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      SOG Ch 140

      SOG Ch 140 Cover
      by Springlila The medical examiner's point was valid. This was also a question raised by experts about the past nuclear accident. How could an earthquake occur in District 5, which was originally determined to have no active faults and stable ground? Why did the nuclear plant explode helplessly despite having a sufficient earthquake-resistant design? There had been much debate for a while. Of course, all those controversies were soon put aside when a large-scale terrorist group called ‘Black Swan’…
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      SOG Ch 139

      SOG Ch 139 Cover
      by Springlila Kwon Joon-young’s face distorted. He resisted the urge to immediately go back to his superior and say, ‘So what did I say!’ and sent thejunior investigator away. At the same time, he looked back at Jae-chan. “You said you came on Hwi-young's recommendation. Let’s go together!” * That way, Seon Jae-chan got into investigator Kwon Joon-young's jeep. After about five minutes of a bumpy ride, Kwon Joon-young received a phone call. Glancing at the screen fixed on the mount, Kwon Joon-young…
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      SOG Ch 138

      SOG Ch 138 Cover
      by Springlila Half an hour later, Jae-chan was receiving guiding at the District 5 Center, making his previous wandering seem pointless. It was in the innermost empty guiding room. "Are you sure you’re okay with me? Wouldn't a guide with a higher matching rate be better?"  Park Yu-ram, asked worriedly as she opened the packaging of the electrode pads. Surprisingly and thankfully, this was her first question. Yu-ram, who worked as both a researcher and guide in District 5, had only checked Jae-chan's…
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      SOG Ch 137

      SOG Ch 137 Cover
      by Springlila About half an hour after dawn fully broke, they finally reached the large apartment complex in District 5 where his aunt reportedly lived. "What a fog…" This was what his mother muttered as she hurriedly got out of the car upon arriving at the parking lot of the building and unit number his aunt had provided. Her already ghost-like pale complexion had turned even whiter. Having suddenly woken up as they entered District 5, she had been startled by the hazy fog covering the car windows. Even…
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      SOG Ch 136

      SOG Ch 136 Cover
      by Springlila The slender woman wearing Seon Jae-chan's coat and sneakers was Seon Jae-chan's mother, Gu Ji-young. Woo-jin knew her face because she was somewhat of a celebrity. Woo-jin noticed Jae-chan's clothes and shoes that she was wearing and then checked Seon Jae-chan's slippers again. An awkward atmosphere briefly hung between the three people suddenly facing each other. The sound of car brakes squeaking echoed repeatedly through the vast underground space as vehicles came and went. Woo-jin broke the silence…
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      SOG Ch 135

      SOG Ch 135 Cover
      by Springlila “… Where are we going?" Entering the highway, Gu Ji-young, still gripping her seatbelt, asked as she caught her breath. “Central Hotel.” Jae-chan answered, noticing his phone vibrating incessantly in his pocket. The phone had been ringing non-stop since they left the mansion gates. "Hmm, well, it's a five-star hotel, so...," It seemed like his mother was misunderstanding something, but Jae-chan only focused on the front. The welcoming ceremony would likely still be ongoing. He…
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      SOG Ch 134

      SOG Ch 134 Cover
      by Springlila The place Seon Jae-chan was suddenly confined to was one of the guest bedrooms at the end of the second-floor corridor in the same building. “There’s no use trying to get out. We’ll be guarding the door. It’ll also be hard to escape through the terrace.” Let's get along well and not tire each other out. The burly guard with a stern face patted Jae-chan on the shoulder. He was right. A new lock that he hadn’t seen before was fixed on the terrace door from the outside. The door slammed…
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      SOG Ch 133

      SOG Ch 133 Cover
      by Springlila * The ‘New Guide Welcoming Ceremony’ hosted by the Guide Bureau was held on a larger scale than the previous years by renting a banquet hall at a nearby hotel. This was intended to showcase Han Tae-hoon's appointment as the new Director. Invitations were distributed more liberally than before, with team leaders, influential figures within the center, and families of guides who passed the promotion exam all expected to attend. So, on the day of the event, in the lobby of the Central Hotel in…
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      SOG Ch 132

      SOG Ch 132 Cover
      by Springlila "Happy birthday. And congratulations on your return." As soon as they got into the warm car, Jae-chan handed over a large bouquet of roses. Surprised, Woo-jin received the bouquet with his dark eyes wide open. Woo-jin's birthday was at the end of December. Due to the lockdown, Jae-chan couldn't even send a gift by delivery. Jae-chan carefully took in every detail of Woo-jin, whom he was seeing after a long time, as Woo-jin dazedly smelled the flower's fragrance. He continued speaking: "I happened…
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      SOG Ch 131

      SOG Ch 131 Cover
      by Springlila "What brings you here?" Jae-chan continued the questioning. "Does there have to be a reason? I call whenever I want, and I visit whenever I want." Well. Jae-chan tilted his head. Since his regression, he has neither visited his home nor contacted his mother. Conversely, it was the first time his mother had sought him out, both before and after his regression. What could it be? What change could have driven his mother to come here? "...Do you know where Ji-eun is?" His mother then…

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