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      BB Ch 62

      BB Ch 62 Cover
      by Springlila I arrived home only after the sun had set. When I pressed the password and opened the front door, the guys who were still drinking came running towards me like a swarm of zombies. Some people ask about Seo-yu hyung, some say it wasn't fun without me, and some people want to go out and play. I was not in the mood to make a lot of noise, so I kicked them all out. Of course, I cleaned up everything. I should call the Vice President's psychotic son, who did not say cute to Jae-hoon, separately and tell…
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      BB Ch 61

      BB Ch 61 Cover
      by Springlila The meeting came to an end when Jae-hoon fell asleep. I was proud that I did my part because I interfered with the conversation between Jang Won-jo and Seo-yu hyung. The afternoon sunlight pouring through the car window on the way to Seo-yu's residence was comforting. Seo-yu hyung patted Jae-hoon, who was asleep while singing a lullaby in a low voice. A warm breeze blew when I lowered the window. This was what a great afternoon might feel like. It was a moment when I enjoyed the relaxation. “It…
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      BB Ch 60

      BB Ch 60 Cover
      by Springlila “Oh, you already here.” “Hurry up, bastard…” Jang Won-jo was already waiting in the room. He came early because I said I'd come today, despite the fact that he was always late when he met Seo-yu hyung alone. Jang Won-jo was Seo-yu hyung's only friend. There were only seven acquaintances of Seo-yu hyung who came to the wedding. Four former co-workers whom he didn't even meet anymore, Omega who looked at Seo-yu hyung vaguely, the grandfather who sat at his parents' seat, and Jang…
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      BB Ch 59

      BB Ch 59 Cover
      by Springlila Sometimes I imagine the future in which my brother, mother, and father disappeared. I was thinking about how would it feel if the person you took for granted suddenly disappeared. If I couldn't see my mom and dad's cheesy flirting when I came home. If I didn't have an older brother who scolded me, no matter how many times I missed my own classes. In fact, no matter how hard I tried, nothing came to mind. But there was one thing that was certain. It would be sad. It would be very hard. The…
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      BB Ch 58

      BB Ch 58 Cover
      by Springlila We sat in the living room after dinner. My parents were already pulling out their parenting diaries and photo albums. This was the purpose of coming here. Showing the parenting diary to Seo-yu hyung while Sung-hoon hyung was away. It wasn't an easy opportunity because my older brother was almost always next to Seo-yu hyung. In fact, I was seeing it for the first time as well. I've never seen a picture of my older brother when he was young. S&S Director Choi's! Photos from when he was a…
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      BB Ch 57

      BB Ch 57 Cover
      by Springlila The car was illegally parked near the main gate. There were many obstacles to getting to the car. "Choi Sung-hyun!" My friends called me, but I went straight to the car, avoiding the people who were eager to speak with Seo-yu hyung. "Didn't someone call you?" “I don’t know, it’s not me. Hurry up and go in.” Seo-yu hyung took a seat right away. This was the most important task I had been assigned. I've decided to play with Seo-yu hyung for the next two days. While his husband was away…
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      BB Ch 56

      BB Ch 56 Cover
      by Springlila **From now on it would be Choi Sung-hyun POV till the end of the series I've been having nightmares since that day. It was such a terrifying dream that I became afraid to dream for the first time in my life. 'Choi Sung-hyun, you're wearing a life jacket. You can swim as well. You also can ride a surfboard. right?' 'Let's move slowly again. Take your feet off and put your hands on the rocks. I will support you.' 'It's okay. Slowly, slowly. You're doing well.' Don't do that, hyung. Push me…
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      BB Ch 55

      BB Ch 55 Cover
      by Springlila Choi Sung-hoon decided to buy the villa. Because I said I want to come here again next year. He went to the grumpy manager and promised to finish the contract as soon as possible. Sung-hyun and I waved from the cliff-side hotel. Could he see us? I hope he could see us. Sung-hyun and I were going to ride in an ATV along the sandy beach. It was a two-seater, so Sung-hyun was in charge of the steering wheel. I was waiting because I couldn't leave until the previous team had left and returned, but…
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      BB Ch 54

      BB Ch 54 Cover
      by Springlila The body clashed roughly, and the old bed in the villa creaked and struggled to hold on. A large hand grabbed my waist and I felt a hot moan on the back of my neck. "Ah… hah...” He grabbed my waist with one hand and moved my hips wildly, squeezing my frantic arm over the bed with the other. Choi Sung-hoon's was particularly big, and if he put it back in, it became even deeper and I couldn't stand the moan. Furthermore, if the current pattern of putting in and taking out…
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      BB Ch 53

      BB Ch 53 Cover
      by Springlila Even before I opened the window, the sound of cool waves lingered in my ears. I came to play in the sea as soon as I opened my eyes, where I could see the white waves crashing and the beautiful white sandy beach. I begged Choi Sung-hoon because I wanted Jae-hoon to experience the sea as soon as possible. It was our first trip after our honeymoon. Sung-hyun, who was on vacation from university, also joined us. I couldn't refuse when he opened his teary eyes wide wanting to go with us and said that he…

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