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      RGS Volume 7 Part 5

      RGS Volume 7 Part 5 Cover
      by Yannie "Is it really okay to just let them go?" A subordinate asked Truyde, who was about to board the carriage. He couldn't understand why Truyde was being so lenient in letting Ashler go. Although Ashler looked as if he would die soon if left alone, hadn't he even cursed Truyde? However, Truyde didn't pay attention to his subordinate's words. "The soldiers were too scared to touch Regas' corpse, weren't they?" He asked sarcastically, then began to give more important orders. "Block the palace. No…
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      RGS Volume 7 Part 4

      RGS Volume 7 Part 4 Cover
      by Yannie "Ugh! L-Lord Norhox?" He was too focused on recognizing the other person's face to realize that Norhox had called him the real Regas. All he heard was the word "Regas." How did he recognize me? Hadn't he ever made eye contact with Norhox in the past two years? In his panic at being discovered, he instinctively turned his body. He didn't even question where Norhox had suddenly appeared from. He just needed to escape. He ran straight towards the door, but Norhox was faster. Crash! With a…
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      RGS Volume 7 Part 3

      RGS Volume 7 Part 3 Cover
      by Yannie The ground he examined closely with a torch was indeed black. The land was completely charred, as if everything had burned. While Truyde was the one who had made the Dragon's Forest this way twelve years ago, the newly blackened land was not his doing. What was clear was that the forest had expanded, as reported. No, it was called a forest, but there wasn't a single tree or blade of grass, rendering it a completely useless land. A place that was entirely dead, yet had expanded its area as if it were…
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      RGS Volume 7 Part 2

      RGS Volume 7 Part 2 Cover
      by Yannie The second squad leader of the palace’s internal defense forces forced his sleepy eyes wide open, eagerly waiting for dawn to break. That d*mned Truyde's subordinate had taken all the remaining soldiers, leaving them short-handed. There were so many places in this vast palace that needed guarding! As a result, he, a squad leader in name only, was patrolling the palace himself. The moon was out, but it was obscured by clouds, making everything dark. It was an eerie silence, with no sound of wind…
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      RGS Volume 7 Part 1

      RGS Volume 7 Part 1 Cover
      by Yannie DRAGON Something was wrong. He could not move freely. No one was pressing him down, yet the war profiteer couldn't move his body. Even when he barely opened his eyes, everything around him wavered as if he was underwater. Even in his nausea and hazy state of mind, he knew something was wrong. Where did it start to go wrong? In fact, if he thought about it, the problem began when he became a war profiteer under the emperor's orders. No, perhaps the problem started from the moment he was born as the…
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      RGS Volume 6 Part 23 : End

      RGS Volume 6 Part 23 : End Cover
      by Yannie "Ah... no." Although it was a word that barely came out due to difficulty speaking, Truyde asked in a sweet voice without loosening his grip. "What do you mean no?" "I don't think that way." "No? Then what exactly did you think when you came to find me?" Crash! Abel, pushed by Truyde's hand, rolled on the floor with a loud noise. Truyde looked down at Abel, seemingly enjoying the way he suppressed his groans this time. When Abel was pushed, some of his hair was pulled out and remained…
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      RGS Volume 6 Part 22

      RGS Volume 6 Part 22 Cover
      by Yannie At the throat-tearing shout, Truyde's subordinate glared and turned his head. "Shut up!" With those words, he picked up the sword he had dropped in surprise. However, this time, a voice shouted from the other side. "Don't harm him! If you do, I won't come out!" Paused. Truyde's subordinate frowned and turned back towards Abel. Now fully illuminated by the fire, Abel stood just outside the border of the burnt forest. Pointing at the butler and Nani, he made a demand. "Release…
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      RGS Volume 6 Part 21

      RGS Volume 6 Part 21 Cover
      by Yannie Abel knelt down next to the spring without hesitation and searched the dry ground with his hands. After a while, as expected, he was able to grab something wrapped in a small pouch. Though it was too dark to see well, he untied the string and took out the wooden pendant inside. Fumble. He felt the dragon's pattern with his fingertips. As soon as he confirmed it, a rush of excitement made his heart race. It was an item found with great difficulty after sacrificing everything. Abel pushed aside his…
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      RGS Volume 6 Part 20

      RGS Volume 6 Part 20 Cover
      by Yannie Huff, huff, huff. Grasped by Nani's hand, they reached their destination without a moment of rest. Abel realized halfway through their run where they were heading, but he had no time to confirm with Nani. Ignoring the soldiers who initially blocked them, Nani kept his eyes sharply ahead avoiding and dealing with the guards who blocked their path along the way. Thanks to the help of Ashler's subordinate hiding near the library, they managed to get this far, however, it wasn't over yet. Nani was solely…
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      RGS Volume 6 Part 19

      RGS Volume 6 Part 19 Cover
      by Yannie There were those who witnessed Norhox coming out of the priest's quarters, but none had seen the priest himself. Therefore, the one ordered by Truyde to find the priest headed to his quarters without hesitation. The soldier, instructed to bring him immediately, entered the building without knocking but he had no choice but to stop in front of the half-open door. Aside from the clear bloodstains on the doorknob, dark red blood had pooled beneath the open door like a puddle. Swish. As the soldier…

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