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    Liev waited for Renard to speak with a very nervous expression. Until now, he had thought of himself as nothing more than a fleeting presence in Renard’s life. After deciding not to push Renard away any longer, Liev had been bombarded with ridiculous statements like laying eggs, leaving him no time to think about it.


    When people adopt pets, everyone expects the moment of parting. Of course, there are many people who don’t, but that’s a matter of responsibility.  

    Anyone with common sense knows that their pet will live a shorter life than them. Unless they are with a special species like turtles or large parrots, everyone knows that. Even if I took good care of them, there was no one who didn’t know that there would eventually be an inevitable end someday.  

    But what about Renard? During his time with Liev, he didn’t even know that he would live for a very long time if Liev hadn’t taught him. Of course, now that he has met Mahatra and received the knowledge of dragons, he probably knows better than anyone else. Renard’s acceptance of Liev as part of his family was nothing more than a physiological phenomenon. It was only natural that he wouldn’t seriously consider the fact that Liev had a lifespan like a speck of dust compared to his own.  

    The moment Liev realized this, his heart sank. If their relationship had ended when Renard was ten years old, none of these problems would have arisen. Maybe he shouldn’t have accepted Renard. Later, Liev would realize that he had been trying to push Renard away because he didn’t want to see him suffer through these moments. Negative thoughts began to spread like mold from the tips of his toes.  


    Renard narrowed his eyes and flicked Liev’s forehead with a bang.  

    “What are you doing!?”  

    I guess he was hit weakly on purpose, but he was startled by the sound, and it didn’t hurt that much. If Renard had hit him with all his strength, Liev’s forehead would have shattered like it had fallen from a high place. Even if he wasn’t hurt, the sudden shock wouldn’t go away, and Liev glared at Renard with a frown.  

    “Why did you suddenly…”  

    “Do worry about nothing again. Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”  

    Renard covered Liev’s mouth, who was about to protest.  

    “I have everything planned out, so you don’t have to worry. Liev took care of me when I was young, so now it’s my turn to take care of him. So please trust me, okay?”  

    At the same time, Renard put on a pretty confident face and then made a pouty expression, but Liev couldn’t think of anything to say. He was too caught up in another shock and hadn’t been able to think. He didn’t expect Renard to have already come up with a solution. It was also embarrassing to think he didn’t trust Renard.  

    Of course, it wasn’t that Liev completely trusted Renard. Now that Renard was an adult at the age of twenty, Liev was still treating him like a ten-year-old child.  

    It wasn’t just about how Liev treated Renard. Renard was now at an age where he was expected to take care of himself as an adult, but Liev still treated him like a child that had to be looked after and disciplined. Whether or not Liev was aware of it, his attitude towards Renard remained the same.  

    But there was another issue altogether besides the matter of trust. 

    “It is only natural because, as soon as we met, you decided to say mean things.”  

    Liev felt guilty for a moment, and his chest felt heavy, but then he blamed Renard, pinched his soft cheek and shouted. 

    “You were telling me to die when I first saw you! You’re still picky about eating vegetables! And you’re always mean to other people!”  

    As Liev tried to push away the remaining guilt in his heart, he saw Renard’s expression saying “This isn’t right.” Renard did not lose and shouted back.  

    “That’s because Liev keeps lying! Vegetables are not supposed to be eaten by dragons, so what am I supposed to do if I don’t like it? And Liev always runs away because he doesn’t like being with other people!”  

    It was on the same level as a rebuttal, but Liev had nothing to say. It was obvious that they would only look ridiculous if they fought like squirrels. He didn’t understand why he lost his vocabulary in front of Renard, even though he was good at fighting elsewhere.  

    Liev thought about what to say for a moment, but then realized that all of this was his own fault.  

    The strategy of using strange words to make Liev speak honestly would not have happened in the beginning if he had not pushed Renard away. And when he was young, Liev picked out carrots and ate them instead when Renard ate all the meat. Even though he didn’t really need to eat them in the first place. 

    Hating people and being uncooperative… I couldn’t even say anything about it. Still, I thought I wasn’t as bad as Renard, but I couldn’t erase the possibility that he might have been influenced by me.  

    When Liev was silent for a moment, Renard spoke again, confident.  

    “I like Liev much more than Liev thinks. So, I know what’s best for Liev. I didn’t meet you again with the intention of breaking up after meeting for a short time.”  


    Why did the argument suddenly turn into a confession? Liev blushed at Renard’s open, blank expression of affection.  

    “What? Why all of a sudden?”  

    I was so embarrassed that I stuttered without thinking, and Renard shouted with a confident expression.  

    “So, trust me a little more. Don’t treat me like a child all the time.”  

    Then he looked down at Liev with a majestic expression. This time, I really didn’t know what to say. Liev looked at Renard with a speechless expression for a moment, then covered his face with the back of his hand.  

    More than ever, Liev felt that Renard was no longer just a child. It’s not just that his body is big. the unfamiliar atmosphere. Suddenly, hit Liev, making him feel like a trapped mouse in the strange atmosphere. He quickly pushed Renard away and ran out into the hallway.  

    “I don’t know! Don’t say embarrassing things all of a sudden!”  

    There was no bigger fool. Renard, who had treated him like a child, poured out his thoughts without hesitation, while Liev continued to make excuses. The thought that he looked childish in front of Renard instead of acting like an adult made him explode at the thought that he felt like his face was about to explode.  

    “What happened all of a sudden?”  

    When Renard immediately followed Liev, Liev shouted without turning around, overwhelmed by a sudden surge of shame.  

    “Don’t follow me! I’ll just cool my head for a minute and then go!”  

    Finally, the footsteps following Renard stopped. Liev slumped down with a thud behind the dark corner. Suddenly, his heart was beating so loud, either from the sudden sprint or from embarrassment, that it echoed loudly.  

    Why couldn’t he have said something else in that situation? He could have responded more naturally, but the more he thought about it, the more he realized that he couldn’t think of a better reaction. He didn’t know. It was still a mystery to him.  


    Liev took deep breaths to calm his racing heart. He couldn’t help it. Despite the help he received from Mr. Lambert, he had never experienced unconditional love and dedication before. Since he was young, Liev has been treated like a burden by his parents. The same was true for his older sister.  

    “When I turn twenty, I’m leaving this house. So, you have to better prepare yourself. I won’t have the energy to take care of you either.”  

    It wasn’t just Liev who was neglected by his parents. Even his older sister, who had just finished her internship at a vocational high school, had her salary taken away for living expenses from their parents. The only saving grace was that his sister taught Liev how to hide his money from his parents. She left as soon as she became an adult and didn’t even give Liev her new contact information.  

    Liev understood his sister. He had no choice but to live with his parents because he was still a minor and did not want to be deprived of the bare minimum, including his high school diploma. She was probably afraid that her parents would try to contact her through Liev. However, the experience of being completely cut off from his older sister, who had grown up under the same parents and had the same experience, had a profound impact on Liev.  

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