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    Damn it, Liev already knew the answer to how to end this crazy madness. He just had to sincerely hate it. Renard knew exactly what emotions he was feeling, so if he really wanted to stop, Renard would.   

    Sigh, damn it…”   

    And the thought that came to Liev’s mind now was only the desire to be dominated by him.   

    When Liev unconsciously wriggled his waist, Renard’s bloodshot eyes sparkled.   

    “Ha, did you move just now, Liev?”   

    Fuck. Liev swallowed the curse word as he became aware of it. It was clear that his mind had gone mad this time. Otherwise, there was no way he would react like this. But he couldn’t bear the overwhelming desire any longer.   

    “Ugh, please, be quiet!”   

    When Liev’s fingertips unknowingly scratched his nails on his strong back, Renard kissed him with a smile. The place where the hot lips touched felt like a cold towel on his forehead. Only the place where Renard touched him seemed to relieve him of this suffocating desire. Instead of kissing Liev as he demanded, Renard s*cked on the soft flesh of his neck. Strange pain and unfamiliar sensations overwhelmed him, and the heat spread to the tip of his head.   

    “Cum for me, Liev…”   

    With a wet, hoarse voice whispering in his ear, Renard’s waist moved with force. When the two pillars were overlapped in his large hand and squeezed, a white liquid burst out from the tip of Liev p*nis. The climax, as he had never experienced it at his age, was a sensation that could not be compared with any other pleasure.   

    “Ah, heuk, ugh…”   

    Tears kept pouring out of his eyes, which were filled with heat. Was it because he hated it? Was it unpleasant? Was it because he raised him like a child and ended up doing this? But it wasn’t because of those secondary emotions. It just felt good. It was a primal reaction that was forcibly triggered by the overwhelming pleasure that he had never experienced before.   

    “Why are you crying when you like it so much? Don’t cry, okay?”   

    Renard let out a sigh and gently licked the tears that were streaming down Liev’s face. Then, he took some of the semen that had splattered all over Liev’s lower abdomen and put it in his mouth. Why are you just sitting there and eating it? Liev was shocked and jumped up.   

    “Don’t eat it! It’s dirty!”   

    Thankfully, there was no accident where he would spit it out and say “ew” in front of Liev. But Liev’s reaction was enough to make Renard feel embarrassed. Even though Liev’s was still covered in semen, Renard casually cleaned it up by licking it all off.   

    “Nothing about Liev is dirty. I want to eat it all.”   

    As he said this, he lowered his head and gently patted his still-erect p*nis with his cheek, causing Renard’s beautiful face to be smeared with something so vulgar.   

    Is this okay? He always wanted to show him only the good things and feed him only the best things (of course, he couldn’t do that, but that was what he wanted in his heart). But now that the small and pretty boy had grown up, he was doing this to him, and it didn’t feel real. Is this a dream? He would rather have a vulgar dream caused by his repressed desires than this reality. When Liev finally caught his breath and looked at Renard, Renard raised the corner of his mouth and winked.   

    “Now it’s Liev’s turn to make me feel good.”   

    With those words, Liev snapped out of his trance, and his body tensed up like it had been splashed with cold water. It’s not over yet. Despite his fear, Renard’s p*nis was still hard and ready to go.   

    Of course, they didn’t go all the way, so they hadn’t had proper sex yet. But even though he had ej*culated in his hand, it was impossible to just brush off the fact that he had “given” his body to Renard. And it was a completely different realm from penetration.   


    Liev closed his eyes tightly and tried to ignore reality, but Renard started to rub his cheeks against the Liev center.   

    “Huh? You said you would make me feel good too.”   

    Wasn’t that already resolved when you went ahead and did whatever you wanted? Liev looked bewildered as he tilted his head.   

    “No, didn’t we finish everything just now?”   

    “What are you talking about? Only Liev cummed, and I didn’t.  

    I want to do something about that guy’s vulgar vocabulary. The more Renard spoke, the more Liev’s face burned with embarrassment. Liev struggled to raise his body and covered his face as he murmured.   

    “…Just try to word it a bit differently.”   

    It’s a little funny to point this out now, but the listener will feel even more embarrassed, so Liev avoided Renard’s gaze and asked again.   

    “Then what should I say?”   

    The answer to a direct question had to come from Liev. He couldn’t tell him to go learn it somewhere else. He didn’t just lack experience, he was completely clueless and ignorant. Liev wanted to hide in a mouse hole right now, but Renard had already grabbed his ankle tightly. Liev took a deep breath and answered.   

    “Just, please try expressing yourself.”   

    As Liev desperately suppressed his embarrassment and answered, Renard tilted his head in confusion.   

    Ah. Liev was speechless at the fundamental question he had never thought about before. Should he use a completely different expression? But he didn’t have that knowledge in his head. Of course not. He never expected to be in a relationship with someone. Liev faltered in his words due to his embarrassment.   

    “…I’m tired now, so go to bed.”   

    Just as he was about to say that he couldn’t do it, Renard blinks and smiles.   

    “Are you already tired?”   

    Then how do you expect me to be okay when you’re s*cking and biting on me like that? Liev was about to respond with a sarcastic remark, but Renard smiled and pulled him close. Suddenly, a bright light shot out from Renard’s hand and was absorbed into Liev’s body.   


    “What did you just do? Before he could even ask what it was, he felt a change in his body. Just a moment ago, he felt a sense of fatigue that was weighing him down, but now he feels refreshed as if I just woke up from a deep sleep.   

    “What is this…?”   

    Is it possible for healing magic to do something like this? Renard didn’t leave Liev alone to be surprised by this unexpected ability.   

    “So, is it done now? Hmm?”   

    No, that’s not the problem that can be solved with that. Liev tried to push Renard away, but he didn’t give him a chance. He once again licked the tip of Liev’s nose like a cat, making Liev lower his head again. What is he trying to do now? Renard did the same thing as before and licked the lower abdomen that was covered in Liev’s semen, where a lot of semen was spattered.   

    He unbuttoned Liev’s top sleepwear and pulled it up to take it off.  

    “Just a moment. What are you trying to do now?”   

    Liev quickly grabbed Renard’s shoulders and tried to push him away, but Renard pushed back with force, and he couldn’t escape. The sensation of Renard s*cking on his lower abdomen and lightly biting his soft skin sent shivers down his spine. Not only was it unpleasant, but there was also a sense of anticipation for the pleasure that was to come, making Liev’s waist tense up.   

    “Just like that, just rub it!”   

    Despite his hopes that Renard wouldn’t do anything more than that, his wish was in vain as Renard grabbed the inside of his thighs with both hands and spread them apart. The nape of his neck instantly turned red with embarrassment, as he was in a posture that clearly exposed his private areas. 

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