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      DS Ch 9

      DS Ch 9 Cover
      by Sorai A sticky silence lingered. The man entered the restaurant, wearing his long coat-like armor. "Things are getting interesting." He took off his coat and draped it over his arm, revealing a smooth gray shirt. "Didn't filling the crab shells with drugs make their stomachs full? And yet you feed scraps and serve dog food to the customers?” The tips of Eun-myeong's ears turned bright red out of shame. The chopsticks dropped from his hand with a clang. "Why don't you just eat comfortably on all…
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      DS Ch 8

      DS Ch 8 Cover
      by Sorai It had been raining since dawn. Pitter-patter, transparent liquid droplets tapped on the window one by one. Soon it started pouring heavily in all directions. The gloomy weather, the dark sky, and the rain soaking the ground thoroughly. Perhaps due to the superstition that you shouldn't eat raw fish on rainy days, the number of customers stopped coming. "Please come again next time." Aunt Jeong-hye handed back the card to the last customer after completing the payment. “Come, Oppa, will…
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      Dirty Shower

      Dirty Shower Cover
      by Sorai My life had been reduced to shambles due to poverty. I thought it was a life with nothing to lose, but now, it started withering in the hands of an evil person.
      KR • Mature • Modern • Omegaverse • Psychological • Yaoi
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      DS Ch 7

      DS Ch 7 Cover
      by Sorai "No..., no." Eun-myeong shook his head vigorously. It had been a long time since he had had a haircut, so his hair grew out like a neglected puppy, poking his eyes as he shook head. He clenched his damp hands tightly. "Why are you so scared?" The man told him not to be scared and stroked Eun-myeong’s cheek with the back of his hand. It seemed like a comforting gesture, the man's firm touch slowly brushed against Eun-myeong's nerves like a creeping spider, causing his every hair to stand on…
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      DS Ch 6

      DS Ch 6 Cover
      by Springlila The owner's absence has been gone for too long. At this point, it was impossible for the employees to know that the situation was getting complicated. As lunchtime approached, the employees gathered in front of the table and sat down. As usual, the owner's absence was a topic of conversation. These days, whenever they had a spare moment, each one of them couldn't help but discuss it. "Where do you think the boss has gone?" Aunt Jeong-hye chewed on her radish pickles, comfortably seated with her…
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      DS Ch 5

      DS Ch 5 Cover
      by Sorai He still couldn't find even a single hair of his sister. While his sister's vacancy stands out like a sore thumb, the boss is also absent. It was natural for the employees to sense something strange. “No, I mean Eun-joo is…” Eun-myeong's footsteps abruptly stopped at the threshold. Clearly, his sister's name had just been mentioned in the kitchen. He tightened his grip on the tray in his hands. In both hands, he was holding a pot of spicy stew that the guests had left behind. “Did she…
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      DS Ch 4

      DS Ch 4 Cover
      by Sorai Eun-myeong swallowed hard as his mouth became dry. "Yes…” Hot, sticky sweat pooled beneath the soles of his feet. His pale toes gripped the slippers tightly, almost revealing the blue veins underneath. The protruding bones of his feet looked unusually reddish. “Well, did you sleep well?” His heart pounded loudly. The fact that this customer couldn't know that he had intended to report to the police was a relief… His heart quivered and swayed with gratitude. It felt like his heart was…
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      DS Ch 3

      DS Ch 3 Cover
      by Sorai Eun-myeong's shoulders slumped. He regained his composure and looked around the room, which was in complete disarray as if a storm had swept through. Dirty shoeprints covered the floor, and everything was turned upside down, from the closet to the dining table. What could be happening to his sister? Why were these gangsters looking for her? The Eun-joo he knew would never harm anyone. She considered causing trouble a sin and regarded others' possessions as precious, even a single grain of…
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      DS Ch 2

      DS Ch 2 Cover
      by Sorai The sharp and savage scent filled the old courtyard. The coarsely earthy and rank pheromones emanated from inside the man's shirt collar, the thick-wristed wrist with the heavy watch, and with every heave of his broad chest, they were exhaled through his breath. “N-No, you said it’s not my sister…” Eun-myeong swallowed hard. “How can I believe what you say…” “… You?" Haha, the man let out a low laugh as if he was amazed. The cigarette smoke curled around his body like a…
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      DS Ch 1

      DS Ch 1 Cover
      by Springlila His sister hasn't come home for several days. There's been no word from her through calls or messages.Eun-myeong looked at the empty room. The small, shabby room had now completely lost its warmth.… Where on earth did she go?Did she sink into the ground like a stone, or did she rise into the sky like smoke? Where could she be huddled up like a cocoon in some corner? Even so, it's not like you can avoid debt and debt collectors.There's no way his bright and smart sister wouldn't know that. She learned…

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