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      EDR Ch 0

      EDR Ch 0 Cover
      by Springlila Prologue My name is Kim Joo-hyuk. I'm a Beta. I've never been ashamed or even doubted it. I've been a Beta thus far and will continue to be a Beta in the future. Despite the fact that there are so many Betas in the world, it doesn’t matter. This world revolves around Alphas and Omegas. Alphas are at the center of all power, and Omegas, who pair with those Alphas, are hidden behind them. When I was a student, all the principals were Alphas. When I went to college, all the professors were Alphas.…
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      EDR Ch 45

      EDR Ch 45 Cover
      by Springlila I’m Kim Joo-hyuk. I’m an Alpha. This world is said to be full of Betas, but strangely, everyone around me is an Alpha. It's because I go to a specialized boarding school where only Alphas go. It's difficult to see Beta's or Omega's faces. That's why I didn’t want to attend an Alpha Boarding School. Alpha pheromones are everywhere you go. Alphas who have reached adolescence use pheromones to show their superiority. It makes no difference how harshly the teacher scolds them. Teachers also use…
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      EDR Ch 44

      EDR Ch 44 Cover
      by Springlila “Hyung, is it dead?” “No, it is breathing.” Ki-do and I held our breath. The little Shih Tzu, who was lying on its stomach, moved up and down very little. “Why is it lying down every time I see it?” "I don't know. I took it to the vet, but they said it’s just sleepy.” "I guess it’s just like you." We both squatted down, though we didn’t have to. I poked Wonsik in the back with my finger. It's warm and soft to the touch. Ki-do grabbed my arm. “Why are you poking…
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      EDR Ch 43

      EDR Ch 43 Cover
      by Springlila “Are you going?” "Yes." "I heard you're off tomorrow." “I’m going.” “Oh, why?” “Joo-hyuk-ssi, you are busy.” Director Lee, who was sitting on the sofa, had a sour expression on his face. The person who said he was leaving was still wearing his pajamas. He looked at me with his arms crossed. I pressed and unfolded Director Lee's wrinkled brow. “Are you going to go without changing clothes?” “Are you really going to let me go?” This time, Lee Si-hyun…
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      EDR Ch 42

      EDR Ch 42 Cover
      by Springlila Side Story 2: There is a Gap Between Exploration and Reality Part 1  It’s a relaxing weekend morning. I prepare Wonsik's meal and make a cup of coffee for myself. I can't see Wonsik, who has been whimpering since earlier. These days, Wonsik keeps going into the crevices of the sofa or under the bed. This time, he put his buttocks under the sofa and looked for something lying on his stomach, but I pulled him out. “Kim Wonsik. Don’t go into strange places.” “…” “Okay, I…
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      EDR Ch 41

      EDR Ch 41 Cover
      by Springlila Side Story 1: Opportunity Lee Si-hyun is an Alpha. He has been educated and raised as an Alpha all his life, and he plans to live as an Alpha in the future. Before being himself, Lee Si-hyun was the Alpha of a family and a company. He was praised for being basically upright in character. Others may see it that way, but Lee Si-hyun identified himself as a person with a strong desire to win, a bit arrogant but sincere. Of course, none of that matters. Lee Si-hyun used to be called 'Dongwoo Food's first…
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      EDR Ch 40

      EDR Ch 40 Cover
      by Springlila I tried to ignore the person following me. I'm not very angry. “Kim Joo-hyuk!” Director Lee grabbed my arm. The sound of suitcases rolling to and from the airport is noisy. Director Lee's hair is messy. He grabbed my suitcase to stop me in place. “Director.” Director Lee caught his breath. I’m about to take the handle of the suitcase, but he grabbed my hand. "I knew you were going to go like this." Director Lee's voice sounded a bit gloomy and sullen at times. It's…
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      EDR Ch 39

      EDR Ch 39 Cover
      by Springlila I slowly leaned back as Lee Si-hyun slipped off his underwear. A ferocious erection appeared. “If it’s scary, just close your eyes,” he said. I opened my mouth to speak. Lee Si-hyun sucked my lip and lightly bit it. I put my hand on Lee Si-hyun’s shoulder. He ran his fingers across my body and brought my hips closer to his penis. "Haa…” A tickling sensation of pleasure crept up my thigh even without touching my own penis. Lee Si-hyun rustled with something and put a condom on his…
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      EDR Ch 38

      EDR Ch 38 Cover
      by Springlila “Deputy Kim.” "Yes." "Great job." “Deputy Kim, you’ve worked hard.” "Deputy Kim did a good job, and the company atmosphere was bright and pleasant. Deputy Kim is important to us. Actually, you helped me a lot as well. Even if you leave, let's keep in touch every now and then. You did a great job.” "Thank you." “Thank you for everything.” "Don't mention it." "Cheer up." Section Chief Lee tapped me on the shoulder. "Cheer up." I returned to my seat,…
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      EDR Ch 37

      EDR Ch 37 Cover
      by Springlila Deputy Kang suggested that we have a drink before I leave. I called Department Head Lim and Ha Won and informed Chief Seo to take care of the others if more people arrived. As for how Chief Seo conveyed the story, Section Chief Lee, who was drinking coffee in the bathroom, came running with his wallet. Deputy Kang, who wanted to eat chicken, saw Section Chief Lee's card and suggested that we eat sashimi because he changed his mind. Chief Seo insisted on us dining at a family restaurant.…

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