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    My entire body lost strength. Like a computer that had been forcibly unplugged the moment Liev lost his body and was about to sit down, Renard wrapped his arm around Liev’s waist and supported him, pulling him up.  

    “Feels good… Keep touching me, okay?”  

    A drowsy, wet voice rang in his ear. It sounded like the purring of a cat, and the soft resonance made his whole body tense again. As Liev moved his hand slowly, not only his palm but also Renard’s undergarments were soaked with prec*m that oozed from the tip of his glans, making them wet.  

    “Ah, Liev… I love it.”  

    The voice that seemed to be full of heat continued to tickle the back of his head, and the sharp, burning gaze that seemed as if it could sting, the body temperature that tightly gripped his entire body, and the hot breath that almost suffocated him all seemed to be out of control. It was the first time in his life that he felt such an intense desire for someone other than himself. 

    Now, Renard was pressing his waist on Liev’s own waist, even though Liev’s hand was not moving. When his erected organ touched Liev’s lower abdomen, a feeling of satisfaction welled up from deep below the navel. When the strange urge, a bit different from urinating, began to slowly raise its head, when looking into Liev’s eyes again, his parted lips caught his eyes first.  

    “Liev, can I s*ck your lips?”  

    It is said that the act of humans touching lips is said to be a very careful and special act. It was knowledge he had known since his childhood with Liev. Other areas, such as the cheeks, eyelids, and nose, were relatively lenient, but lips were generally not allowed unless someone special. Even Liev used to readily offer his lips when Renard was barely walking with two legs, but as Renard began to grow a little, he would push him away, saying that lips were not allowed.  

    So, what now? Can’t we do it now? Even though they are officially recognized as companions, after carefully asking, Liev closed his eyes tightly and shook his head.  

    “No, no….”  

    The ends of his words were cracked, and they were trembling. Renard asked again, his eyes shining.  

    “I’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt. Okay? Please allow me.”  

    At the same time, his face was flushed red, and he didn’t say a word, like he had been struck dumb by something. Taking Liev’s lack of resistance as a positive sign, then, as if he were rushing, his lips were hot as he touched them. 

    He only knew that humans put their lips together as a special expression of affection, but he felt like he didn’t know how to kiss, and the wet tongue on Liev’s dry lips felt ticklish. Liev tried to pull his body back again, but Liev had already been held tightly by Renard for so long that he could not move. Renard wasn’t satisfied with that.  

    “Mmm… Open your lips, I want to s*ck on your tongue too.”  

    When Liev tightly closed his lips and refused the request without any response, Renard’s fingertips touched the nape of Liev’s neck, and he opened his mouth at the strange sensation all over his body, which was different from when his lips touched him. Renard’s tongue penetrated the gap. What followed was a violent kiss that bordered on robbery.  

    Can this be considered a kiss? He viciously s*cked every inch of his mouth as if he were declaring war, biting his tongue and the delicate flesh inside his mouth just enough to not hurt him and swallowing his saliva.  

    Is this how you do it? It just hurts… But there was no way that Liev. A person who was accustomed to quietly hiding away from people would have never tried the thing called a proper relationship. It was a level of skinship that was too much for a person who would run away from the same sex or the opposite sex as if they had just touched a bug. As the feeling of nausea rising from the inside of his throat made him reflexively tighten his grip on Renard’s genitals, Renard started gasping for breath and started rubbing his waist even harder.  

    “Huh? Liev… I think it will come out.”  

    At the same time, he tightly held his whole body even more, but Liev thought it was all over. Before he knew it, Renard’s entire p*nis was wet with transparent mucus leaking from the tip, and a dirty slapping sound was heard in the palm of his hand. Is this really something that comes out this much?? Or maybe because it’s a dragon? When he was having strange thoughts, he started rubbing the sensitive part of his glans with his thumb, and the pulling force on his sleeve became stronger.  

    “Ah, hmm…..Ugh”  

    The sound of trembling breathing and muffled moans echoed in his ears, and the penis in his hand twitched for a moment. The fact that someone else’s penis was ej*culating into his palm was shocking, but what was even more difficult to handle was the fact that the semen shot out like a burst, soaking Liev’s lower abdomen. And it was like a fountain, scattering it all over his clothes.  

    “Ha, ha….hah  

    As Renard slowly rubbed his waist to finish off the remaining ejaculation, Liev felt the blood draining from his body as he felt pleasure for the first time in this life. He was f*cked. How can he get out of this? Even if the smell was diluted by the wind, his clothes were so blatantly dirty that he looked like he was bragging that he had just had s*x, and he felt like he was going to faint at any moment.  

    “Liev, wow, it felt so good.”  

    Liev was frozen in shock. It was sometime later that Renard, who was s*cking Liev’s cheek with his tongue as if handling the loveliest thing in the world, sensed Liev’s strange state.  

    “Huh? Liev?”  

    Renard tilted his head and only then noticed that Liev’s face was pale and that he was sitting down unsteadily, unable to control his body.  


    After a while, Liev, looking at the familiar ceiling, opened his eyes with a vacant look, waiting for his mind to reboot. Why am I here like this? How did I get to the bedroom? As blood circulation gradually returned to his brain and reason started to function, he recalled the situation that occurred at the moment when his last memory was cut off.  


    Did he really faint? Liev, surprised, touched his clothes, and he was suddenly dressed in new ones. The glasses, whose removal he couldn’t remember, were placed on the bedside table. This meant that someone had taken care of him, and Liev immediately turned pale like a blank sheet of paper, lost in thought. Who? Who changed his clothes? If it weren’t for Renard, he would want to find a suitable tree to hang myself on right now.  

    Let’s die neatly. Let’s just die. 

    Thinking that he had lived an eventful life so far, he never thought such adversity would come. It wasn’t enough that the dragon he had raised for 20 years (although 10 of them were spent apart) would be covered in his own damn semen. He thought it might be better to just die. In the midst of the great shock that Liev couldn’t escape on his own, Renard arrived at the perfect time, opening the door with a refreshing expression.  

    “Oh, Liev. Are you awake?”  

    Why are you casually saying, Are you awake? as if nothing happened? Liev, who had tilted his head with a perplexed expression, was sitting pale, unable to control his body. Casually tossing a pillow at Renard, who was now sitting on the bed with a calm greeting, Liev hit Renard’s head with a thud. Falling weakly onto the pillow, Renard smiled satisfactorily and spoke again, as if nothing had happened.  

    “Thank goodness. I was worried because you suddenly fainted. There don’t seem to be any major issues, but it was surprising.”  

    As Renard casually sat on one side of the bed, Liev rolled up one end of the remaining pillow, smacked Renard’s back with it, and said,  

    “Y-You…! How did you bring me here?”  

    He was so shocked that he kept stuttering, and his face got hot. When Liev asked him with an expression as if interrogating a suspect, Renard titled his head and answered  

    “Huh? I came with teleportation magic. It’s close by, and I didn’t want others to see Liev fainting.”  

    Ah. Liev’s heart, which seemed on the verge of popping out of his mouth, seemed to calm down a little at that moment, with a sense of relief that it wasn’t broadcast throughout the entire neighborhood. 

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