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    “Let’s sleep together instead.”

    The proposal clearly shows its impure intentions. Would you accept it if you were in my shoes? With a wary expression, Liev turned his head sideways. 

    “No. How can I trust you?” 

    “We’ve been sleeping together until now!” 

    But that was until yesterday. How can you trust this beast that has already opened its eyes to that side once? Liev pinched Renard’s lips. 

    “I can’t sleep properly because I’m worried. Do you want me to be anxious and unable to sleep? 

    Well, since he seems to be worried about his health, Liev showed his dissatisfaction with a displeased expression. Renard, unable to retort any further, retreated with a face full of complaints. However, Renard couldn’t easily get over this. Due to being forgetful of the dragon’s persistence, Liev showed a vulnerable gap. 


    The next morning, Liev woke up as if forcibly pulled out of a dream, feeling a different heat than usual. He thinks he saw something crazy in my dream. When he gathered the remaining fragments in his memory, it was the image of himself being crushed under someone’s strong physique, unable to resist, and massaging his center.  

    This can’t be reality. Seeing Renard so sexually excited, he began to come to his senses, hoping that he wouldn’t have to secretly wash his underwear at this age. He began to regain his composure. But something was strange. Although he clearly woke up from the dream, a strange sensation from his lower body and a dizzying sexual sensation spread over him. 

    What? When he managed to lift his heavy eyelids, what he saw was someone holding and shaking his center. For some reason, his bottoms were already completely missing. Liev was surprised and struggled to escape the grip that hugged him from behind. However, his body wouldn’t move at all. For a moment, it felt like his heart was dropping to the floor, thinking that it was an unfamiliar intruder, but the familiar scent of his body put Liev at ease. 

    “Ah, ugh…! What are you doing?” 

    He was so shocked that he screamed, but the sharp teeth lightly scraped against the back of his neck.   

    “You said you wouldn’t be able to sleep well. Liar.” 

    Only then did Liev realize that Renard, who left the bedroom with a face full of complaints, had never explicitly agreed that they would sleep in different beds. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay for him to do this. He said he wouldn’t do anything he didn’t like, but he’s stabbing him in the back like this. During this realization, Renard added, 

    “I just wanted to hold you. But then it turned out like this.” 

    As he spoke, Renard was holding and shaking Liev’s p*nis, which was already erect. His buttocks were soaked with a slippery fluid that he didn’t know where it came from. 

    “What? What is this?” 

    As Liev was taken aback once again and embarrassed again, Renard licked the back of his neck and said,  

    “Look at this. Why do you keep lying when it’s getting this big? Doesn’t it feel good?” 

    Then, with his entire hand covered in slippery liquid, he lightly stroked Liev’s p*nis. For the first time in his life, Liev moaned as he felt the pleasure of someone else’s hand on his g*nitals. 

    “Uh, no, it’s not like that. It’s just a physiological reaction.” 

    “Really? Are you going to keep denying it?” 

    Now, Renard’s hand was sliding up and down the length of Liev’s p*nis, and a clear liquid was dripping from the tip. Liev wanted to say that this was just a regular bodily function and he just needed to go to the bathroom, but he couldn’t. The touch of Renard’s hand was torturing him, making it hard for him to breathe.  

    “Ah, wait, just a second.” 

    When did this start? While Liev was asleep, his body had been building up heat, and now it was reaching its peak. He wanted to c*m. But he wasn’t sure if it was s*xual arousal or just his body getting rid of excess fluids before going to sleep. He couldn’t tell which one it was, but he just wanted to finish quickly and feel at ease. However, Renard’s touch was getting more and more persistent.  

    “Liev, every time I touch you like this, your body shakes so much. Do you know how cute it is that your thighs are fluttering like this?  

    I don’t know! Do you understand? Liev barely managed to turn his head as he felt a sensation close to the climax. Should he just finish? But what if it’s not semen, but just bodily fluids? He didn’t want to be an adult who pees on the bed in the morning. It would be too embarrassing for the sheets to get wet. Liev grabbed Renard’s wrist and pleaded. 

    “Wait, ah, stop it. I think it’s going to come out.” 

    However, Renard continued to move his hands faster without even listening. He lightly pressed down on the part of his glans with his thumb, and at that moment, Liev held his legs tightly and resisted the pressure that felt like it would burst out from inside his. 

    “You know that lying to me won’t work. You want me to do more, don’t you?” 

    “I’m telling you! Liev almost sobbed as he turned his head to the side. Tears were gathering in his eyes from the heat that had engulfed his face.  

    “Ah, wait. I…! I don’t want to do this here. Take me to the bathroom. Hiccup…” 

    He already knew that it was too late to get his hands off here. He wouldn’t be able to walk even one step, so he stretched his legs to try to walk, but he would only roll on the ground, and he couldn’t hold it in any longer and would make a mess of the room. That was one thing he had to prevent. Renard smiled as Liev begged with tears in his eyes. 

    “Then I’ll take you to the bathroom.” 

    How did Renard know that Liev was in a state where he couldn’t even take one step? Renard twisted the corners of his mouth. Who was responsible for this? Liev wanted to punch Renard’s toned abs with his fist, but he had no choice but to accept. 

    In the end, when Liev slowly nodded his head, Renard put his warm lips on his cheek and lifted Liev up in his arms.  

    “You like the bathroom more than the bed? I didn’t know you had that kind of preference.” 

    Liev glared fiercely at Renard’s teasing words. Even if he glared, he probably looked pitiful, but Liev could only cling to Renard’s body and gasp for breath. He barely managed to hold back what was trying to come out and finally stepped into the bathroom, with Renard’s arm under his armpit.  

    “Were you worried that you would wet the bed? Can I touch you now?” 

    Renard pulled Liev closer to him so he could lean on him, and then stood up straight again, his erect p*nis pressing against Liev’s body. Liev bit his lips and released the strength he had been holding in as his sensitive skin became stimulated again.  

    “Ha, ugh…ugh…” 

    A stupid moan escaped from between his parted lips, and his head spun. Finally, the clear liquid gushed out in an arc as if a fountain had burst as it poured into the toilet, and Liev’s whole body lost strength.  


    Even though his long-awaited wish had finally been fulfilled, Liev’s despair did not end. He had endured and shot it out for a long time, but his p*nis was still sticking out its head firmly, as if it weren’t enough. Damn it, why won’t it die? Liev’s face turned red with embarrassment, and a low laugh sounded from behind his neck. 

    “Still not enough?” 

    “What nonsense….” 

    Renard, who was wearing a nightgown with a loosely tied belt, unfastened his belt and rubbed his exposed lower body against Liev’s back. Ah. Liev finally realized the identity of the slippery liquid flowing between his buttocks. It was the body fluid that had oozed out of Renard’s p*nis. 

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