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      PIA 78

      PIA 78 Cover
      by Sorai His hands were completely soaked. With each thrust, pubic hair rubbed against the back of his hands and fluids splashed. Ji-an, effectively restraining himself, was busy receiving the pleasure Jeong Hee-seo was giving him. Jeong Hee-seo's d1ck filled Ji-an to the brim and still stirred and scraped inside. "Hngh..." As if aware of the restriction, Ji-an's greedy hole squeezed and sucked on the shaft. The bathroom was filled with humid air due to the overwhelming pheromones, making it hard to…
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      PIA 77

      PIA 77 Cover
      by Sorai Ji-an felt fingers sliding in as his buttocks spread apart. Even though Ji-an struggled in surprise, his weight pressed against Jeong Hee-seo’s palm, preventing him from escaping. Jeong Hee-seo carried Ji-an with one hand towards the inner bathroom. Feeling unsteady, Ji-an clung to his neck and wrapped his legs around his waist, causing his own aroused p3nis to poke against Jeong Hee-seo's stomach. This position made Ji-an spread open even more... Unable to bear the embarrassment, Ji-an hugged…
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      PIA 76

      PIA 76 Cover
      by Sorai As soon as Jeong Hee-seo led Ji-an through the hotel door, something trickled down from below. The sensation was so strange that Ji-an stopped abruptly, causing Jeong Hee-seo to turn around. “Uh... What, what is this?” Ji-an ran his hand over the water that had flowed down between his thighs. A thinly viscous liquid hung like a thread between his fingers. He could tell it was his own pheromones by the strong scent. "This definitely isn't a heat cycle..." He swore this had never happened…
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      PIA 75

      PIA 75 Cover
      by Sorai "Really, it's not. This happened because I broke a cup." "Why did you break the cup?" When he couldn't come up with an answer, Ji-an was met with fierce anger. Jeong Hee-seo glared off into the distance with sharp eyes. While it was fortunate that gaze wasn't directed at him, the pheromones emanating from his body made Ji-an flinch. "Please don't be angry, Hyung-nim." Ji-an tugged at Jeong Hee-seo's clothes with an uncertain hand, but he didn't relax his stiff shoulders. "I'm not angry at…
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      PIA 74

      PIA 74 Cover
      by Sorai The afternoon of the same day. Secretary Yoon, who had submitted the report Myeong Hyun-sook heard, was excited for the first time in a long while. How long had it been since he'd taken a half-day off? He couldn't believe he had written it himself, checking multiple times. Still not feeling at ease, he was stuck to his seat even past 3 PM. “Oh, please just go quickly. You said you have nothing to do.” Lee Hyun-joo urged him, unable to understand Secretary Yoon’s reluctance. "Yes. I…
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      PIA 73

      PIA 73 Cover
      by Sorai Ji-an pulled back the blanket and got up, climbing down from the bed. He pushed aside one of Jeong Hee-seo's arms and lay down in the empty space at his side. There was no room for a pillow, so he rested his head on Jeong Hee-seo's arm, feeling the muscles twitch beneath him. "You sowed these seeds, hyung-nim. You should take responsibility for this much." “…” Not having the courage to bury his face in Jeong Hee-seo's chest, Ji-an lay with his back to him. Jeong Hee-seo didn't resist or pull…
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      PIA 72

      PIA 72 Cover
      by Sorai “… Are you drunk?” Ji-an asked hesitantly. While flinching away from the insects gathering under the light and hunching his shoulders, he unconsciously pulled the swaying Jeong Hee-seo into an embrace. Instead of the expected pungent liquor smell, a mild fragrance wafted from him. His pheromones were also slightly slipping out uncontrolled. “Seo Ji-an.” Yes? Ji-an answered in a whisper. Jeong Hee-seo lowered his upper body and rested his forehead on Ji-an’s shoulder. He wrapped his…
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      PIA 71

      PIA 71 Cover
      by Sorai "If you're hungry, let's stop at a rest area." Jeong Hee-seo finally turned on the music. It had been almost an hour since Ji-an got into the car. “It’s possible to overcome that level of sadness. They say there were people who wanted to eat under a rainbow, but I guess they couldn't do that. My stomach is still within human limits." "You can't see rainbows at night." "Ah, I know that too." Ji-an continued to answer and glanced at Jeong Hee-seo’s face. A faint smile appeared,…
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      PIA 70

      PIA 70 Cover
      by Sorai “Huh?” Jeong Hee-young blinked at the unexpected question and then slapped Jeong Hee-seo on the forearm. "I didn't have that issue because your brother-in-law took good care of me. But they say it's common. My friends went through it." “That’s right, that’s right. You have to do well. The sadness you feel when you’re pregnant will last your whole life.” Even Myeong Hyeon-suk chimed in. Jeong Hee-seo swallowed a sigh that was about to escape without even realizing it. Jeong…
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      PIA 69

      PIA 69 Cover
      by Sorai “Anyway, I was right. He’s my lost brother. Did we make a bet back then?” Ji-an spoke playfully on purpose. -Regrettably "Yeah." After Woo-seok’s indifferent response, Ji-an ended the call. Woo-seok, who was not good at comforting words, joked that they should have a drink, then realized "Oh right, you can't drink!" and chuckled. Ji-an just listened to Woo-seok's vent and ended the conversation by thanking him. Woo-seok's way of comforting Ji-an was to get angry on his behalf. Ji-an…

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