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    So, how exactly?! No, I don’t want to know the detailed process. But he couldn’t help but have questions. Albert, unable to contain his astonishment, asked.

    “No, wait a minute. Your species might have different common sense, but human men can’t give birth to a child, right?” 

    The response he received was even more shocking. 


    He never thought he would receive such a question at this age. Albert lost his words. Just because. That’s just how it is. It’s common sense. While this might be an acceptable answer, it was questionable whether Renard would accept it. What do you respond to in such situations? Having gone around here and there, he never imagined having a basic sex education conversation with a twenty-year-old, whether he was a dragon or not.

    “Um, well… If you’re wondering how babies are made, 

    But can he really explain this? He had never thought of himself as lacking knowledge, but explaining it was a different matter. What if he makes a mistake and the situation gets worse? 

    When he was in a state of despair, feeling as if he had suddenly been thrown into a mission with heavy responsibility, like being left alone in a predicament, colleagues gathered in the meeting room, one by one. Albert quickly pointed to the culprit of all these problems, 

    “The Commander knows better than me!” 

    “What? He said he had never done it before.” 

    “Huh? What’s…” 

    The one who organized the chaotic situation was ultimately the quietest member among the members. 

    “Well, talking about this here is a bit… So let’s move somewhere where only men can go.” 

    At that moment, Rowena, who was very interested in magical creatures, raised her hand. 

    “I want to join too! I want to know if there’s something different!” 

    “Someone, please take this crazy mage away.” 

    In response to Albert’s firm refusal, Katrice grabbed Rowena over her shoulder and moved away from the spot. Rowena, dressed in a long robe, struggled with her legs flailing, but no matter how hard she struggled, it was impossible to escape from Katrice’s grip. 

    “Oh, why! What do you know about dragons? Do you know as much about dragons as I do?” 

    With Rowena’s final struggle, the time had come to put an end to the long commotion. But it might be the beginning of new hardships for someone else. 

    In any case, it was basic knowledge that a child is not born just by contact, and it’s not like storks bring babies when a couple wishes for them. The members who successfully implanted this basic knowledge into the young dragon’s head broke out in cold sweat behind their backs. 

    It was even explained further that for a child to be born, a man or woman must do something, but since the organ responsible for pregnancy is a female organ, males cannot give birth to a child. When it was added that males can’t reproduce with each other, Renard seemed confused as to whether there was something difficult to accept. 

    “Doesn’t reproduction or s*x have meaning only when offspring are born? If we can’t produce offspring, why bother doing it?” 

    Holy sh*t. That’s a good point. Among the members, all eyes turned to Albert, who was enjoying the most free-spirited love life among the members. 

    “Hey, why are you all looking at me with such a high-level question all of a sudden?” 

    “Well, there’s no one as carefree as you.” 

    “No, I’ve never done anything to be responsible!” 

    Eventually, the topic shifted again, leaving Renard looking confused. 

    “So, what exactly does the action mean?” 

    Albert raised both hands with a solemn expression as the silence deepened again. Then, using one hand to form a ring with his thumb and the index with one hand, he inserted the index finger from the other hand into the ring. Palvin hastily covered Albert’s hand, but it was already too late. The remaining steps would have to be handled by someone not present. After all, he wasn’t the one who had to give this dragon a private spot in his ass. 


    At that very moment, Liev was inspecting the condition of a cat brought in by Jean, a maid working in the royal palace. He was bitten when he touched a sensitive area, biting his finger. It really hurts. Even though it wasn’t a fang that was stuck in, the sawtooth-shaped molar pressed against the joint of his finger brought tears to his eyes. 

    “Oh, Catsy, you can’t bite!” 

    The middle-aged woman scolded the cat, who was still biting Liev hand. If you are scolding in such an elegant tone, he wouldn’t even know you were scolding him. Liev suppressed what he wanted to say and gently lifted the cat’s front teeth apart with his fingers. 

    “It’s okay. For the time being, grind herbs that are good for inflammation and feed them together. Once the inflammation subsides, the appetite will return.” 

    Since it wasn’t an environment where they could perform professional procedures like tooth extraction surgery, the best treatment they could offer now was to change the diet to a fluid diet and feed herbs to reduce inflammation. Although it was regrettable that they couldn’t do more to alleviate the disease, which could be easily cured with modern methods, even this seemed to be beyond the reach of the people here. 

    “Thank you very much. He used to chew bones well, and suddenly, he couldn’t even eat a caught mouse, so I was surprised, wondering if he might not make it through this summer.” 

    “For now, try reducing the inflammation and eating easily digestible food. If there’s still no improvement even after consuming herbal powder, it might be a good idea to prepare yourself mentally. 

    At the moment, since the entire inside of your mouth is not covered in inflammation, it should be fine. However, if the underlying issue is not addressed, it may eventually lead to a situation where he can’t chew or swallow anything. He just bought some time until then. After leaving the bitter taste in his mouth and seeing off the woman and the cat, he had time to be alone again. 

    “…It’s peaceful.”

    However, somehow, the serene atmosphere didn’t feel right. It wasn’t a comfortable tranquility with nothing to worry about but rather a stillness to the calm before a storm. An ominous sense of foreboding kept creeping in, and shivers ran down my spine. Am I being too sensitive? Or maybe… Liev absentmindedly recalled the nightmare-like incident that happened to me yesterday and shook his head. 

    Let’s not think about that thought anymore. It was an unavoidable accident. Since he had already provided guidance on how to solve his desires, he had to urge him to figure it out. Yes, why complicate things when the solution is already known? The fact that he had unconsciously become aroused by that act had buried the memory deep in his mind. 

    He might be someone who tends to worry about unnecessary things. 

    With that thought in mind, at that moment when he was taking a deep breath, Renard, bursting into Liev’s study as if about to break the door, shouted with a bright expression, 

    “Liev! I was the only one who felt good yesterday, so I’ll make Levl feel good today too.” 


    Let’s cancel the thought just now. Yes, it was too peaceful. Faced with today’s disaster that rushed in like a storm, Liev felt his stomach churn and hastily washed his face. He had to overcome the current crisis. Liev took another deep breath and replied, 


    However, this persistent dragon wasn’t about to give up so easily. 

    “Why? I really enjoyed it yesterday. I want to make Liev feel good too.” 

    “Not doing those things is the best feeling for me.” 

    “That’s not true!” 

    When Liev firmly rejected him, Renard puffed out his cheeks with a face full of dissatisfaction. Even if you look at me like that, what are you going to do? Liev, equally determined to confront him shamelessly, answered, 

    “Anyway, I don’t want that. So, if you want to feel good, figure it out for yourself. I’ve already told you how.” 

    He shouldn’t have given him the opportunity in the first place. Liev, who had made a firm decision, turned his head away, and Renard, after staring at Liev’s face for a moment, said, 

    “Fine, I get it. If Liev doesn’t want it, I won’t force it. That’s considered a bad thing, right?” 

    Did the guy who did that yesterday understand? Although Liev momentarily felt a sense of doubt, he still felt a little relieved at the declaration that he wouldn’t force anything. If Renard tried to force himself again, he wouldn’t be able to overcome him physically or mentally. Whether that declaration would be effective was uncertain, but it was a hundred times better that he would do it anyway. However, just when Liev relaxed a little, Renard attacked again.

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