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      CNC Ch 10

      CNC Ch 10 Cover
      by Sorai Director Kang Woo-hyun's <Cream Mansion>, Resumes Production The movie <Cream Mansion>, which had been halted for a while after the death of the late Choi Hong-seo, who was selected as the lead actor, will begin production again. Production company ‘J Company’ today officially announced the audition schedule to cast new actors for vacant roles. They planned to find new actors for various roles, not just the role that was confirmed as Choi Hong-seo. This was because, as production…
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      CNC Ch 9

      CNC Ch 9 Cover
      by Sorai "It's not like we were close, but I think I knew a lot about you." "..." "I was your manager, after all. I accompanied you wherever you went, picked you up, and took you places." But he guessed Yoon Hye-an wasn't that kind of a person to Yong-jae. He swallowed those words. "You took care of my cat, right?" "Well, there was no one else." With no family around and no close friends to take care of these things at a time like this, it made sense. According to what he found out at the…
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      CNC Ch 8

      CNC Ch 8 Cover
      by Sorai CEO Lim and Yong-jae secretly looked at each other when he said that the hospital expenses were a waste of money. Saying that money was wasted was a statement that was difficult to come from Yoon Hye-an's mouth. “Since there's nothing wrong, the doctor said I can be discharged. They said outpatient treatment should be enough.” Choi Hong-seo, who was taking out Yoon Hye-an's belongings from a drawer and arranging them on the bed, suddenly stopped. He then turned to face CEO Lim and Yong-jae, who…
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      CNC Ch 7

      CNC Ch 7 Cover
      by Sorai Outside the hospital building, a small smoking area at the end of a short walking path was surrounded by trees. The cicadas' cries were loud as if they knew summer was coming to an end. Thanks to that, they could momentarily forget that they were in the city. There were five or six benches in the roofed smoking area. Perhaps due to the midday heat, there were only three people smoking, including Yong-jae. Yong-jae sat on a bench diagonally across from two guys in patient gowns, who were holding…
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      CNC Ch 6

      CNC Ch 6 Cover
      by Sorai Facing the overwhelming power of the Hanseo Group, Lee Seo-kyung had fallen into a desperate situation and became known as the "stringless kite." He faced not only the "X Group Scandal" but also various other charges, leading to his prosecution and trial. Moreover, the massive bribes he had received from high-ranking officials of several Southeast Asian countries for real estate speculation had caused further problems. Lee Seo-kyung was ordered to appear in an investigation of a case in another country…
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      CNC Ch 5

      CNC Ch 5 Cover
      by Sorai Where was the salaryman who goes to Yeouido to work? It looked like an actor's profile picture. Although he thought that in his mind, he couldn't say a word. Socially, he was an incredibly remarkable person, someone who, in Choi Hong-seo's eyes, seemed to have the ability to do anything in the world. Moreover, he was twelve years older with a robust physique, yet his awkward appearance was somehow endearing. His lips twitched as if wanting to smile, but instead, he just bit them. Was it because he…
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      CNC Ch 4

      CNC Ch 4 Cover
      by Sorai "You don't remember your name?" “It’s not that I don’t remember…” “It’s okay, Hye-an-ssi. Your memory may be temporarily unstable. It's quite common. There don't seem to be any specific signs right now, so it's probably a temporary phenomenon. We'll conduct further tests starting tomorrow. For today, just focus on keeping your body and mind relaxed, okay?" It's not that he didn't remember. Rather, he remembers everything in detail. This time, Choi Hong-seo also felt the…
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      CNC Ch 3

      CNC Ch 3 Cover
      by Sorai "From the looks of the charges, he deserves to die." "Whether he's dead or alive is none of my business." CEO Lim put down the coffee cup with a wave of his hand and leaned his bulky body forward. Lowering his voice, he asked Yong-jae somewhat subtly. "What about Chairman Jo? Is he still not making any moves, as usual?" "...Yes, well." “The child he abandoned is lying like that, how can he not even show his nose for several months? Is that person really a human?” Even when he lowered…
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      CNC Ch 2

      CNC Ch 2 Cover
      by Sorai "Great, you're doing well. I wish you could look a little more friendly. How about some physical contact between you? Yeah, like that! Oh, perfect! Expressions, expressions... be more fresh! I am a fruit! I am a lemon, and I am an orange!" At the profile photoshoot of an idol group about to debut. Five boys posed in front of a large white screen, while a photographer hovered around them, pressing the shutter without stopping. The stylist team, the agency's employees, and the photographer's staff.…
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      CNC Ch 1

      CNC Ch 1 Cover
      by Sorai Looking at the earth from space. A huge celestial body that looked like a blue sun. It took time to recognize that it was Earth. It was not a peaceful blue star like a small marble. The overwhelming size and speed were frightening. It looked like it would deviate from its orbit and attack him at a speed of 110,000 km/h. There was no wind, and there was no sound vibration. There was only a scene to see, much like a muted TV screen. Was this a dream? No, if it was a dream, he would have been…

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