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      FF Chapter 12

      FF Chapter 12 Cover
      by Chef He reached towards the smooth stomach and waist, free of any bumps, with his calloused hand and headed towards the back. Jhi Yeonwoo, who breathed lightly with a flushed face and body curled up, reluctantly spoke as he struggled to open his mouth. "The meaning of the flower is.... Haah."  As soon as he opened his mouth, his hand, which intruded into the shirt as if it had been waiting, lightly tickled the dry backbones to the point where they stood out. Startled as if an electric shock had…
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      FF Chapter 11

      FF Chapter 11 Cover
      by Chef Yeonwoo seemed to freeze in place, like a statue. Choi Muhyuk glanced at him, only moving his eyeballs. Yeonwoo's face, already full of embarrassment, turned even redder, reaching up to his ears. Seeing Yeonwoo's trembling gaze, it was almost a precise guess. "Surely it's not dinner time yet, right?" Carefully, Choi Muhyuk leaned his head towards Yeonwoo's face. Yeonwoo, stumbling back a step, quickly covered his stomach with both arms. It's like he's gone mad. Why is he acting like this now after…
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      FF Chapter 10

      FF Chapter 10 Cover
      by Chef Jhi Yeonwoo finally felt the reality of being in a relationship. To Yeonwoo, dating had always been a series of waiting and loneliness. At least, that was how his past relationships had been. The calculated kindness always ended in waiting, and enduring the accompanying loneliness was always Yeonwoo's burden. Often, his dates would cancel with flimsy excuses, but being young and naive, he believed every word. That's why he had been so quick to decide on marriage right after graduating high school,…
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      FF Chapter 9

      FF Chapter 9 Cover
      by Chef Choi Muhyuk thought it was about time to wake Jhi Yeonwoo and leaned towards him. Almost simultaneously, Yeonwoo, who had been facing the window, shifted and turned towards Muhyuk. He curled up on the seat, tucking his legs under him and wrapping himself in Muhyuk’s coat, then fell back asleep facing him. Muhyuk’s eyes wavered as he leaned towards Yeonwoo, now frozen in place. He held his breath, then let out a helpless laugh as he watched Yeonwoo fall back into a deep sleep. “You sleep well,…
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      FF Chapter 8

      FF Chapter 8 Cover
      by Chef Wouldn't it be better to be honest in order to keep meeting? But what if being honest ends their meetings altogether? He’d never met someone who approached him with such a good feeling throughout his entire life. It would be a shame to lose him like this, but even without revealing his last remaining flaw, the decision was already in his hands. Jhi Yeonwoo bit his lip as if tearing it and continued speaking.  "I understand if you're not into a flawed Omega. I don't get hurt easily anymore, so…
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      FF Chapter 7

      FF Chapter 7 Cover
      by Chef Chapter 7 He knew Jhi Yeonwoo wasn't the type to frequent places like this. Quickly scanning the surroundings, Lee Hyun-jun's eyes caught sight of a single place setting directly across from where Jhi Yeonwoo was seated. His attention completely captured, he stared intently as Choi Muhyuk, who had stepped out to take a call earlier, returned to his seat. Watching Choi Muhyuk exchange brief words before sitting across from Jhi Yeonwoo, Lee Hyun-jun's expression soured. "Did he get a partner or…
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      FF Chapter 6

      FF Chapter 6 Cover
      by Chef Chapter 6 The more Choi Muhyuk's voice came through the phone, the redder Jhi Yeonwoo's face became.  "No, no. Who said I was disappointed? Absolutely not." He desperately made excuses, even waving his hands around when there was no one watching. Where was someone watching from? Otherwise, there's no way he could pinpoint it so directly. Choi Muhyuk's reaction seemed to indicate he didn't believe him. "Me? I never said I was waiting for you, Director." Jhi Yeonwoo desperately…
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      FF Chapter 5

      FF Chapter 5 Cover
      by Chef Chapter 5 He glanced at Jhi Yeonwoo with his deep brown eyes and slowly moved to open the way towards the counter. After each settled their bills, Choi Muhyuk and Jhi Yeonwoo came out of the convenience store and sat down at a table in between. Considering the cold weather, they probably couldn't sit for long, but Choi Muhyuk spoke first. "Mr. Jhi Yeonwoo, you seem to have been quite busy." "Pardon?" Jhi Yeonwoo, who had been shaking his legs to ward off the cold, stopped abruptly and looked…
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      FF Chapter 4

      FF Chapter 4 Cover
      by Chef Chapter 4 He was a person with an extremely intense first impression. The black cashmere coat suited him frighteningly well, and his face was also quite handsome. Overall, he had thick and distinct facial features. His appearance, reminiscent of a Westerner, constantly lingered in his mind. "He didn't seem like someone familiar with flowers."  He went over the reasons why he had visited again. While there were several guesses, the most likely one was that he, like Jhi Yeonwoo, was not a…
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      FF Chapter 3

      FF Chapter 3 Cover
      by Chef Jhi Yeonwoo's eyes, filled with confusion, flickered. After all, since Choi Muhyuk hadn't said anything else, it might have been a common assumption that anyone would desire a rosy situation. Moreover, Choi Muhyuk had abruptly requested marigolds, which had the flower language of 'pitiful love, sadness of parting,' so there was plenty of room for misunderstanding. "Am I being strange?" "Oh, no, not at all." Jhi Yeonwoo vehemently denied, even gesturing with his hands. "Do I have to explain my…

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