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    As Liev gasped and opened his eyes wide in surprise, Renard smiled and kissed him as if he were waiting for him. With a forceful and invasive kiss, Renard held Liev’s waist tightly and pushed his cock of ridiculous thickness into the narrow space under his groin. Because of the length of Renard’s p*nis, which was long enough to go through Liev’s thighs, the tip stood erect and overlapped with Liev’s.   

    Due to the thickness of the p*nis that was penetrating between his legs, the gap between his thighs widened. Because Renard was taller than Liev. As Renard slowly lowered his waist and pushed his lower body against him, the pressure that slid over his entire buttocks was immense. As Renard lowered his waist, his p*nis, which had been dripping a moment ago, began to harden again.   

    “Look, every time I thrust, it twitches.”   

    My entire body relaxed as I heard the wet voice whispering dreamily in my ear. If Renard let him go, he would probably collapse without any strength.   

    “Ugh, huh…”   

    He wanted to tell him to stop, but as Renard’s body heat surged, he couldn’t resist it anymore. Where did he learn this? The lewd sounds of his hips beating against his waist filled the bathroom.   

    “Hmm? Liev, you’re so cute here too.”   

    With a faint laughter, his hand that had been tracing his body slid down and wrapped around Liev’s pillar. Even though his hands were still covered in fluids and held onto his p*nis, the faint pleasure rose again. He had always thought he was above average in size, but because the size of the object penetrating him from below was so unreal and unbelievable, his looked pathetic. When Liev looked up again in embarrassment, Renard’s lips touched his jawline.   


    As his sharp teeth grazed his soft skin, his whole body shook. The warm breath that spread over his skin and the kisses that s*cked softly on his flesh were all stimulating. Even though he had only touched him for a short while, he was already on the verge of climax. When Liev trembled and turned his head away in embarrassment, Renard’s lips touched the corner of his eye this time.   


    “Isn’t it a good feeling, Liev? So pretty. It fits perfectly in my hand.”   

    It’s only natural that, with his tall height, his hands would be enough to make the hands of an average adult man look small. His erect p*nis between the big, straight fingers was so red that it looked like it could burst at any moment.   

    My head… it’s going to explode.

    Just when the thought that he couldn’t say it out loud was stuck in the back of his throat, Renard hugged Liev and increased the speed of his waist movements. With the pleasure that was coming in faster, Liev reflexively curled his toes and lost his balance. However, Liev did not fall face down on the bathroom floor. It was thanks to Renard, who held Liev’s waist tightly with one arm.   

    “Can we go back to bed now? It’s okay for me to do this, but Liev looks like he’s having a hard time.”   

    With that, he gently curled the corner of his mouth with a grin, picked up Liev’s arms as if holding a pillow, and headed back to the bedroom. Liev was carried over, too limp to resist, and thought, “Surely he doesn’t intend to go all the way, right? No way?” Liev, who was lowered onto the bed from his back with the sensation of the mattress rocking, crawled on his buttocks and ran toward the head of the bed.  

    “Wait, just a moment.”   

    It may seem ridiculous to say this in a state of excitement that could climax at any moment, but he couldn’t help it.   

    “Let me do it with my hand, ah…”  

    Then Renard grabbed one of Liev’s ankles and pulled it towards him. Liev was thinner than Renard. He had a lean and muscular body that was solid without any fat. Renard laughed as Liev, who had come down without the strength to hold on, was pounced on and held in Renard’s arms as he hugged him.  

    “Liev, you felt good just now. Let’s do something that feels good together.”   

    Then, as if trying to act cute, he rubbed his cheeks against his face and kissed his mouth. His actions were affectionate, but it was rough, as it showed that he hadn’t learned how to kiss. Even while doing this, Liev’s exposed thighs were being rubbed against Renard’s g*nitals.  

    He can’t let him go all the way. Liev barely managed to raise himself up and, with his hand, got up to protect himself from the danger of his exposed lower hole.   

    “No, it’s okay! I’m fine now, so we don’t have to do more. I’ll do it like last time, okay?”   

    Renard’s attention needed to be quickly redirected elsewhere. I tried to distract him by petting his head, but it was a futile attempt.   

    “No, I liked it better earlier. I prefer messing around with Liev here.”   

    Renard replied as he grabbed and spread Liev’s inner thighs. Even when he slipped further down, it still felt strange. As thick as a child’s leg was pushed back between his thighs, his still-erect p*nis was pressed onto his stomach as if it were being crushed.   

    “Ah, ha, ah…!”   

    The stimulation that had stopped for a while started up again, and he couldn’t hold back any longer. With his head thrown back, Renard thrust into his waist with his satisfied gaze fixed on me.   

    “Liev, have you ever done something like this with another guy?”   

    Of course not. He had always avoided people, only exchanging a few words when necessary and keeping his distance. He had no talent for emotional interactions with others. He would just listen to what people had to say and then distance himself.   

    If it wasn’t that, then the only reason someone would try to please him was because they wanted something from him. It was easier for him to be alone, like a wall, than to deal with the hassle of being caught up in superficial human relationships. He found enough psychological support and exchange with non-human beings.   

    So, he had never done anything like this with anyone else. Thankfully, his physical desires were also much lower than most people, so when he got tired, he would just daydream or wake up with a morning wood. Even when his classmates teased him, saying, “You must have been a monk in your past life,” he didn’t feel any impact. He even thought that maybe his brain was wired differently from others, making him different from birth.   

    What a load of crap…   

    He knows for sure that there’s nothing different in his brain. Liev bit his lip and answered, holding back a moan that was about to burst out.   

    “Ha, ugh, that’s not, like, possible, ugh! No way…!”   

    If it weren’t for Renard in the first place, no one would even be allowed to sleep in the same room as him. In a moment like this, he would have punched Renard’s chin with his fist. Whether the attack was effective or not, it didn’t matter. But right now, Liev is still being dragged along according to what Renard wants. The sentence that muttered like a whine, saying stop or that he didn’t like it, disappeared into the back of Liev’s throat.  

    “Ah, I’m glad. I’m Liev’s first time, and I’m so happy that I’m the only one who knows how pretty Liev is.”   

    And then, taking a deep breath, Renard pushed his hips up with a wet sound, and Liev desperately searched for something to hold onto as he was repeatedly struck with pleasure. As Renard’s hand ran up his back, it finally overlapped with the nape of his neck, and Renard pressed his waist tightly against Liev’s while using one hand to spread his legs and the other to grip his waist. Liev felt a surge of pleasure as Renard’s hips pushed against him.   

    “Liev, touch me here, huh… I really like it.”   

    Of course, anyone with a normal distribution of senses would feel sexual pleasure there. Instead of making an absurd excuse, Liev accepted Renard’s tongue, which came into his mouth again.  

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