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    He wanted to hide wherever there was a mouse hole. Reaching climax one after another at the hands of someone else was too much for Liev’s brain to accept calmly, but having his back hole touched was really what he wanted to deny even more. 

    “Wow, this place seems really sensitive.”  

    Liev’s eyes were spinning in shock, and Renard started to insert his gigantic p*nis again. The slippery p*nis lightly hit the creases with his thick pillar, and for a moment, Liev’s eyes became dizzy and closed with a dizzying sensation.  

    “Huh? Liev, are you asleep?”  

    Renard, who had lowered his body while holding Liev’s two legs, confirmed that his eyes were closed and he had lowered his body. When he got close enough that their foreheads touched, he could hear the light-breathing sounds. It didn’t seem to be a big problem. He shouldn’t be tired… There was no way for Renard to realize that the overwhelming pleasure that he had never experienced before was so overwhelming that it caused him to faint. 

    “But it doesn’t seem like he hurts anywhere.”  

    Renard, as if he loved the sleeping figure, kissed Liev’s cheeks side by side with a peck, and then quickly kissed his lips, increasing the speed and quickly thrusting between the narrow thighs. Every time the wet friction sound spread and every time the genitals moved back and forth, it was cute how the closed hole tightened and reacted by flinching.  

    His heart wanted to check how much the hole could be widened and thrust his cock in, but he didn’t want to do anything that Liev didn’t like. Moreover, it seemed like it would hurt. If by any chance the hole tore, he could just heal it himself, but if he did that to the sleeping Liev, he would definitely be hated.  


    But even when he’s angry, he’s still adorable. Renard thought of the image of him getting angry and thrashing around in his head. If it were any other human, it would be annoying and bothersome, but it would be okay if it was Liev. He would have to think about what he did wrong and how he could make it up to him. The only person who made him think this way was Liev.   

    If you ask why, he always has a simple answer. Because he’s mine. Because he’s the only thing that belongs to him in this vast world. The other guys didn’t seem to be interested.  


    Liev said that it was purely by chance that he ended up taking care of Renard. If it weren’t for his attribute being right, and if his parents hadn’t sold him to human trafficking that day, he would have never met Renard.  

    The reason Liev said this was not to say that he was particularly righteous or a good person. But to Renard, it sounded like it was fate that brought them together, just as he was born to love Liev. So was Liev, too. No, it had to be that way.  

    “Liev… Hmm…”  

    Every time he saw this face, hidden behind glasses and messy hair, Renard’s lower half would feel tingly. Everything about him—his looks, his actions, his words, and his thoughts—was so perfect that he wanted to swallow him whole in one bite. There was nothing more lovely than this, which he would never be able to experience again.  

    “I love you, Liev.”  

    The words that Renard couldn’t say when he was with Liev because he was too embarrassed to say them finally came out now. As his lower half got hotter and hotter, Liev’s closed eyelids twitched, and Renard “came” onto Liev’s stomach. Because he had been holding back for so long, a considerable amount of white fluid accumulated above his belly button and burst out to the point where it flowed down along his abs in a river-like manner.   

    “Ugh, hmm…”  

    As Renard kissed Liev’s sleeping lips, a muffled moan was swallowed down. I love you so much. I love you so much. As he continued to grind his genitals against Liev’s flat stomach, he finally squeezed out the last of his semen. As he thought that Liev might get a cold, he started to worry about him.  

    He should quickly clean him up. He should wash him and change him into new clothes. He was worried that the water in the bathtub, which had been prepared beforehand but had since turned cold, might be too cold for Liev. He quickly heated the water and soaked Liev’s body in it. As he saw a slight wrinkle form on Liev’s forehead, he gently smoothed it out. “Pfft,” a light laugh escaped his lips, and Liev’s cold body soon became warm. After taking Liev out of the bathtub and drying him off, he changed him into new clothes. Then he looked at the messy bed.  

    “I’m sure he’ll say something like, This has become dirty.” 

    Renard first laid Liev on the clean side and went to the steward’s room. The owner of the mansion, who rarely met with the steward, was momentarily surprised, but the steward quickly gave Renard what he needed. Renard accepted the extra sheets and towels, and as he headed back to the bedroom, he suddenly turned around to face the steward and said,  

    “Oh, right. Thank you for getting out the sheets.”  

    Then, as if not expecting any response or reaction, he quickly turned around and walked away. Liev once said that after receiving help from someone, you must always say thank you, or else it feels like a thorn in their ear. The steward watched Renard’s back for a moment before returning to the room.  


    It was late at night when Liev opened his eyes. Exhausted from being bothered by Renard since morning and not having eaten a single meal, he woke up to the sound of his stomach growling. What time is it now? He got up in confusion, and when he stood up, he could see the evening sky through the translucent curtain hanging in the window. Did he sleep from morning until now? Liev checked the clock hanging on the wall in shock, and it was around 6 p.m.  

    “Am I crazy…?”  

    Surprised, he was about to stretch his legs under the bed, but at that moment, muscle pain hit Liev’s entire body. When he remembered what had happened before he fell asleep again, his whole body lit up like he was on fire. 

    “Is this really happening?”  

    Although he wasn’t wild on excitement alone, there were two times when he had an ej*culated in his hands. And at the end, he was so impatient that he couldn’t help but move his waist first. It was something he wouldn’t have done if he were in his right mind.  

    Besides, where did that guy go? Even though I remember being with Renard, now the only person on the bed was Liev. Let’s die. It felt like it was time for him to quickly and cleanly end his life. When Liev was suffering from a deep sense of self-destruction, someone knocked, as if sensing a presence.  

    “Oh, yes! Just a moment!”  

    There was only one person who could come to this house and knock directly like this. Am I dressed properly? He couldn’t meet someone in such a messy state covered in semen, so I quickly looked around my body. Luckily, he had changed into clean clothes. And it seemed like the bed sheets had also been changed, as there was a fresh smell of sunshine.  

    Could it be? Did Renard clean up?  

    Or did he ask the steward to do it? It felt like all the blood had drained from his body. Then he heard the knock, and a voice continued from outside the door.  

    “Sir Liev, it would be best for you to get up and have a meal now.”  

    The familiar voice surprised Liev, and he replied immediately.  

    “Yes, I will come down now!”  

    “Yes, I will prepare your meal as soon as you come down.”  

    Liev tried to calm his racing heart and found a thin coat to put on over his pajamas. It was a little embarrassing to have been in his pajamas until this time, but it wasn’t the time to worry about that. The priority was to confirm that the person who cleaned up the mess wasn’t the steward. As Liev tried to calm his troubled mind and headed to the dining room, the kind steward greeted him with a gentle smile, as always.  

    “Renard said that Sir Liev seems to be a little sick, so he asked me to get him a good night’s sleep and prepare him dinner.”  

    And there was a luxurious feast waiting for Liev.

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