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      NGRF Ch 9

      NGRF Ch 9 Cover
      by Mei Shayden Rose behaved as though he had turned into a mother duck. Saturday morning, I woke early to meditate and ran a few laps around the training ground, only to return to the sight of Shayden Rose at my door, his temper flaring as he questioned where I was headed without even eating breakfast. After a meal together, Shayden and I ventured into the academy's bookstore to purchase the necessary books and materials. We spent some time observing the landscape and geography of the academy, matching the…
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      NGRF Ch 8

      NGRF Ch 8 Cover
      by Mei Benjamin Claudian. The name was unfamiliar to me. He appeared to be, at most, a first-year academy student, barely fifteen years old. Yet, his well-trained physique made it so it would only be right to call him a young man. With a tall frame nearing six feet, his attitude showed his contentment, seemingly aware of the breadth of his broad shoulders. His sleek, black hair, reminiscent of a raven, was trimmed short enough for me to assume that he'd have no trouble washing his back. Were it not for his…
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      NGRF Ch 7

      NGRF Ch 7 Cover
      by Mei In Murim, someone who wields a sword for the first time is referred to as a low-grade warrior, while in the Cieran Empire, they are called a sword beginner. After swinging the sword a thousand times, enough for their hands to be covered in calluses, they advance to become a third-rate warrior, or a sword user. Once they have a bit of an idea how to wield the sword and can hold their own against five third-rate warriors at the same time, they're considered a second-rate warrior, or a low to…
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      NGRF Ch 6

      NGRF Ch 6 Cover
      by Mei The main hall we arrived in was immense. It was surprising to see that, despite being taller and larger than the Ernhardt mansion’s banquet hall, the number of pillars was very few. A total of twelve chandeliers adorned the space, and the stairs leading to the dais consisted of seven steps. I had heard that the number of steps on the emperor’s dais was nine, corresponding to the number of gods on this continent, and that the dukes' and marquises' dais had five steps. Therefore, this must be…
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      NGRF Ch 5

      NGRF Ch 5 Cover
      by Mei The Cieran Empire. The country where I was reborn was but a smidge smaller than the Great Ming Empire. The continent took on the form of a massive butterfly, or a bird ready to take flight, with the Cieran Empire claiming dominion over its eastern wing. North of the empire lay an expansive mountain range, serving as a natural barrier delineating the Demonic Boundary. Here, both monsters and creatures alike roamed in search of food, often targeting civilian homes. To the west, there stretched an…
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      NGRF Ch 4

      NGRF Ch 4 Cover
      by Mei After the three-day-long birthday celebration came to an end, my training began. In the beginning, I ran around the training grounds, relying solely on my body. I had a lot of fun knowing that, being in the body of a young child, I could recover quickly even after pushing myself to the limit while running, as long as I took care to wash up and have a restful sleep afterward. When the morning sun rose, I practiced Qi Breathing and waited for the servants to dress me before then running fifteen laps…
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      NGRF Ch 3

      NGRF Ch 3 Cover
      by Mei Since I was only permitted to use the training grounds starting the day after I turned five, my birthday party had to be held before my training commenced. Young children in this world died just as easily as those in my previous one, so it was strictly prohibited for them to roam outside the mansion before reaching the age of five. Additionally, I had heard that grand birthday celebrations weren't a common practice either. I had also heard that it was often the lady of the house who hosted these…
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      NGRF Ch 2

      NGRF Ch 2 Cover
      by Mei The spacious garden was bathed in warm sunlight. The garden, personally cultivated by this body's mother, appeared particularly vibrant with shades of pink and white. Although I'd heard the names of each and every flower, it went through one ear and out the other. It was because I thought giving names to every flower was something only beautiful women did. It was a week before my fifth year of being born in this world. In the meantime, I had greatly familiarized myself with the language of this…
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      NGRF Ch 1

      NGRF Ch 1 Cover
      by Mei I always thought that no matter how many strange fates there were in the world, none seemed to intersect with my own path. Throughout my life, I’ve never stumbled upon any precious martial arts manuals hidden in peculiar cliffs or caves, nor have I encountered anything beyond rumours of that famous Great Rejuvenation Pellet of Shaolin or the Purple Cloud Pellet of the Mount Hua Sect. I’ve only had fleeting glimpses of the Ten-Year Fleece Flower or Hundred-Year Fleece…
    • Story

      The Warrior of the Namgung Clan Reincarnated in a Romance Fantasy

      The Warrior of the Namgung Clan Reincarnated in a Romance Fantasy Cover
      by Mei A tale of a martial artist reincarnated into a romance fantasy world and a prince who is suspiciously meek, navigating their way through the ups and downs of academy life and gradually succumbing to first love! 
      KR • School/Campus • Shounen Ai

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