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      PCL Ch 39 Part 2

      PCL Ch 39 Part 2 Cover
      by Springlila “…” “Holding hands, kissing, s*x…” “Don’t say it.” “Anyway, it’s all my first time with you.” The human mind was so indulgent. Just the words from Lim Dae-han that everything was the first time for him as well have already melted my heart and made me feel better. However, there was still distrust in the back of my mind. As I looked at Lim Dae-han without saying a word, he closed his mouth for a moment and sighed as if he was exhaling to relax. "Still, I'm sorry if I…
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      PCL Ch 88

      PCL Ch 88 Cover
      by Springlila *The POV will keep changing from 1st POV and 3rd POV, and from Lim Dae-han to Ki Young-hyun The classroom was noisy. There were guys in school uniforms, and there were guys in plain clothes. It was so mixed up that it was difficult to tell who the student was. I was wearing a school uniform. I leaned leisurely on my chair and looked around the classroom. The guys with their hair dyed in different colors were having a conversation with each other with a lot of pretentiousness. They were talking about…
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      PCL Ch 87

      PCL Ch 87 Cover
      by Springlila "Ah…” I was on top of Lim Dae-han, who was lying long on the sofa. I was squatting with my knees bent, holding onto the sofa with my hands. My back faced Lim Dae-han, and he was staring at my naked body. His tongue and lips licked the perineum and testicles from below, as well as the holes deeper inside.  A strange sound was heard every time he moved his tongue. It was difficult to remain still, but when I felt the stimulation, I swallowed my breath and leaned…
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      PCL Ch 86

      PCL Ch 86 Cover
      by Springlila Surprisingly, the current awkward atmosphere persisted for quite some time. Lim Dae-han and I each played with our phones or watched TV in the living room upstairs. Lim Dae-han played the game with a frown on his face. The background sound of the game and the sound of the cookies running around muddled the sound of the television, but he did not ask for a heart for some reason. Finally, I sent a heart by first looking at Lim Dae-han. Lim Dae-han remained silent with a scowl on his face. But he did receive…
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      PCL Ch 85

      PCL Ch 85 Cover
      by Springlila I took a nap. When I opened my eyes, there was a blanket wrapped around my body, which I knew had been brought for me. While still in light sleep, I turned my head to the side. On TV, there was an obvious year-end program. My gaze was drawn to Lim Dae-han, who sat directly in front of the sofa and rested one arm on it. I was curious as to why Lim Dae-han's house was as comfortable as mine, whether it was his own or his parents. I turned my body to the side after a brief moment of thought. The…
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      PCL Ch 84

      PCL Ch 84 Cover
      by Springlila Even though we were both going to be twenty years old, the same age, and passing through the same period, we were a little different. Unlike me, who frequently applied to a university that was a little lower than Korea University, Lim Dae-han waited for the announcement of the admission on time. I was in the highest rank at a school where students were reputed to be relatively good at studying, and I was admitted to the economics department as a result of my excellent interview. Lim Dae-han also entered…
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      PCL Ch 83

      PCL Ch 83 Cover
      by Springlila The college entrance exam has ended. It felt a little empty, and I felt strange. It was awkward for my family to openly treat me well. As of today, even my older brother hasn't scolded me. I just had dinner with my family and returned home to spend time alone. I switched on the computer, leaving my mind to wander in random directions behind me. Only CSAT-related content was uploaded to the Internet. The question was said to be more difficult than usual, but when I took extra points, I got a…
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      PCL Ch 82

      PCL Ch 82 Cover
      by Springlila I went out by myself after school. I wanted to go out with Lim Dae-han at first, but I was afraid my older brother would be upset if I was late. I should avoid offending my older brother as much as possible now that I have a purpose. In front of the building, a familiar car was parked. I approached my older brother, who was sitting with the light on. I opened the door, but my older brother looked at his younger brother, who studied hard until 11 o'clock without saying a word. I got into…
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      PCL Ch 81

      PCL Ch 81 Cover
      by Springlila Ginkgo nuts were strewn across the street as if a landmine had been struck. The sour smell wafted through the air, leaving a stinky smell. I didn't want to step on the ginkgo nut, so there was a limit to walking around. First and foremost, Lim Dae-han, who had no preference between likes and dislikes, turned his head, frowning, as if he too despised ginkgo nuts. The third year of high school was short. It was already autumn in the blink of an eye. Moreover, it was hard to believe that the CSAT…
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      PCL Ch 80

      PCL Ch 80 Cover
      by Springlila I ordered braised spicy chicken for dinner. The mildly spicy one was delicious, and there was plenty of meat. Lim Dae-han had given me all of the drumsticks and wings, so I gave him the remaining meat. I leaned back and sat on the sofa for a long time, reading and memorizing the concept book. It was more convenient to memorize the entire research topic I was currently reading. Lim Dae-han frantically scribbled something in front of the sofa. It was incredible that he continued his studies…

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