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      CoP CH5

      CoP CH5 Cover
      by paper soup Ji Ling's WeChat profile picture was the jpg of a bowl of brown soup. Sui Cannong recognized that this should be a screenshot from the game, because this bowl of soup was a food that players could cook, called Black Truffle Cream Soup.Most of the school teachers were foreign teachers, and usually communicated using the school's internal email or software like Teams. WeChat, as a more personal contact method, was generally only exchanged between teachers who have a better relationship. Sui Cannong…
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      CoP CH4

      CoP CH4 Cover
      by paper soup Now what? Sui Cannong spent his entire weekend debating about his course of action. He examined and replayed the memory of that day at the bridge, but despite how much thought he gave it; there was no sense to be made of the situation. Ji Ling’s behaviour that day remained a mystery to him. He went over the details of that movement in his head over and over again. –Thinking of that cigarette that Ji Ling held within his hand, the melancholic look on his face, his slight lean on the railing of the…
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      CoP CH 3

      CoP CH 3 Cover
      by paper soup   In actuality, up until Sui Cannong went to get his car in the parking lot; his day had been classified as one that fell into the miserable “Sui Meili social death” series. He returned to the car that he’d parked in the underground parkade; which was just next to the little cafe. He paid the parking ticket, drove outside, and realised that night had already fallen in the world outside. Currently, it was exactly seven o’clock; coincidentally the high of the evening rush hour.  And so,…
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      CoP CH 2

      CoP CH 2 Cover
      by paper soup When he first decided upon using this username, Sui Cannong never thought much of it. He’d never considered it pretty lyrical and cute. However, everything changed the moment that Ji Ling said it out loud. That “Alluring belle Su Meili '' was said so clearly, but Sui Cannong was no longer attention. He’d already decided which galaxy he wanted to immigrate to.  Even so, he felt as if he needed to give him a proper explanation.  “Truth be told, I don’t give much thought toward…
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      CoP CH 1

      CoP CH 1 Cover
      by paper soup The pot of Sichuan peppers that Sui Cannong kept growing in his classroom has died.   The plant’s lifespan had been a bit longer than what Sui Cannong had predicted. It was already showing signs of wilting earlier at the start of this month. Besides, there wasn’t much sunlight for the plant in this dingy biology classroom anyway. Sui Cannong assumed that it would be able to survive longer than a month. The Sichuan pepper plant was dry, and was rotting at the same time. The plant had indeed…
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      Confession Plan

      Confession Plan Cover
      by paper soup Sui Cannong met up with his netizen friend in real life. It turned out that the netizen was none other than his very own colleague at work. He also noticed that this colleague of his… seemed a bit unstable.
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