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      MIM 5

      MIM 5 Cover
      by Springlila “Why isn’t he coming out?” Jae-seung tapped his foot impatiently, leaning against the wall. He hoped Shin-woo wasn't inside beating someone with a hockey stick just because it was his last day. Today's shame quota was already filled by the hockey fight. The idea of a big guy like him getting publicly overprotected was ridiculous. Even when told to take it easy, Shin-woo never listened. Pity? “Fvck even those idiots…” Jae-seung swallowed a sigh and leaned the back of his head against…
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      MIM 4

      MIM 4 Cover
      by Springlila Ma Jae-seung exuded a remarkable presence despite barely shedding the aura of a newly minted adult. The young man had inherited his father's charisma, capable of intimidating others with just a glance. Not only did he have silver hair that no one else in the Ma family had, but he also had a sturdily built body that stood out even among the generally well-built Alphas. The quality and shape of his muscles seemed inborn, not the kind that could be developed through diligent exercise. Coach Kim, who had seen…
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      MIM 3

      MIM 3 Cover
      by Springlila Red. The raging sea of fire suddenly surged up to his face. His eyes burned and he was suffocating. Bang! With a thunderous roar of collapsing and crashing, his vision melts away. Covering his nose and mouth, he runs and runs searching for an exit. As he got closer to a door in the distance, his breath caught in his throat. He kicked the door with all his might, then threw himself through the shattered opening. Gasping for outside air, he opened his mouth wide and was engulfed by scorching heat. The…
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      MIM 2

      MIM 2 Cover
      by Springlila “It’s true! He's the son of the Ma family! What kind of windfall is this?” “That young master? Rumor had it he never set foot outside the mansion. Is it true?" "Yeah, it is. Look at that hair. Such appearance is uncommon." The gang's attention instantly shifted to Jae-seung. At some point, the brown-eyed boy stepped back and crossed his arms as if he were watching someone else's business. Consider yourself lucky! We hit the jackpot today, so we're in a good mood.  Those surrounding…
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      MIM 1

      MIM 1 Cover
      by Springlila His heart was pounding as he saw the infamous place in front of him. Before his eyes was a desolate landscape that he had only seen in pictures. Jae-seung adjusted his hat and calmed his excitement. In the afternoon when it should have been crowded with people, the deserted street was filled with a thick haze like smog. Mangwol District. Mangwol district of Yangtze City. The forgotten moon above the great river. A city of the abandoned. A lawless zone of crime and violence, a land where common sense…
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      Man In The Mirror

      Man In The Mirror Cover
      by Springlila He disliked it, yet liked it. It was his first experience.
      KR • Mature • Omegaverse • Psychological

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