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    “What’s going on?”   

    As Liev welcomed her with a dry expression, the girl’s expression quickly darkened. Liev, who was also taller than average, blocked the girl’s view, making her think that Renard had left the room.   

    “Um, excuse me, do you happen to know where Renard is?”   

    Why are you asking about him? Liev thought nonchalantly and stepped aside. Renard, who had been lying down calmly on the bed a moment ago, remained in the same position. Liev, who thought Renard would at least be sitting, turned back around and blocked the girl’s view again.   

    “If you have something to say, say it.”   

    Renard, who was behind them, spoke in a blunt tone. The girl’s face quickly lit up, and Liev was embarrassed to show this unfamiliar thing to a young girl—who she was meeting for the first time. And Liev, as if he didn’t exist in the first place, stepped aside.  

    “Oh…! It’s an honor to meet you! I am Margret, the second daughter of the Talik family.”   

    However, the girl’s self-introduction did not end as she had planned. This was because Renard had cut her off with an expression that showed he had no interest in such matters.   

    “So? What do you want to say?”   

    “Uh, just…”   

    Renard was known to have no interest in anyone other than himself, but he still thought it was too much for a child. He should at least be able to listen to an introduction. Liev, who was standing awkwardly in the middle of them, glared at him. Renard looked at Liev with an expression that seemed to say, “What me?” The girl, whose words were interrupted, opened her mouth again with a flustered expression.   

    “I, um, I have something to ask for…!”   


    I’m sure she didn’t come just out of curiosity for no particular reason. What could a girl who still doesn’t look like an adult possibly ask for? Liev had a question mark above his head and asked.   

    “What’s going on?”  

    First of all, since he didn’t want to treat a girl from a noble family like a child, Liev, who had been a servant for a long time, started talking to her. The girl didn’t even notice Liev, treated him like air, and spoke to Renard as if he were invisible.   

    “Um, something strange has been happening in our castle these days…!”   

    The girl had a determined expression on her face. Why am I being ignored for some reason? Liev noticed it unconsciously, but he was worried that Renard might say something harsh and make the girl cry, so he kept struggling between the two.   

    “You need to explain more with a detailed explanation to understand…”   

    But Liev’s efforts soon turned into a failure. Renard, who had been rolling around lazily on the bed without a care in the world, suddenly stood up to separate Liev from the girl, and the girl flinched back, surprised by his huge figure. Meanwhile, the sentences he said did not show a slight hint of consideration.   

    “Go tell the others. Because it’s not something I need to know.”   

    Instead of being gentle and calm, Renard had a cold temperament, and Liev even hit Renard’s back.   


    Even though it wouldn’t have been that painful of a hit, Renard made a face as if it were.   

    “What, she bothered me, why?”   

    “Why do you have to be like this? Can’t you say it nicely?”‘   

    “It doesn’t matter. Sigrid will solve it quickly anyway. He’s the expert in handling complaints.”   

    Anyway, he started nagging. Liev wanted to pinch his lips, which weren’t listening, with his fingers, but he held back because there were eyes watching. Anyway, what Renard said wasn’t wrong. No matter what kind of strange things were going on, Renard was an expert in large-scale destruction or combat, so it would be best to go through Sigrid for simple searches or explorations.   

    “I’m sorry. Girl… I mean, Renard may speak a little roughly, but if there is anything we can do to help, he will gladly lend his strength. First of all, if you tell Sigrid, we will see if we can help.”   

    Liev spoke in a professional and tidy manner, trying to calm Renard down, but he was still completely dissatisfied. “   

    “If you’re going to care so much…ow.”   

    Renard was about to whine as if he didn’t like the fact that Liev was showing consideration for someone other than himself, but Liev stamped Renard’s foot and covered his mouth. The girl, who was momentarily overwhelmed by Renard’s size, blinked her eyes a few times with a tense expression before bowing her head.   

    “Ah, I understand…!”   

    Then, quickly, she moved her small feet and ran down the hallway, but before the girl’s back disappeared, Renard quickly closed the door. Then he shot a look at Liev.   

    “Okay, it’s resolved, so hurry up and go wash up.”   

    Why did he suddenly get angry again? Although Liev felt something was not right, he didn’t want to postpone washing up, so he obediently walked away.   

    And that night, just like the night before,Renard kept his promise. He slept all night, tightly embracing Liev with his whole body, so the bed was a little uncomfortable, but after that day, he didn’t do anything naughty. Well, it was a good thing, but Renard tried to think lightly of it, but he couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy.   

    “If I have that kind of dream again…”  

    Recently, he was so tired from traveling that he didn’t even dream and just fell asleep, but this was also something that could happen if he got used to it. But if he sees that dream again, he wonders as he dozes off. Unconsciously, he imagined his dream again, and his lower body became tight.   

    Until Renard woke up suddenly.   


    Because Liev jerked his body, Renard looked at him with his head tilted as if asking what was going on.   

    “Why does it matter? Is something wrong?”   

    Liev, who was surprised himself, shook his head with a pale face.   

    “I just had a dream about falling from a high place.”  

    Renard had been taught since he was young that “dreaming of falling from a high place is a dream that means you will grow taller.” Liev smiled bitterly and turned his head.   

    “You’re still growing until you die.”   

    As the saying goes, the dragon’s true body grows until the moment it chooses its own death. The human form seemed to stop growing and aging after reaching its maximum growth according to the physiology of a transformed race, but now, having spent just one season with Renard, it was impossible to predict what would happen in the future. Liev had vaguely hoped that it would not exceed two meters, but it wasn’t that important.   

    As soon as Liev started to talk, the bell installed in the room rang, meaning that it was time to come down for breakfast. After tidying up the bed with Renard and changing into clean clothes, they went down to the dining hall. Their companions, as well as the lord’s family, were waiting for Renard and Liev. More accurately, they were only waiting for Renard.   

    “What is it?”   

    Without much thought, Renard asked in a nonchalant manner, disregarding the stares directed at him.   

    “Well, let’s have breakfast first, and then we’ll talk.”   

    The Lord suggested that Renard have breakfast first. Perhaps because it was the family that served a dragon, there was a separate plate prepared just for Renard. Although it was not enough to fill the stomach of a dragon.   

    “We have prepared fresh meat especially for you, Renard. It may not be enough for you, so the rest of the meal is set up in the garden. Please come and stop by whenever it’s convenient for you.”   


    Until now, they had stayed in the homes of local nobles for several days to avoid being homeless, but this was the first time a separate meal had been prepared for Renard. Everyone was so considerate. While admiring this, Renard’s reaction didn’t seem to care. In fact, he seemed a little indifferent.   

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