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      M 41

      M 41 Cover
      by Springlila ​​Sehwa clenched his lips and barely suppressed the scream that threatened to burst out. The taste of blood spread in his mouth as he clenched his cheeks tightly. If he cried out in pain here, it would seem like he was acknowledging Ki Tae-jeong’s words.​ “No bones were broken. The ligament is definitely injured though." ​Ki Tae-jeong's thumb, which was scanning the back of his hand, slowly made a half turn and smoothed out the inside of Sehwa's wrist. Heat boiled wherever the man's touch…
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      M 40

      M 40 Cover
      by Sorai ​“You were taken by the House owner to pay off a debt. I was taken to the military just like that too. I don’t know if my parents sold it or if they even existed.” Ki Tae-jeong said calmly. Just as Sehwa woke up in the House's warehouse, Ki Tae-jeong also woke up in a closed camp deep inside the military.​ “Ah…”​ A small exclamation erupted. There was nothing he could do. Without realizing it, Sehwa let out a sympathetic voice. In hindsight, Sehwa thought he might seem arrogant,…
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      M 39

      M 39 Cover
      by Sorai ​It would be nice if Ki Tae-jeong could at least make fun of him like usual. Ki Tae-jeong just stared at Sehwa with an unreadable expression. "When did you come under the boss Son's wing?" As he was biting my lip out of embarrassment, fortunately, Ki Tae-jeong broke the silence first. Sehwa looked pleased and adjusted his posture.​ "It hasn't been ten years yet. I came over when the place I was originally at went under..." Come to think of it, where did the people who came here with him at…
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      M 38

      M 38 Cover
      by Sorai "Why... are you acting like this?" "No, it's nothing much." Though he said it was nothing, Ki Tae-jeong grabbed Sehwa’s ankles and pulled them down.​ ​“It’s a bit strange.”​ It felt like it wasn't nothing... Sehwa unconsciously held on to the hem of his shirt. It was a habit that he developed because Ki Tae-jeong frequently opened his gown.​ ​It may have been true that the bunker was used as a lodging, but fortunately, the bunker was equipped with indoor clothes. Unable to…
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      M 37

      M 37 Cover
      by Sorai ​Every time the car accelerated, the dark red gloss of the letters shone brightly. It was a color similar to the flames of the bomb that had terrified Sehwa just moments ago. It was Sehwa's first time driving a car like this, but he had a feeling that if he pressed that button carelessly, it would be dangerous. Surely the car wouldn't explode, but messing with it at this moment wouldn't yield any favorable outcome. ​If they wanted to get out of here, they had to turn the steering wheel right now.…
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      M 36

      M 36 Cover
      by Sorai ​Ki Tae-jeong stared at Lee Sehwa’s back. He was making an effort in his own way, but honestly, it seemed like Ki Tae-jeong could easily catch up with him even if he just stretched out his legs for a few steps. Anyway, Lee Sehwa walked diligently. Then he looked up at the ceiling for a moment... It seemed like he was trying his best not to cry. Well, there seemed to be a lot of sad things happening. He had a lot of tears and even below was well moistened. When looked closely, even his lips were…
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      M 35

      M 35 Cover
      by Sorai “What could this mean?” ​Sehwa suddenly came to his senses when he heard Ki Tae-jeong’s voice. Sehwa clenched and unclenched his fists, driving away random thoughts. He promised himself that he would understand the matter thoroughly, but then he found himself thinking nonsense again. He had no idea because he had never rested before, but he realized he wasn't the type of person who could relax. When he had a break, foolish thoughts kept coming. Memories of difficult times in the past or the…
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      M 34

      M 34 Cover
      by Sorai "Kim Seok-cheol?" "Yes. It seems like yesterday Boss Son didn't move according to Kim Seok-cheol's instructions, and they want to interrogate Sehwa about it. But the message content is a bit..." "Why? What's in the content?" ​“I think you should see it for yourself.”​ Lieutenant Park stared at Ki Tae-jeong on the screen before shifting his focus to the phone. There seemed to be no particular problem. At least for now.​ ​“I’ll be checking the contents for a while, so let me…
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      M 33

      M 33 Cover
      by Sorai “… Director, I just… .”​ That was an odd expression. Of course, the outer layer he was wearing wasn't really Sehwa's face, but he could roughly guess what kind of expression that coward would make underneath. When Sehwa had a lot of things he wanted to say or ask Ki Tae-jeong but was hesitant to utter them... at those times, Sehwa would make such a face. Even when asked why he just wanted to have sex with him, Sehwa would make this look, nervously fidgeting his fingers with teary…
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      M 32

      M 32 Cover
      by Sorai It had been a long time since he gave up on getting a reasonable and kind explanation from Ki Tae-jeong, but this still wasn't it. What will you use instead of the packaging container? “Director, I’m sorry, but I don’t… I don’t quite understand what you’re saying… ”​ “Don’t you know what a bomb is?” "No, it's not that I don't know what it is..." ​Sehwa's shoulders trembled. The only sound he could hear was his own breathing. Sehwa felt like he was slightly…

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