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      RSL Ch 46

      RSL Ch 46 Cover
      by Sorai I couldn't find a suitable parking spot and was already circling the same street for the third time. Han Jae-yi's company was in the middle of a busy city center, and the area was already packed with cars. I had to leave my car in a paid parking lot some distance away and walk. This was my second visit to his office. The first visit was two years ago, on Han Jae-yi's birthday. We had planned to gather with friends, but since I had a flight, we arranged to meet separately. It was such a rare occurrence…
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      RSL Ch 45

      RSL Ch 45 Cover
      by Sorai It's Saturday morning. I took the controls of an A350 en route to Shanghai, my last flight before vacation. I was scheduled to return for a turnaround that day, but my vacation starts the next day. I'd booked a ticket that would take me to Germany that very day. Although Han Jae-yi’s wedding was canceled, my schedule was still packed for various reasons. On the day of the birthday party, I would spend a day at the house in Winnenden, then head to Iceland. I didn’t want to cancel at this point. There…
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      RSL Ch 44

      RSL Ch 44 Cover
      by Sorai What felt like a minute but was actually three hours later, I realized my phone was vibrating. In the dark room, the screen lit up brightly. I reached out and answered the call. I barely finished saying hello when Han Jae-yi spoke. -Damn meeting just ended. I saw your message and ran out right away. Sorry if I woke you up, but just let me hear your voice for a bit. I could hear the ambient noise of people and footsteps beyond the phone. I could picture him in a suit, walking to the parking lot. Soon,…
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      RSL Ch 43

      RSL Ch 43 Cover
      by Sorai Drinking with Alain was enjoyable. We chatted for about two more hours before heading outside. When he asked again if I really wouldn't go to the club, I declined once more. We called two taxis in front of the hotel. He headed to Itaewon, and I squeezed into a taxi going home. I was only drunk enough to feel good. The taxi's radio was playing a story from a listener, and I found myself laughing out loud. The driver, apparently pleased that his passenger was enjoying the radio, turned up the volume. It…
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      RSL Ch 42

      RSL Ch 42 Cover
      by Sorai Since returning from Rome, I've had three days off. During that time, I received three calls from Han Jae-yi. Just before I boarded the plane, right after I went through immigration, and on the bus back home. He kept asking the same things. Did you sleep well? Did you eat? Are you tired? These questions, which were once mere pleasantries, now held genuine concern and curiosity. Are you doing well over there? Are you okay without me? As I gradually adjusted to our changed relationship, I received a…
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      RSL Ch 41

      RSL Ch 41 Cover
      by Sorai When I woke up, it was pitch dark. The curtains were drawn, and the lights I had left on were all off. Only the ambient light from the mood lamp under the bed faintly glowed. When I wake up at dawn, my first thought is always the same: where am I today? Once I realize that, I decide whether to go back to sleep. I was in Rome with Han Jae-yi, and yesterday we kissed. I turned my head and saw Han Jae-yi sleeping, sound asleep after being awake for over 24 hours. His head was turned toward me and he was…
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      RSL Ch 40

      RSL Ch 40 Cover
      by Sorai I asked for a cigarette before heading up to the hotel. The combination of alcohol and nicotine made me dizzy. I leaned against the wall at an angle, and Han Jae-yi stared at me. "I haven't fed you much. I feel guilty every time you do this." I burst out laughing. "You're a little, you know, overprotective of me." "Really?" The look in his eyes turned to interest. He seemed to want to hear my assessment of him. "Eating, drinking. Every side dish. You want to interfere and control every…
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      RSL Ch 39

      RSL Ch 39 Cover
      by Sorai Time passed slowly. Until I prepared for the flight to Rome, I responded a beat late, as if I were someone under a spell. Two full days went by in reality, and on the morning I was to head to the airport, I replied to Han Jae-yi's message as follows: . The downside was that the layover was only one day. I would have a full day of rest before flying back to Korea the next afternoon. In that one day, it's doubtful that I'll be able to give him the answers he's looking for. I discussed the flight…
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      RSL Ch 38

      RSL Ch 38 Cover
      by Sorai There was one male  cabin crew member, so the three of us climbed into the back seat and the rest of the crew sat in the front. One of them spoke very good Japanese and was asking the taxi driver for information. "I learned Japanese in high school, but I barely remember it now." The male flight attendant said with a smile. “Oh, I took Japanese too. Do they have second foreign language options in Germany?” "Yes. Italian, French, or Latin." “You learn Latin? Haha. Is it…
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      RSL Ch 37

      RSL Ch 37 Cover
      by Sorai Feeling the need to use the restroom, I looked around. The woman sitting next to me seemed nice, so I asked her to watch my belongings. She looked a bit surprised but nodded her head in agreement. "Thank you." I thanked her after returning from the restroom, and she shyly smiled. "Let me know if you need me to watch your things as well." "Pardon? Oh, okay." She kept scribbling something with a pen, she looked like a college student, or maybe she was writing a report anyway. She glanced at me…

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