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    “Stop, I don’t need you to do it anymore, so you…” 

    At that moment, when he was about to close my legs again because of the unfamiliar stimulation, Renard’s hand, which was tightly gripping his thigh, slowly moved further and further inside. His fingers were heading towards a pleasure point as he massaged it with slippery body fluids. It was the secret entrance that Liev wanted to protect at all costs.

    Not there. Liev tried to push his waist back in a hurry, but it was already too late. As soon as the finger covered in slippery body fluids touched the tightly closed wrinkles, he unknowingly tightened his hole as if the electricity were flowing through my body. 

    “Don’t, don’t touch there!” 

    When Liev reflexively shouted, Renard, who had his face buried in the center, lifted his head. 

    “Why? Are you feeling bad?” 

    His confused gaze felt pure evil itself. Liev desperately pushed Renard’s shoulder and replied. 

    “I don’t like it, I’d rather give you a blowjob.” 

    Negotiating with him was extremely painful, but it was impossible to fit such a large object into a human body. It was clear that if something like that were put inside, his internal organs would be crushed and damaged. It still seemed impossible to put in his mouth, but he could at least s*ck or lick the tip. Of course, it was not something he wanted to do, but it seemed like he had to make that offer if he wanted to guarantee his safety down below. However, it was just a futile effort that didn’t work at all. 

    “With your mouth? How?” 

    Liev’s complexion turned pale at the question, which was both innocent and cruel. 

    But if he answered wrong here, he felt like a crisis would come, so he calmly he gave the best explanation he could. 

    “So… like you s*cked and bit all over my body, you, I’ll s*ck that part.” 

    He never tried it, but it’s better than having his bottom torn apart. When Liev, unable to make eye contact, heard Renard mumble with embarrassment, he replied with a refreshing voice. 

    “Is that what Liev likes? Should I do it for you?” 

    “No, that’s not what I meant.” 

    But once again, Renard didn’t give Liev a chance to finish his sentence and s*cked on him with his sharp fangs. Liev was shocked and jerked his hips with a jolt when Renard’s sharp teeth touched his delicate skin. 

    “Wait, it hurts, it feels like it’s going to tear!” 

    The skin is elastic, so it won’t tear easily, but the tip of his tooth was too painful. Liev couldn’t bear the pain and struggled, and Renard just spat out the p*nis he had in his mouth. 

    “I’m sorry, then I’ll just s*ck.” 

    No, just don’t do anything. Liev looked at Renard’s curly hair with teary eyes, and his wide tongue swept up his pillar again. 


    It was sensational, unfamiliar, yet as vivid as touching it with your hand, just like when he squeezed and shook it. The veins on the root became stiff, with a strange feeling. The excited p*nis was s*cked deliciously like a stick of candy, and the clear liquid flowed out from the tip. 

    “Hmm… Liev, do you like it?” 

    He was so dizzy that his toes were curling up when his half-opened lips s*cked my p*nis. Every time Renard breathed out, the wind touched his sensitive skin, making his reaction even more sensitive. He lightly squeezed the p*nis with his lips, then went down with his tongue, and as he had never experienced it before, he tilted his head back in the sky. He couldn’t let this go on. Liev quickly grabbed Renard’s shoulders and pushed him away with all his strength. 

    “Stop it! I said I’d do it, I didn’t ask you to do it!” 

    Renard widened his eyes and puffed out his cheeks. 

    “Then what should I do?” 

    Are you going to throw a fit here? Liev couldn’t believe Renard’s attitude, but he already knew that just words wouldn’t stop him. Let’s just hurry up and get this over with. Liev cleared his throat and narrowed the gap between his legs. 

    “Just rub it quickly like before and finish. If that’s not enough, I will give you a blowjob.” 

    Then he gathered his legs with his hands and opened a gap for Renard to f*ck him. It was a strategy to give up the flesh and the bones. If he did this, he wouldn’t even have to think about wanting to put it inside. Liev looked at Renard with suspicious eyes and nodded as if he understood. 

    “Okay. If Liev prefers it this way, I’ll do it.” 

    No, I’m not doing this because I want to! But as soon as he opened his mouth, he couldn’t help but nod his head, knowing that the conversation would drag on endlessly. Soon, Renard gathered Liev’s legs with one arm and put his left shoulder on top. Then, with regret coming later, he pushed his erect p*nis into the gap between his legs. 


    Renard let out a long sigh. He liked the sensation of it being slipped and rubbed between the narrow gap, and his curly, wet bangs fluttered. With a loud thud every time his waist hit, Liev tried hard to cover his mouth to keep from making sounds.

    “What? Don’t cover your mouth. I want to kiss your lips.” 

    However, Liev didn’t want to kiss the lips, which had just licked his genitals. As Liev desperately shook his head, Renard kissed his forehead first, first, and licked the corner of his eyes. 

    Since tears had been streaming down his face since earlier, every time he licked near his eyes, Renard could taste a salty taste. They say that people cry when they are too happy or feel good, is this also one of those things? Renard raised his hips with a vague question. Every time the wet thigh flesh clung to his p*nis and shook, stimulating pleasure started from below his belly button. But this wasn’t enough. Something more. And at the same time, he remembered Albert’s gesture. 


    When Liev first touched his p*nis, Renard instinctively shook his waist. He understands that the main action is to rub and rub until a thick, milky-white fluid is ej*culated, but where do I put it after that? When he touched the tightly closed entrance a while ago, Liev’s shocked expression was vivid in front of his eyes. 

    There’s nowhere else to put it… 

    Renard lifted Liev’s waist tightly and pulled him up to reveal his buttocks, and then his p*nis found a slightly bulging perineum underneath the spot where it was rubbing. With a thud, every time he hit the center and pressed his p*nis against it, the wrinkles were vividly imprinted in his mind. In the meantime, the fluid that flowed down from above drew a line and seeped into the wrinkles, making them shiny and moist. 

    It seems like at least a finger could fit in. 

    While Liev, who was swallowing his moans, paid no attention to Renard, who was caught up in the hole below. 

    Would it hurt if it was slippery? Not immediately inserting it, but if you rub it… As if possessed, Renard held onto his own in his hand and smoothly pressed the wrinkles with the tip of his p*nis. The wrinkles were tightly squeezed, as if it had been waiting for it. 

    “Ah…! That, don’t do it there, don’t, ugh…!” 

    However, his lying mouth and his body were honest in their responses. Every odor and clue coming from Liev was begging for more. 

    “You’re lying again.” 

    Renard let out a growl-like sound and gently pressed the tip of his p*nis to the hole again, causing Liev’s waist to jump up. This was clearly a reaction he liked. 

    “Does it feel good? Why do you keep lying?” 

    Finally, when Renard lightly pushed more into the spot his penis touched and opened the wrinkles, Liev’s waist tightened, and a thick, dark liquid exploded towards the sky. It wasn’t like that. He wanted to say it’s all his misunderstanding, but he couldn’t deny it because his back was so stiff when the wrinkles were pushed.

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