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      DP Episode 57

      DP Episode 57 Cover
      by Brie Deep Pivot Episode 57"Lieutenant Ji, take a look at this before going in."In a classified area of the center, Colonel Jin handed Seo-joon a file."That interviewer from the video, we did some digging. Turns out he's our guy. Completely blindsided us with his trail."The video in question, featuring an unknown interviewer, had been acquired through a broker in China. This broker had sold the footage to several countries, including South Korea. The U.S. had already identified everyone in the video."Our source…
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      DP Episode 55

      DP Episode 55 Cover
      by Brie Deep Pivot Episode 55In a bedroom where blackout curtains obscure the distinction between day and night."I'm not upset, but..."Seo-joon continued calmly."I'm not sure how it'll go. I'm somewhat indifferent when it comes to intimacy. I haven't experienced much with others."He didn't bother to clarify that this had been the case since Min Seon-wook passed away."Still, if Yeon-woo wants it, we can give it a try. After all, you're guiding me, Yeon-woo. There's no need to refuse."Yeon-woo's eyes…
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      DP Episode 54

      DP Episode 54 Cover
      by Brie Deep Pivot Episode 54"Yeon-woo, are you a kid?"As Seo-joon walked into the bedroom, he immediately addressed Yeon-woo, who was sitting on the bed. Yeon-woo quickly glanced up from the poetry book Seo-joon had left behind the day before."I'm an adult.""Then why are you acting like a child?"Lowering his eyes, Yeon-woo muttered softly."When did I ever?"Seo-joon strode to the bed and snatched away the poetry book Yeon-woo was reading."Like now. You're sulking and acting immaturely, Yeon-woo.""I told you it's…
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      DP Episode 53

      DP Episode 53 Cover
      by Brie Deep Pivot, Episode 53Seo-joon hurriedly wiped Yeon-woo's tears, his mind spinning."I was wrong. I'm sorry, okay? Yeon-woo, look at me."He tried to catch Yeon-woo's gaze as Yeon-woo turned his head away."What can I do to make it up to you, hmm? Yeon-woo?""Don't ever say things like that again." Yeon-woo firmly replied, still looking away."Got it. Anything else you want?"Seo-joon gently forced Yeon-woo to meet his eyes. The furrow between Yeon-woo's brows eased slightly. He lowered his gaze and, after a…
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      DP Episode 52

      DP Episode 52 Cover
      by Brie Deep Pivot, Episode 52Yeon-woo tilted his head and brought his lips gently to Seo-joon's, like a snowflake fluttering down onto a flower petal."Haa…"Seo-joon let out a low sigh, pulling Yeon-woo close. Yeon-woo's tongue slowly brushed the inner lining of Seo-joon's lips as if seeking permission. Seo-joon entangled it with his own, drawing him in further.The cool, damp tiles pressed against Seo-joon's back as Yeon-woo leaned him more firmly against the wall, deepening their kiss. The residual pain from…
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      Dp Episode 51

      Dp Episode 51 Cover
      by Brie Deep Pivot, Episode 51"Son Yeon-gil. The guy who was with you."Colonel Jin tossed a file onto the table in front of the man. The man, who had been ignoring anything said to him, quickly glanced at the interpreter.It wasn't hard to deduce the reason for this deliberate tactic. He was likely using the language barrier as an excuse to dodge key answers and hinder the investigation, perhaps to protect his superiors or buy time."Keep playing dumb. Do you think we'd just sit around waiting for your confession?"…
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      DP Episode 50

      DP Episode 50 Cover
      by Brie Deep Pivot, Episode 50"At least there's a good selection of DVDs." Yeon-woo remarked.Seo-joon thought to himself, He's such a kind and positive person. For someone who was dragged into this mess just because he was Seo-joon's dedicated guide, Yeon-woo could have been justifiably annoyed, but instead, he seemed unfazed."There are also some books. They could be nice to read if we have trouble sleeping."Watching Yeon-woo, Seo-joon spoke up."If I'd known things would turn out like this, maybe I shouldn't have…
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      DP Episode 49

      DP Episode 49 Cover
      by Brie Deep Pivot, Episode 49At that moment, Colonel Jin walked in and placed a coffee carrier down."Thank you, Colonel. You've worked hard." Seo-joon greeted, picking up two Americanos and handing one to Yeon-woo. Receiving the cup, Yeon-woo bowed toward Colonel Jin."Thank you, sir. You've done a lot.""Ah, the real work is just beginning," he replied.It was well past midnight as Colonel Jin sighed and sat next to Cheong-oh."The Russian guy is being treated for his gunshot wounds, but surprisingly, he's not an…
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      DP Episode 48

      DP Episode 48 Cover
      by Brie Deep Pivot, Episode 48"Thankfully, your clothes are intact."Seo-joon handed over the school uniform shirt he had retrieved from his car. It had fallen under the back seat, buried beneath shopping bags."Thank you."Their fingertips brushed against each other, sending a tingle through Yeon-woo's body, still lingering from the guiding session. He couldn't help but fixate on Cha Yeon-woo's lips, slightly swollen and still damp."Lieutenant Ji, take the baby and hop in over there. Let's head to the center and get…
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      DP Episode 47

      DP Episode 47 Cover
      by Brie Deep Pivot, Episode 47"Search… around his ankles too."Leaning against the wrecked car, Seo-joon struggled to catch his breath. His body, having expelled all the bullet fragments, was now repairing his torn organs. Nausea churned in his stomach, and he could see the outlines of nerve bundles moving under his skin.Thank goodness. He almost lost control again. He didn't want to become a rampaging monster in the middle of a tightly packed neighborhood."All done."Yeon-woo searched the man's body, found all…

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