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      VDN 43

      VDN 43 Cover
      by STAR “Then I don’t know.” At Nam-woon’s response, Se-han ran to the wall and pointed at a piece of white paper stuck there. “Ta-da!” Nam-woon also got up and moved closer. It was an award. “What, you got an award?” “Yes!” Se-han looked up at Nam-woon with flushed cheeks. Nam-woon ruffled Se-han’s hair and smiled brightly. “That’s impressive. Let’s see.” The award was taped at Se-han’s eye level with scotch tape. It seemed like Se-han had put it up himself.…
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      VDN Ch 42

      VDN Ch 42 Cover
      by STAR Nam-woon hesitated at those words, then sighed and said, “Let me know in advance what’s going on next time. I’ll be early.” “…You will?” Those words instantly put Nam-woon in a bad mood. “Ah, what’s with you today.” “...…” "If you’re going to be like this, just tell me not to come in the first place!" Bark, bark, bark! Bark, bark! As their voices rose, a dog barked outside the gate. This caused the fight to subside for a moment, but the two were still…
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      VDN Ch 41

      VDN Ch 41 Cover
      by STAR “Seven hundred?” “Yes.” Nam-woon looked at the broken flower pot with an awkward smile. "Ah…I'm sorry for breaking the flowerpot. But… is it seven hundred? Haha, hey, don’t joke around." Nam-woon laughed, but Hae-geon did not. “Why would I joke about something like this?” He said, eyes wide, holding his phone in his hand. “Do you want me to show you the price?” Hae-geon searched something on his phone and then handed it to Nam-woon. Crazy. Nam-woon swallowed a…
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      VDN Ch 40

      VDN Ch 40 Cover
      by STAR After finishing the soup and bread in an instant. He intended to get the money right away, but the next dish appeared as soon as the plate was emptied, as if someone had been waiting outside. At first glance, it looked expensive. After the dish was served, the chef who came inside started explaining this dish and that dish. Nam-woon, with a stunned face, listened to the explanation, and Hae-geon said to him, “Have dinner with me. I’ll definitely give you the money.” Nam-woon nodded as if…
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      VDN Ch 39

      VDN Ch 39 Cover
      by STAR Na Dae-yeol shouted with a distorted face. “What did you just say, now?!” “I said even if you gave it to me, I wouldn't eat it.” “You crazy bastard!” “Why are you getting angry, Do you want me to eat it?” Jin Hae-geon asked with wide eyes. Just then, the professor entered the room, and a classmate seated nearby calmed Na Dae-yeol down and made him sit. Fuming and red-faced, Na Dae-yeol moved to a spot far away from Hae-geon as soon as the break started. Some people who had…
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      VDN Ch 38

      VDN Ch 38 Cover
      by STAR Nam-woon and Se-han’s faces turned pale. Observing their reactions, Grandpa Namnam glanced at Kwon Seo-oh, pretending not to notice. “Ah, you’re here? You keep asking for snacks that we don't have, how many times have I told you they’re not available?” “Who shook the machine?” "........" "........" It seems he had heard everything. Se-han had gripped the toy so tightly in his hand that its face was strangely distorted. Nam-woon kicked a stone on the ground for no reason. Seo-oh…
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      VDN Ch 37

      VDN Ch 37 Cover
      by STAR “Did you really plan to study abroad?” Nam-woon looked at Seo-oh with a flustered expression and then half-heartedly replied, “Uh, yes.” There was a time when Seok Nam-woon wanted to go going to study abroad. It made sense. With his grades at the bottom, there was no chance he could get into a good university in our country. However, Chairman Seok never invested in something that was doomed from the start. Sending him abroad for study would only mean spending money recklessly and…
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      VDN Ch 36

      VDN Ch 36 Cover
      by STAR As they walked down the alley, they eagerly caught up on conversations they hadn’t had in a while. Se-han explained in detail about a cartoon series that is popular these days. It was about the white puppy doll attached to his yellow backpack that Nam-woon had fixed for him. "My puppy in the ring on my backpack is named Dal-kong." "Oh, really?" “Bulk-kong, Alk-kong and Dal-kong are all family, and if you put their ring on your finger, your wish will come true.” “Really?” “I want…
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      VDN Ch 35

      VDN Ch 35 Cover
      by STAR Seo-oh looked at Nam-woon with a sullen expression, then soon sat down and started rummaging through his bag to pull out a book.  It had been a while since the rut incident. Nam-woon felt embarrassed as he remembered that day, but he was also glad to see Kwon Seo-oh after not seeing him for a few days.  “Was it you who’s the new guy in the office?”  As Nam-woon tried to approach Seo-oh, Yong-deuk frowned next to him and said,  “Young master, we might need to spray…
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      VDN Ch 34

      VDN Ch 34 Cover
      by STAR "What do you think?" "You fucking bastard." When Nam-woon slapped the man's arm away, the man's eyes sparkled strangely. Then, a man with a pretty face and slender build poked his head out of the door and said, “You brought me the wrong suppressant. You should have brought the one for Omegas.” “Ah, I’ll bring it again.” Jin-sang, who replied with a warm smile, looked back at Nam-woon and said, “Why are you so surprised? You look like someone who can’t close their…

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