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    Renard shouted, grabbing Sigrid by the collar as if he were ready to fight him at any moment. 

    “Isn’t that something you should take responsibility for? You said the palace was the safest place in this country! Are you saying there could be a dangerous situation for Liev?” 

    “Oh no.” 

    “Both of you, stop it.” 

    The rest of their comrades were shocked and tried to pull them apart, but Renard didn’t let go of Sigrid’s collar, and Sigrid didn’t stop teasing him. 

    “Are physical threats the only danger? Think about it. How many more people you don’t know will be around Liev? How do you know that there is not a single person among them who might have ill intentions towards Liev?” 

    “What do you mean by that?!” 

    “Just exactly what I said. You saw it at the ceremony, didn’t you? How the looks towards Liev were. You must have known that Liev is not only attractive to your eyes, right?” 

    At Sigrid’s provocative, childish words, everyone gasped and held their breath at the same time. Are you crazy? Why are you saying that? They were too surprised and could only exchange looks, unable to stop Sigrid, who continued to talk. 

    “I’m not saying you should doubt Liev. I’m just saying there could be other dangers that you haven’t thought of.” 


    Without saying a word, Renard grabbed Sigrid by the collar and lifted him up, glaring at him. Sigrid raised both hands as if surrendering and smiled slyly. Renard, who judged that it was impossible to hit him no matter what he said, put Sigrid down roughly and shouted. 

    “Liev will make the decision! Don’t force him if he doesn’t want it. I said I’ll help you when you’re in danger, not that I’ll be your slave and do everything you say.” 

    Even in the face of Renard’s harsh resistance, Sigrid still didn’t wipe off his smile and spoke. 

    “Okay, sure. If Sir Liev refuses, I won’t ask anymore.” 

    With that, the arrow in question shifted from Renard to Liev. The members of the White Eagle Knights were relieved that things seemed to calm down, but Sigrid, who acted uncharacteristically, felt somehow unfamiliar. 

    Although he had always been unpredictable, this was the first time he had threatened a colleague like some kind of villain. They couldn’t understand why Sigrid was pushing Renard to such an extent when he was the one who always sacrificed and worked hard to solve problems. It was also surprising to see Renard, whom they expected to get angry and furious, obediently following Liev’s decision. 


    While the colleagues were nervous, as if walking on thin ice, the messenger who had gone to fetch Liev came back. 

    “Sir Liev has arrived…!” 

    The messenger, with a serious expression, opened the door, and Liev entered, looking extremely uncomfortable. 

    “What is this all about?” 

    Liev, who had planned to wait patiently for Renard, was caught off guard. He had missed the entire morning because of what he had done with Renard in the early morning, and he had only just woken up before dinner time. He had been starving all day and had filled his stomach, so he was confused when he was suddenly summoned to the meeting room. He couldn’t help but worry about his relationship with Renard, whether it was bestiality or not, and had stabbed himself with strange worries. 

    When Liev looked at Renard, as if asking for an explanation for what happened, Renard avoided his gaze, his ears turning red. 


    Liev, who had been summoned without any proper explanation, was taken aback. What is this about? Why am I here? Liev looked around, confused, but everyone was staring at him with desperate eyes. 

    “What’s going on? Can you please explain what’s going on?” 

    Liev looked at Sigrid with a puzzled face, and the rest of the members, like ants, clung to him, begging. 

    “Mr. Liev! Please, we beg you! Just help us once!” 

    “Mr. Liev!” 


    “What! Why can’t everyone stay away from Liev!?” 


    Liev was able to hear the full explanation of what had happened only after 30 minutes had passed. 


    After finally understanding the chaotic situation and sorting out everything, Liev was lost in thought for a moment. He couldn’t say anything about how he couldn’t stand it after being apart for 10 years, but he also didn’t want to be separated from Renard for almost half a year. On the other hand, he was worried that if he agreed to go with Renard, he might be holding Renard back. 

    Of course, he didn’t forget the fact that Renard was an absolute powerhouse, but unlike the others here, he knew better. He knew that Renard was close to perfect, but not perfect. 

    In the original story, the main characters had received help from Mahatra, but it was a fact that Sigrid, a human, had successfully defeated the dragon Kevades. There was no guarantee that such a thing wouldn’t happen again, either. What if Renard tried to protect him and ended up revealing his weakness? He couldn’t just follow him without completely erasing that possibility. 


    Can he do anything in this situation? From the moment the decision was given to him, there was no other option. They could find countless ways to pressure Liev, even if they were able to handle Renard the dragon. It could even be something as serious as refusing the support they had promised to provide to the Lobelia Research Institute or using Lambert as bait to pressure him. As he hesitated, unable to decide whether to do it or request it, Sigrid suddenly approached him. 

    “Mr. Liev, would you like to talk about it for a moment?” 


    Liev couldn’t believe his ears at the unexpected action, and Renard quickly intervened. 

    “If you have something to say, tell me. Don’t bother, Liev.” 

    “I’m not bothering him. I have a separate offer I want to make to Liev.” 

    Everyone looked at each other in confusion, wondering why he wanted a private conversation when they could do it in front of everyone. 

    When the rest of their colleagues also looked at Liev and Sigrid with suspicion, Sigrid grinned like a child plotting some suspicious prank. 

    “I’ll keep what we’re talking about a secret. Okay, Liev? You won’t be disappointed, I promise. Please give me a moment.” 


    Then he turned to Renard and said, 

    “I told you. I won’t touch yours, so just wait a moment.” 

    With just those words, Renard, who was ready to grab Sigrid’s neck again, became quiet. He still expressed his dissatisfaction with his whole body, but he remained quiet. 

    “Shall we go now?” 

    Sigrid, who was trying hard to keep a good face, pushed Liev out of the conference room. 

    Liev was completely embarrassed as he was suddenly taken out of the conference by Sigrid, who had a friendly expression on his face. What was going on? Why did he have to say something strange to upset everyone? As Liev continued to stare at Sigrid with a blank expression, he grinned mischievously and said, 

    “Aren’t you worried about being alone with Renard, Liev? There’s no reason to worry.” 

    Liev immediately refuted him. 

    “I already told you. I’m worried that I’ll be a hindrance to Renard.” 

    “Then why don’t you experience it this time? Whether you’re actually a hindrance or not, I think you will be more helpful than a hindrance.” 

    Why is he saying such nonsense? Liev frowned and asked. 

    “How so? I can’t fight, and I can’t use healing magic.” 

    At that moment, Sigrid smiled with a calm expression and replied, 

    “That’s not all. You know many things that will happen in this world.” 

    At that hint, Liev felt like Sigrid knew his true identity and quickly stepped back away from Sigrid. 

    “What do you mean? That…” 

    Sigrid, the protagonist of all this story and novel, who was loved and trusted by everyone, did not immediately answer the question with a smile. 

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