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      AFM Ch 10

      AFM Ch 10 Cover
      by Springlila Over the past two days, Jing Mian had begun to frequently run back home. He would eat a few extra dinners, but in truth, Jing Mian was picking out some essential items. Aside from a few seasonal clothes and the necessary equipment for his live streams, there were also albums and videos from his childhood, as well as some computer science textbooks... Jing Mian guessed that they would move in together before the wedding. Instead of making a big deal about finding a moving company, since he didn’t…
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      AFM Ch 9

      AFM Ch 9 Cover
      by Springlila Jing Mian’s footsteps paused. His figure obviously paused for half a step. It was fine in the past, but now Jing Mian couldn’t help but be unusually sensitive to the name Ren Congmian. However, Song Yuhang raised his chin and pointed at the promotional poster not far away. Students were already gathered there, queuing up to take pictures, and people were coming and going during the lunch break. It was extremely lively: "Ren Congmian is coming to our school?" “Yeah, look at the forums,…
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      AFM Ch 8

      AFM Ch 8 Cover
      by Springlila Jing Mian carried Jing Luo out of the restaurant. Jing Luo had already fallen asleep. His small hands clutched tightly to Jing Mian’s clothes, his head turned to rest against the young man’s nape as he slept soundly and peacefully. Jing Mian looked at the little dumpling’s red cheeks as he slept, then couldn’t help but lean down and press a kiss to Jing Luo’s forehead. He turned his head and noticed that Mr. Ren’s gaze had somehow shifted to look at them in the darkness of the…
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      AFM Ch 7 Part 2

      AFM Ch 7 Part 2 Cover
      by Springlila Jing Mian ate a little and felt that he had no appetite, so he put down his chopsticks gently. "Xiao Ren, give Mianmian more food. The child is so skinny; he must not be eating enough,” Ren Xingwan’s mother noticed Jing Mian and said with a smile. This time, Ren Xingwan didn’t ignore her suggestion. Instead, he really did pick up a soft, pale-colored pastry from the table and put it on Jing Mian’s plate. Jing Mian felt a little embarrassed, so he ate the little pastries. After…
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      AFM Ch 7 Part 1

      AFM Ch 7 Part 1 Cover
      by Springlila After the match. Because this cross-server match was exceptionally exciting, the official channels quickly released a recording of the match. All the viewers who hadn’t watched the livestream came to watch one after another. Countless analytical bloggers suddenly appeared on Station B, detailing and analyzing this wonderful event in batches. It was simply delicious to watch. The most outstanding player was undoubtedly the newcomer streamer named Jing Mian. His outstanding and surprising…
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      AFM Ch 6 Part 3

      AFM Ch 6 Part 3 Cover
      by Springlila Jing Mian was somewhat bewildered. He casually killed a minor monster, grabbed his backpack, and with a flashlight in hand, decided to enter a supply room on the third floor of the haunted house. According to his memory, that room was usually rich in resources, making it an ideal spot for replenishing health and stamina. However, as soon as Jing Mian opened the door, his pupils shrank in shock. The room, which should have been nearly devoid of ghosts, was now packed with them! Upon hearing the door…
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      AFM Ch 6 Part 2

      AFM Ch 6 Part 2 Cover
      by Springlila ... Then, unarmed, players would start gathering nearby resources and equipment, gradually expanding their range and attacking any enemy they encountered along the way. Eventually, a red door would appear in the game, visible even through numerous buildings. The players' task was to escape through this door before the countdown in the top right corner ended, securing their entry into the next stage. Jing Mian could also revive more teammates than the opposing team. As a seasoned core member…
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      AFM Ch 6 Part 1

      AFM Ch 6 Part 1 Cover
      by Springlila Jing Mian was utterly bewildered. The fireworks bloomed and fell in the distance, from grandeur to calm, until the last spark plunged into the sea, finally returning to tranquility. The bright night sky quieted down. The dazzling light on the young man's profile gradually faded. Jing Mian swallowed hard. It had been a long time since he regained his normal breathing, and the shock had sobered the young man up completely. His heart, however, did not settle in the slightest. How... how did…
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      AFM Ch 5 Part 2

      AFM Ch 5 Part 2 Cover
      by Springlila Before Jing Mian could respond due to some sluggish nerves, Ren Xingwan had already gotten out of the car and the door closed softly. Where was he going? Jing Mian looked in the direction the other party was leaving, with a confused look on his face. However, he obediently stayed in place and did not even unbuckle his seat belt. The warm air in the car was turned on very well, and even when the weather turned cooler, Jing Mian didn't feel the slightest chill. At the same time, he even had…
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      AFM Ch 5 Part 1

      AFM Ch 5 Part 1 Cover
      by Springlila After hearing the man's familiar voice, Jing Mian sat up and stared at the number on the screen, feeling sober in an instant. So, Ren Xingwan was outside? How could that be? After realizing this fact, Jing Mian stood up and felt a little weak in his legs. The top-heavy feeling and limp limbs did not dissipate just because the owner's consciousness was forced to sober up. "Ah Mianmian, are you awake?" Not far away, teammates who were still drinking noticed the newcomer who woke up. They…

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