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      FOOL Ch 10

      FOOL Ch 10 Cover
      by Mei I parked the car and was about to call the man I had spoken with earlier when someone knocked on the window. Rolling it down, I saw a man who looked to be in his late sixties to early seventies, leaning towards us. "Yer here?" "Yes." Noticing the man's appearance, Woonu hunched his shoulders and tucked his neck like a soft-shell turtle. Seeing how he made direct eye contact with him, it seemed that Woonu wasn't afraid of him, just worried about receiving a scolding. The man turned around, glancing…
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      FOOL Ch 9

      FOOL Ch 9 Cover
      by Mei Chapter 2. Wave Except for one brief stop to refuel and use the restroom, we drove non-stop. It had been ages since I last sped around like this, and my spirits lifted a bit as I pressed the pedal to the floor. I had expected him to be talkative, but Woonu turned out to be unexpectedly quiet. As we were getting closer, I started to feel restless and yawned. Woonu, seemingly apologetic for dozing off on his own, would occasionally wake up to ask if I was tired. Despite my telling him to just toss it…
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      FOOL Ch 8

      FOOL Ch 8 Cover
      by Mei Woonu sat with his hands intertwined and his head bowed in silence. He didn’t even ask where we were going. He seemed pretty set on doing whatever I asked and, once my business was over, bid me farewell and leave. “Where are you planning to board the boat? Busan or Incheon?” “What?” “If you don’t have a passport, you must be trying to smuggle yourself over. So, where’s your first stop—Japan or China?” Receiving no response, I cast a fleeting glance to the side. Woonu…
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      FOOL Ch 7

      FOOL Ch 7 Cover
      by Mei As we left the restaurant, I heard a trembling voice behind me. “Doctor.” “What?” “You said before that I was pitiful, right…? Are you doing this because you still find me pitiful?” What did he want me to say when he asked in such a straightforward manner? Should I say no? The tongue that shot out words one after another, the glaring eyes, and the rough hand that grabbed him. I want to pull them out, stab them, and cut them off. “Yeah. I think you’re pitiful. You’re…
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      FOOL Ch 6

      FOOL Ch 6 Cover
      by Mei “Have you eaten yet?” “I’ll eat later.” I was at that stage where, as indifferent as I was, I slowly started to learn Woonu’s language. “That just means you haven’t eaten. Let’s go have lunch. What do you want to eat?” “I’ll pay. In return, I can’t buy you anything expensive. Let me go get my money.” “Stop messing around.” “I owe you a lot, so I really want to buy you this.” “Do you even know what I like? And what if I'm in the mood for something…
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      FOOL Ch 5

      FOOL Ch 5 Cover
      by Mei The me who had spent sixteen years with my family had been spending the last seventeen alone. My maternal uncle and aunt would be sad to hear this, but if we’re talking about real family, this is the reality. Even now, my uncle mourns the loss of his younger sister, niece, and brother-in-law. I’m glad to have a relative who can cry on my behalf. Thinking about my mom led me to wonder how Woonu was doing. I’ve never waited, so I’ve never been disappointed. All I did was scoff, wondering, what’s…
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      FOOL Ch 4

      FOOL Ch 4 Cover
      by Mei “Here.” The bare-looking branch, with all of its blossoms having fallen off, trembled beneath the fingertips holding it. “It looked pretty, just like you, Doctor, so I broke it off while thinking of you—” “I told you I’m not a doctor.” I snatched the branch and stole the bag off his wrist as well. Inside was an oily, ochre-coloured paper bag containing several donuts of various shapes, each caked in sugar. I took out a twisted donut. It smelled of old oil that’d been used…
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      FOOL Ch 3

      FOOL Ch 3 Cover
      by Mei What am I supposed to do with a steamed bun that's frozen solid like a rock? Just the fact that he didn't think of such a scenario beforehand, even though we were in the middle of the winter, told me that he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He seemed to be under the impression that I left the house every day because, after the persimmon incident, the things he left for me kept increasing, ranging from carp-shaped bread to even rice cake sticks. With each new item, a strange sense of guilt began to…
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      FOOL Ch 2

      FOOL Ch 2 Cover
      by Mei I grew up without a shortage of anything. Like many children from affluent families, I had an unrestrained personality, but I was still surrounded by friends nonetheless. Maybe it was because I was tall, but I was popular among the girls as well. Being quite smart, I did well in my studies even without having to attend cram schools. I was the type of boy who, though not the leader, belonged to the intersection of a group that ostracized the poor and the insecure, always remaining on the sidelines. Then,…
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      FOOL Ch 1

      FOOL Ch 1 Cover
      by Mei Chapter 1. Homosapiens Pneumonia. The troublesome and heavy homosapien needed to be hospitalized for a while. That day, I threw him over to my maternal uncle’s private hospital and went home. I turned away from him the first day, but I ultimately did what I had to do anyway. A few days later, my uncle called me, and I felt irritated throughout the entire drive. Annoying incidents persisted one after another in my life, which I attempted to navigate while avoiding things that deviated from the…

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