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      DMMY Chapter 15

      DMMY Chapter 15 Cover
      by Abyss Indeed no one knows, but some birds do. And not the good kind of birds. T/N: Yes, the kind of bad Zigui(cuckoo) bird Qin Zigui sat on the hospital bed, barely noticeable, he smirked slightly when he saw the message received by the system backend: "Hope Qin Zigui's injury gets better soon, and doesn't hurt so much," then lightly pressed the approve button with his fingertips. Outside the door, Sheng Yan, with a cool expression, finally breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't expect this wish…
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      DMMY Chapter 14 Forgiveness

      DMMY Chapter 14 Forgiveness Cover
      by Abyss "If it hurts and you still don't know how to dodge, is your brain okay?" Sheng Yan was already feeling sorry, but when Qin Zigui said that, he got angry again and blurted out another curse. After cursing, he felt like he was too harsh, so he lowered his head, softened his tone a bit, and said impatiently, "Just call out to me next time. I know how to dodge." Qin Zigui lowered his eyelashes and replied calmly, "The alley is too narrow, and the speed of the bicycle was too fast." So even if he had…
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      DMMY Chapter 13: Pouting

      DMMY Chapter 13: Pouting Cover
      by Abyss Although Qin Zigui had always been the most well-behaved and responsible child in the family since childhood, it was always Sheng Yan who was the most likable and indulged one. The reason was simple. Firstly, he looked good since he was young, with rosy lips and white teeth, delicate features, and when he smiled, his eyes and eyebrows curved attractively. No one could resist liking him. Secondly, he was clever and cute, especially good at being sweet and pouting. He could charm all the grandparents,…
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      DMMY Chapter 12: Gege

      DMMY Chapter 12: Gege Cover
      by Abyss The students of Class One had probably never seen such a magical operation before. After the whole room fell into silence and stupefaction, it was followed by a burst of laughter. There wasn't any malice in it, but as the laughter continued, Sheng Yan's face grew redder and Qin Zigui's face grew darker. Although Sheng Yan was a spoiled person, he was also a reasonable person. He knew he was in the wrong in this matter. Bearing Qin Zigui's numb and indifferent gaze was embarrassing and awkward. He…
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      DMMY Chapter 11: Zigui

      DMMY Chapter 11: Zigui Cover
      by Abyss Since when did you like sweet things? Sheng Yan clearly remembered that Qin Zigui didn't like sweet things. But it didn't matter whether he liked it or not, he could just buy an extra cup for himself. He didn't do this because he forgave Qin Zigui. After all, there was no logic in suddenly breaking off the friendship without warning, then having a cold war for a year, and then simply apologizing. He did value the brotherhood he had with Qin Zigui over the past ten years, but that didn't mean he…
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      DMMY Chapter 10: Milk Tea

      DMMY Chapter 10: Milk Tea Cover
      by Abyss For whom? Sheng Yan felt like his ears might be deaf. He raised his eyebrows in suspicion. Qin Zigui leaned against the wall, casually adding, "At least part of the reason is for you." Part of it? "What about the other part?" Sheng Yan asked. Qin Zigui remained unchanged, "For justice." Sheng Yan: "..." You have quite the sense of justice. But for the sake of justice, it is understandable, but for the sake of yourself, what kind of nonsense are you talking about? Thinking of Qin…
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      DMMY Chapter 9: Heartache

      DMMY Chapter 9: Heartache Cover
      by Abyss Without any extra movements, Sheng Yan simply pressed the other person against the wall with cold eyes, tightening his grip on the collar with slender knuckles, gradually tightening them. The collar of the shirt was embedded deeper and deeper into the other person's neck, making them unable to struggle, only able to weakly send pleading looks to bystanders. The person beside them was stunned by this sudden change, just standing there dumbfounded, eyes filled with fear. Although they had heard some…
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      DMMY Chapter 8: Sleeping

      DMMY Chapter 8: Sleeping Cover
      by Abyss Sleep? What kind of sleep? Sheng Yan's pupils widened in shock. In the book "After Getting the Wish System, I Reached the Peak of Life", although tasks were required, they were all about increasing someone's favorability, performing heroic deeds, or acquiring new skills. How did it turn into selling oneself here? Is this app even legitimate?! Sheng Yan quickly typed these words on the feedback board. Three seconds. The system calmly replied: "" Sheng Yan: "......" Oh. Sheng…
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      DMMY Chapter 7: Mission

      DMMY Chapter 7: Mission Cover
      by Abyss Whose voice is that? Qin Zigui? Doesn't sound like it. Huang Mao? Really disgusting. Then who else could it be? Hold? ! Sheng Yan finally reacted, and from the complex gazes of Qin Zigui and the gang of Huang Mao, he realized that his dignified status as the school bully had just been caught meowing. A strong sense of shame surged to his forehead in an instant, and his ears turned visibly red. But years of experience as a leader in the Nanwu Xiacheng District quickly calmed him…
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      DMMY Chapter 6: Contrast

      DMMY Chapter 6: Contrast Cover
      by Abyss At this moment, Sheng Yan's trust in the Wish Fulfillment App had soared from thirty percent to sixty percent. The reason it wasn't a hundred percent was that before they fell out, Qin Zigui usually just let Sheng Yan have his way. So it might not all be because of the app. It was very likely just because it was his birthday today, and Qin Zigui still had a bit of conscience left, so he backed down. As for what exactly was going on, he would have to wait until tomorrow to find out. But Sheng…

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