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    “You’ve been doing well so far, are you dissatisfied with anything?”  

    When Albert asked with a shocked expression, Renard nonchalantly replied,  

    “But since I’m a new husband, you said you would let the new groom rest at home for a while.”  

    “That’s only if there’s no emergency like this one.”  

    As Albert explained, Renard’s face became full of dissatisfaction, and he puffed up his cheeks. Whenever he acted like this, he looked like a naive youngster. It didn’t feel realistic that he was a dragon with the potential to equal that of the gods.  

    “How long will it take? This Sunday?”  

    Renard asked again, crossing his arms. Reinhart replied,  

    “Even if we’re lucky enough to find the cause that early, it will take at least a month. And if something happens in the middle, it could take up to six months. The Great Mountain of Pierre is huge.”  

    “Ugh, too long.”  

    Renard complained right away. They all thought the same. The rest of his colleagues sighed as if they were all in the same boat.  

    “It can’t take that long. We just met again after a long time apart, I don’t want to be apart for so long.”  

    Albert was envious of Renard, who could express his childish tantrums without hesitation. Of course, they were in a position where we had to be grateful to him for lending them his strength, but if he didn’t feel anything when Renard could say whatever he wanted, that would be a lie.  

    “I understand your feelings, but this is a very important matter. If we don’t solve the problem quickly, the Antium Empire will demand compensation for the damage caused by monsters. Of course, their goal is not just to cover the costs but to find an excuse to station their army.”  

    “If we can’t solve it, it won’t end with just compensation.”  

    “That’s right.”  

    Renard pouted his lips again at Reinhart’s concise affirmation.  

    “Ugh, really. How annoying.”  

    Then he checked again.  

    “Do I have to accompany you? Can’t you just call me when you need me?”  

    Of course, Renard didn’t have to accompany them on every mission. If it was a simple search mission, it could be done with just other members. But the difference between having a dragon with exceptional mobility and destructive power and not having one was huge.  

    “The period for half of the year was calculated from the time when Renard joined. If Renard had left, there was a possibility it would have taken more than two years. If they want to solve the cause of the disturbance by searching the entire mountain range, they will have to put in more effort than just a normal war. Reinhart, who knows the situation best, opened his mouth again.  

    “Unless we know how long the Antium Empire will wait, we must put in all our resources to solve it right now. If we’re too late, we may have to stop the Antium Empire’s army before solving the problem of the Great Mountain Range.”  

    Reinhart had a serious expression, but Renard was still sulking.  

    “Then I’ll just wipe them all out at once.”  

    When the dragon nonchalantly spoke of declaring war against the Empire, the others were shocked, their mouths gaping open. At that moment, someone who had been listening quietly stopped Renard.  

    “If that happens, it won’t just end up being our problem. If a war breaks out, in addition to the people sacrificed in the war, many people will starve because they won’t have anything to eat. It’s better to prevent such a conflict from occurring as much as possible.”  

    The calm and gentle voice belonged to none other than Sigrid.  


    “When did you come?”  

    The protagonist, who was always late and often got lost, was sitting quietly in a corner of the meeting room without making a sound.  

    “I just came, but I understand what you were talking about. Renard, I’m sorry, but can you lend us your strength? I don’t want to make you any promises. I just want to ask for your help as a friend.”  

    Sigrid asked Renard with a smile, but Renard remained indifferent.  

    “No, I don’t want to. If I have to be away from Liev for so long, there’s no point in us meeting again.”  

    If a normal knight made such a statement because they didn’t want to be separated from a loved one, It could even lead to disciplinary action according to military law. However, he was not a human but a dragon, and his merciful grace would be wasted as soon as he left the Kingdom of Airen, and the Antium Empire would invade Airen without hesitation.  

    They had to persuade Renard, no matter what. Emergency lights turned on in everyone’s head at the same time. Just persuading one person was difficult, but this guy was even more difficult. Rowena rubbed her temple and said. 

    “I understand how you feel, but look, if it’s not absolutely necessary, we’ll try to make time so that you can go back and forth between the palace and us, so for now…”  

    When Rowena calmly suggested the most practical alternative, Sigrid once again intervened.  

    “How about we do it this way? And Liev can come with us on the expedition.”  


    Not only Renard, but everyone was shocked by this unexpected statement.  

    “What are you talking about? How can we bring Liev with us?”  

    “Yes, that’s something that can’t be considered, no matter how much we think about it.”  

    If the only problem was that they were apart, it could be seen as the best option for the two to be together.  

    But the problem was that Liev was an ordinary person with no combat abilities. Of course, having worked at the Research Institute, he seemed to have basic knowledge about crossed-breed horses with monsters and the ability to take care of injured animals, but the expedition was a different matter. They couldn’t bring an ordinary person with no basic ability to protect themselves to the territory where the demonic beasts were lurking.  

    “That’s a reasonable thing to say. But what if something big happens?”  

    As Rowena tried to refute again, Sigrid smiled and looked at Renard.  

    “What do you think, Renard? Everyone knows that you are the strongest among us. With you, you can protect Liev and help us without getting a single hair on him getting hurt, right?”  

    Renard seemed to be lost in thought for a moment at Sigrid’s suggestion. Of course, it was possible. But he was worried about the possibility of an unexpected situation. He could stick close to Liev, never leave him for a moment, and create a magic shield that could prevent any attack. But what if a problem arose? He didn’t want to risk Liev. As Renard’s face started to show signs of refusal, Sigrid added.  

    “Or…are you not confident? Didn’t you say there’s nothing you can’t defeat except for a dragon?”  

    At Sigrid’s sly provocation, Renard couldn’t resist.  

    “Who said I’m not confident? I can take care of any monster with just one breath.”  

    Sigrid calmly looked up at Renard with his usual serene and relaxed expression after his outburst and exclamation.  

    “Well, then, it’ll be even better. If it’s a problem that you’ve been away from Sir Liev for a long time, why not just travel together? With your abilities, you won’t even let Sir Liev get into any danger.”  

    If Renard was a normal soldier, this would have been an absurd idea, but he was a dragon, and dragons were considered to have reached the level of gods. Magic may not be an almighty solution, but with his power, as long as he didn’t let his guard down, it would be easy to protect Sir Liev. In fact, it would be safer to just stay by his side, considering the possibility of any danger.  

    Of course, this was all based on the assumption that there was someone out there who wanted to harm Sir Liev, but as long as Renard didn’t take his eyes off him, he could prevent any unexpected attacks.  

    “Have you not been worried at all until now? Even in just a week, anything could happen in a matter of minutes and seconds. Is it okay to leave him alone and lonely like this?”  

    Despite the smile on his face, there was a coldness in his eyes. Renard also noticed it and looked at Sigrid, but before he could say anything, Katrice, who was startled at the possibility of a fight breaking out between them, jumped in.  

    “Both of you, calm down. Sig, why are you suddenly provoking Renard? That’s not like you.”  

    Even Katrice’s calm mediation couldn’t shake Sigrid’s words.  

    “It’s just an idea, since we don’t know what could happen in the future.”  

    He then provocatively directed his words towards Renard again.  

    “Will you continue to keep Sir Liev in the palace from now on? Aren’t you worried about what could happen in your absence?”  

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