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    It seemed like there was no way he would back down from this. Liev felt his throbbing forehead once again and finally made up his mind. He didn’t tend to take responsibility for something like this, but anyway, he was now Renard’s protector and caretaker at the moment. He couldn’t just let Renard go elsewhere and cause trouble, so he had to deal with it himself. 

    “Let me make this clear. If you say you want to do it with me, there won’t be any. whether it’s a baby or an egg. It won’t happen because I’m a man.” 

    “You don’t know that. How can you be sure?” 

    No one taught him, so it was natural not to know, but it was surprising to be this ignorant. Liev closed his eyes tightly, then finally gathered his thoughts and asked, Earlier, Renard said something about it being so itchy and hot down there.

    “Close your eyes. Is it still hot down there?” 

    It was quite cute to see him nodding his head enthusiastically with a face as red as autumn leaves. What’s the point of being cute when the situation is not cute at all? Liev swallowed his scream again and untied the belt around Renard’s waist. As the strong force that held the long gown-like top loosened, the well-defined abs were revealed. As soon as he finished untying the knot with his fingertips.


    The pants were completely lowered and his center was exposed, and his obscenely bulky p*nis protruded out.


    At that moment, Liev’s thought circuits began to refuse to function. Trying to make it work, like fixing a broken TV that barely got it to work, he couldn’t help but think this wasn’t right. There are things one can and cannot do in the world, as well as things one wants to do and doesn’t want to do. Until a moment ago, he had to take care of the dragon’s lower region, even though it was something he didn’t want to do. But now, upon reevaluation, it was something he couldn’t do and didn’t want to do. 


    Just as Liev was about to pull up the pants to cover Renard’s hips again, Renard, with a slight gasp, looked down at Liev. Liev couldn’t breathe again at the obvious expectation and excitement on Renard’s face. How can he say he can’t do it now when he’s looking at me like that? A voice in his head whispered like a demon. You, too, as a man, knew what he was expecting, yet you started it all, and now you say you can’t do it? Listening to the voice again, Liev couldn’t do anything. 

    Of course, such actions should only occur when both parties are willing. However, even though he wanted to sit and talk about it, he couldn’t say, “No, you do it alone,” while Renard was eagerly exhaling with a face full of expectation. “Ah, it’s really not going to work. Just do it by yourself.” How can I say that? If it were someone else, I would have lashed out and run away in the first place, but it couldn’t be done with Renard. He didn’t want to see Renard hurt anymore. 


    Then what should I do? Do I do this for him for real? Really? In this life, he has fed the dragon, washed him, clothed him, put him to sleep, and done all kinds of crazy things. But he never thought he would end up helping with m*sturbation. Liev took another deep breath and looked down too. Although even touching it felt uncomfortable, it seemed like something he could do, even if he died trying. 

    Mounting, whether for the purpose of relieving sexual urges or not, seemed somewhat tolerable if one considered it as a behavior commonly observed in many companion animals. Usually, it’s done on dolls or other animals that are kept together, but depending on the situation, cases of mounting on the caretaker’s body can also be common if a strong attachment is formed. Let’s think of it as something like that. Liev recalled the words of a friend who mentioned that even after their dog was neutered, it continued the mounting habit for a while, lifting its left leg as if it were a familiar gesture. 

    Although this creature in front of Liev was not a 2-kilogram Maltese, it looked like a human being standing close to 2 meters. It is true that they are of a different race. Roughly thinking in that way might make it more bearable. After taking a deep breath and opening his closed eyes, Liev immediately changed his thoughts. 


    Even though this creature weighing more than 10% of his body weight might just make a human feel a bit embarrassed, what Liev saw in front of him was a grown man with a much larger body. He was staring down at him with a face full of sexual excitement. He couldn’t handle this. This seemed like something that shouldn’t be happening. 


    Just by being seen by Liev, Renard’s center of “gravity” suddenly stood up, and the moment he saw the long, fluttering eyelashes, Liev refused to think again.


    If I’m going to do it anyway, let’s do it quickly and get it over with. Liev sighed deeply in his mind and held the reddish, excited p*nis with his sweaty hands. To the point where he wondered if this made sense, his body hair under the p*nis was quite light. It was the first time he had seen someone’s body so explicitly since his hair got so thick that he started avoiding public baths. The wet clinging to the palm felt strange, transmitting an unfamiliar sensation as if it would convey even the pulsating veins. 


    Renard, whose sensitive area was wrapped in Liev’s hand, lowered his head and buried his face in Liev’s shoulder. From the earlobes to the nape, the warm heat touching the delicate and soft skin made Liev shiver. Let’s do it quickly and get it done. Hoping that the other members wouldn’t find Renard before that, Liev began to slowly stroke his hand along the shaft, causing Renard’s body to slightly tremble. 

    “Liev, this… something’s weird… down here….” 

    Well, it’s strange here, too. Suppressing the desire to retort, Liev slowly moved his palm toward the root, then swept it back up again. Each time the elastic epidermis stretched lightly and contracted again, the pillar in his hand wriggled, releasing a clear fluid through the small hole at the tip. In response to the unfamiliar pleasure, Renard’s hand roamed Liev’s shoulders and forearms, and he tightly gripped the hem of Liev’s sleeve. In the meantime, Renard tried not to let his strength cause harm to Liev while he continued the slow caressing. 


    The breath escaping through his parted lips, near the neck, felt scorching, as if suffering from a burn. Even though he knew it wouldn’t actually be that hot, the weight clinging to his arms seemed to be weighing down my entire body, putting pressure on my heart, and making me feel like I was being hunted, even though I was the one holding his private parts. 

    “Hu… Ugh….” 

    As he became a little more accustomed to Liev’s touch, my erect p*nis kept poking near Renard’s navel. Although he had never imagined in his life that he would be aroused by seeing a man’s body, watching the trembling figure in front of him made him feel strange before his eyes. The place where Renard was touching me somehow felt ticklish. When Liev instinctively tried to move back, Renard held him tightly in his arms and did not let go. 

    “No, ugh. Don’t go.” 

    At the same time, he pulled the hand holding the sleeve again and wrapped his entire body around me. Not only was I unable to overcome his strength, but his g*nitals clung closer to me as if they were rubbing against our stomachs. He won’t let go. Damn it, just a bit more distance, but the moment Liev swallowed his swear words inside him, something sharp and hard touched his exposed nape on his neck. 


    Despite having the appearance of a human, he had long canine teeth that stood out clearly. Although it wasn’t so long that it couldn’t fit in his mouth, it was sharper than an ordinary person’s teeth, causing a tingling sensation just by lightly scratching the skin. 

    “It hurts, don’t bite!” 

    As Liev tried to push Renard away while holding onto Renard’s genitals, Renard hugged Liev with his strength again and whispered. 

    “Okay, I won’t bite, so just let me lick it.” 

    “No, not even licking.” 

    Although he said not to, the moment Renard swept his tongue along the prominent bones of Liev’s neck, s*cking in the soft skin under his chin, a strange sensation different from tickling ran down his spine and entire body. 


    When Liev opened his eyes wide, unable to react in surprise, Renard removed Liev’s glasses and tucked them into his pocket. He pressed his forehead against Liev’s and made eye contact. Actually, his eyesight wasn’t that bad, so his close face was clear. In the moment when the long pupils, dilated due to excitement, met his clear gaze, a sensation pierced through his entire body. Ah. He can’t escape. He can’t run away. Warning lights flashed all over his body. 

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