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      SDM 12

      SDM 12 Cover
      by Sorai The entire family cheered when Seong-woon said he would exercise and made an appointment with the doctor and trainer at the hospital's exercise therapy room. Meanwhile, a few posts went up on the community where drama fans gathered. -I heard KHS(name initial) got fired from HNJ(show title)? -My sister says they shot it with a different actor. 20 comments -Proof or it didn’t happen -What is KHS(name initial)? ➥➥Seriously, what’s HNJ(show title)? ➥➥➥What is this? It’s so…
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      SDM 11

      SDM 11 Cover
      by Sorai Cherry, it’s been a while. Cherry, why haven't you come around Where is your mom's bakery? I would like to inquire about advertising. I would like to inquire about advertising I would like to inquire about advertising. I would like to inquire about advertising. Cherry, have you got a lover? Who took the picture of you? I would like to inquire about advertising. ……. The message window kept flooding with messages. Seong-woon was staring at the list of messages, feeling…
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      SDM 10

      SDM 10 Cover
      by Sorai Ryu Chae-yoon must have been a dessert and bread fanatic. After asking the manager to find audition opportunities and reviewing Chae-yoon's SNS in his spare time, came to that conclusion. There weren't that many pictures of eating, but they were all bread, pancakes, parfaits... It was a series of desserts and sweet drinks. And judging by how most companions were his older brother and sister, it seemed the third and fourth siblings acted as his dining partners. Unable to properly attend school, Chae-yoon…
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      SDM 9

      SDM 9 Cover
      by Sorai 2. Reincarnation Management Committee ...Wait, shouldn't the quest for auditions come before appearances? Who set these quests with the order all messed up? What is Ryu Chae-yoon’s wish again, and why only partially revealed? Has the staff member been assigned yet? ─ Yes. A person in charge has been assigned. Hello. I’m from the Reincarnation Management Committee a.k.a. Reincarnation Committee C1012. A voice suddenly intruded into his mind. Seong-woon gasped sharply ─ Oh, I guess you…
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      SDM 8

      SDM 8 Cover
      by Sorai There was no personal energy evident in Baek Sang-hyun's acting. It was clean and flawless acting. An explosion of emotion without the need for any exaggeration or restraint. He perfectly executed the role of the protagonist who blows off the head of a zombie extra and rescues his younger brother. Seong-woon was very familiar with Sang-hyun's acting, but had to swallow his bewilderment inwardly. There was no question of whether he was okay or any support expected after the scene where Seong-woon falls…
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      SDM 7

      SDM 7 Cover
      by Sorai Was the acting of becoming a zombie a bit too intense? If he had known it would be like this, he would have asked other people to show him how they acted. Seong-woon scratched the back of his head and stood up. The scene that Seong-woon was filming was the first scene of episode 1, but it was said that they have already filmed everything except the school-related scenes, so there were probably many other zombie scenes that have already been filmed. He should have coordinated with them... Seeing the…
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      SDM 6

      SDM 6 Cover
      by Sorai "Oh, so now you're bringing in a complete rookie as a substitute? That's ridiculous. Even if it's just a role with 10 lines, it's the first face on the screen. I've asked several times to at least include a good kid in the mask..." “Ah, he's really good?” “Honestly, I didn’t really like the previous kid, but suddenly bringing in someone else is better than that?” A person who appeared to be a director and a person who appeared to be a production manager were arguing for quite some time.…
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      SDM 5

      SDM 5 Cover
      by Sorai “You can choose from here.” He didn't expect such a big role. Most of the supporting roles offered by the manager who introduced himself as 'Lee Hyeong-seok' were just basic roles with secured lines. There were even a few leading roles in web dramas. It was a part where he could feel the aunt's affection, but the problem was that Seong-woon had no intention of putting on such a great performance. "What's bothering you?" Hyung-seok, who saw the frown on Seong-woon's forehead,asked with a…
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      SDM 4

      SDM 4 Cover
      by Sorai He wished it was a dream, but if pinching his thigh still hurt and there was no sign of waking up, then it surely wasn't a dream. Regardless, the phrase 'Soul Adjustment Project' could be a hint to the current situation. Where did the soul of ‘Ryu Chae-yoon’ go, and why did he come into this body? Could it be because he's in the middle of a 'soul adjustment'? He doesn't know why souls are adjusted in the first place, though... Seong-woon read the sentence that appeared before his eyes carefully…
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      SDM 3

      SDM 3 Cover
      by Sorai Seong-woon, who had been sleeping deeply for a while, woke up to the sensation of someone's hand brushing over his face. Although it wasn't a touch, he distinctly felt the sensation of something brushing against him. Was it the security guard? His still-drowsy brain casually gave a reasonable response, but no matter how hard he thought about it, it didn't make sense for a security guard to behave this way toward the person they were guarding. Seong-woon blinked his eyes open and met the gaze of…

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