disobedient, fierce, and ugly wolf dog at home. I didn’t want to see him, so I decided to move out initially. But later, I figured it wasn’t a big deal. If a dog bites you, you can’t bite back, right? We’re civilized and educated college students, after all. How can we stoop to his level?”

    With these words, Yan Yuzhou vented all the frustration he had been bottling up against Shen the Big Dog. After venting, he felt entirely relieved.

    Xiao Mu listened with a hint of understanding, blinking his pretty almond eyes, and asked with a cheeky smile, “Is there someone at home you really dislike?”

    Yan Yuzhou sighed, pondering Shen Ci’s place in his heart. Do I dislike him? Maybe… he just felt wronged?

    Why should he bear Shen Ci’s rejection and disgust for no reason? Why should he avoid even appearing in front of him? Why does he feel something when Shen Ci touches him, yet that block of ice still hurts him with harsh words?

    Yan Yuzhou pouted unhappily, his voice tinged with a nasal tone, and said sulkily, “Yes, I hate him to death.”

    He hated Shen Ci and also hated himself for feeling down all day because of Shen Ci.

    Since Xiao Mu lived on campus, they soon parted ways. Xiao Mu headed back to the dormitory, while Yan Yuzhou rushed to the school gate to catch bus No.150.

    It was rush hour, and the bus was packed with people. Yan Yuzhou moved inward with the crowd, getting squeezed into a corner.

    Previously, Yan Yuzhou would take the bus home after closing his flower shop every day. It was always crowded, but this time it was different.

    Now, he was an omega, with glands properly located on the back of his neck.

    Surrounded by several alphas, who were tall and close, the scent of pheromones was strong.

    Tobacco, earthy, burnt leaves and some unknown pungent smells mingled in the air, becoming particularly noticeable. With people pressing so close to each other, these scents overwhelmed Yan Yuzhou, making his head spin and his stomach cramp and retch.

    Being new to this, he couldn’t handle such strong scents. Comparatively, Shen Ci’s mountain snow scent seemed much more bearable. Apart from giving chills, it had no flaws.

    Refreshing, clear, and invigorating.

    Yan Yuzhou covered his mouth and nose with his sleeve, struggling to control his stomach’s turmoil. He tried looking outside to distract himself from the discomfort.

    Suddenly, a hand touched his waist.

    Yan Yuzhou moved uncomfortably. With so many people on the bus, physical contact was inevitable.

    However, that hand didn’t seem to want to leave his body. After lingering on his waist for a moment, it slid under his shirt and continued upward.

    Yan Yuzhou froze for two seconds before realizing—he was being harassed!

    He jerked his body, shaking off the hand that had slipped up his back, then quickly turned around, facing a lecherous face filled with desire.

    He glared fiercely at the alpha who had just harassed him and, without hesitation, punched the man in the abdomen. As the alpha let out a muffled groan, he quickly lifted his foot and stomped hard on the man’s foot, causing him to bend over in pain and let out a loud cry.

    Yan Yuzhou pursed his lips, staring at him expressionlessly. The people around them turned to look, seeing an omega with a frosty expression and the alpha opposite him jumping in pain. They quickly understood what had happened: the omega had been harassed and had fought back fiercely.

    For a moment, everyone on the bus, driven by a sense of justice, sided with Yan Yuzhou. They criticized the alpha for his rudeness and lewdness while casting concerned glances at Yan Yuzhou, with a hint of admiration in their eyes.

    Despite being in an omega’s body, the soul inside was that of a true man.

    As soon as the bus arrived at the stop, Yan Yuzhou pushed through the crowd and hurried off. The air outside was much fresher, filling his lungs and helping to dispel the foul air he had inhaled earlier. The nauseous feeling subsided significantly.

    When he returned to the villa, he ran into Shen Ci, who was working in the living room. Remembering the unpleasantness of their morning argument and Shen Ci’s words about not appearing before him unless necessary, Yan Yuzhou’s good mood for the day plummeted. Meeting Shen Ci’s indifferent gaze, he responded expressionlessly and walked past him.

    Suddenly, he heard Shen Ci call out behind him in an unfriendly tone, “Stop.”

    Yan Yuzhou instinctively wanted to stop but quickly remembered their argument. Why should he stop just because Shen Ci said so? 

    With this thought, he continued walking forward as if Shen Ci’s words had nothing to do with him.

    Seeing no reaction, Shen Ci’s heart sank. He stood up from the sofa in a flash, took a few quick steps to catch up with Yan Yuzhou, and forcefully turned him around.

    He was met with a pair of eyes like those of a startled deer, still simmering with anger.

    “What?” Yan Yuzhou asked irritably, unable to understand what he had done to provoke this iceberg of a person after not seeing him all day.

    Shen Ci stared at his face for a while and then asked stiffly, “Sister Song said you went to school today. Have your allergies gotten better?”

    Yan Yuzhou, seeing Shen Ci’s awkward expression, felt a mix of bitterness and sweetness in his heart. For some reason, even though Shen Ci’s face showed no emotion, Yan Yuzhou could tell he was concerned.

    “It’s fine now.” Yan Yuzhou shrugged uncomfortably, freeing himself from Shen Ci’s grip and taking two steps back, asking sourly, “Anything else? If not, I’m going to my room.”

    His stomach was still uneasy from the bus ride, and he had no appetite. He just wanted to lie down in his room. Seeing that Shen Ci had nothing more to say, he turned to leave.

    Suddenly, Shen Ci spoke again, with an indescribable emotion in his voice, “Why do you smell like an alpha?”


    T/N: Iceberg Shen, your wife ha been wronged. How are you going to console him?

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