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      TG Ch 2 Part 4

      TG Ch 2 Part 4 Cover
      by Canaan "Were you expecting some romantic gesture?"  Jeong Taeyul asked, having observed their interaction closely. Sighing softly, Sijin prepared for basic examinations, starting with Jeong Taeyul's simple check-up. "For me, nothing is more romantic than healthy Ability Users..." Given his current state, it wasn't exactly romantic to talk about Jeong Taeyul's health issues. "It must be tough being so observant." Jeong Taeyul chuckled, seemingly picking up on his thoughts as he muttered to…
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      TG Ch 2 Part 3

      TG Ch 2 Part 3 Cover
      by Canaan Once Ham Geonwu realized medical examinations weren't scary, he warmed up to Sijin. The burden of his condition had plagued him throughout his life, so learning there might be a way to alleviate it brought him joy. For Sijin as well, Ham Geonwu represented the end of his nightmares and trauma. Knock knock. Knock knock knock! Suddenly, there was a knock on his door. Sijin looked up from typing on his pad, startled to see two Ability Users standing in his lab. He hadn't noticed their…
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      TG Ch 2 Part 2

      TG Ch 2 Part 2 Cover
      by Canaan Sijin hadn't realized how technologically challenged Ham Geonwu was. However, he could empathize with Jeong Taeyul's frustration; quick-witted individuals like him often faced the dilemma of wondering why others didn't understand something immediately. Sijin himself used to have similar thoughts when he believed he was particularly smart. But after realizing that everyone comprehends information differently, Sijin learned to adapt his explanations accordingly. After listening to Sijin's explanation for…
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      TG Ch 2 Part 1

      TG Ch 2 Part 1 Cover
      by Canaan Chapter 2 The inspection of Jeong Taeyul occurred at lunchtime the next day. With his shirt removed, Jeong Taeyul's body displayed impressive muscles honed by actual combat experiences, and they were evenly distributed throughout his frame. As Shin Dayoung had mentioned, Shark was truly cooperative during the examination… except for his consistently sour gaze directed towards Sijin. 'Why is there such turbulence around his heart?' Sijin now understood why Jeong Taeyul had postponed the…
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      TG Ch 1 Part 15

      TG Ch 1 Part 15 Cover
      by Canaan The measurement results for Ham Geonwu appeared on a translucent screen. It displayed a detailed schematic of his muscular, 188cm frame with energy channels flowing like blood vessels throughout his body. Barefoot, Ham Geonwu walked over and stood behind Sijin, looking slightly awkward. Sijin pointed at various graphs accompanying the human diagram. All the graph lines remained within the average range. "It seems you've been consistently guiding. Your wave frequency is stable at +52%, and your…
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      TG Ch 1 Part 14

      TG Ch 1 Part 14 Cover
      by Canaan A full-body examination required extensive preparation. While Sijin made arrangements for the examination, Ham Geonwu changed clothes separately in the changing room. "Esper Ham Geonwu..." "Yes." Meanwhile, Sijin couldn't hide his shock as he examined the tablet. "How did you… find this?" "I'm not sure. I just searched it on a bookstore app and downloaded whatever came up."  Ham Geonwu finished unbuckling his belt and emerged from the changing area. When Sijin looked up, he quickly…
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      TG Ch 1 Part 13

      TG Ch 1 Part 13 Cover
      by Canaan After lunch, Sijin and Shin Dayoung went to the Center's cafe. It was packed with people during the lunch hour. Other examiners were busy examining Ability Users who had scheduled their appointments at this time. In fact, examiners rarely ate together due to overlapping examinations. "Have you ever seen an actual S-Rank guide, Doctor?" "A few times." Wow! Shin Dayoung was amazed. There were only two known S-Rank guides in South Korea, both in their forties and fifties, with no new S-Rank guides…
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      TG Ch 1 Part 12

      TG Ch 1 Part 12 Cover
      by Canaan “Well then, please share this 'nothing important' with me.” “......”  Suddenly feeling both wronged and helpless, Sijin wondered why he had allowed himself to be manipulated by an Ability User who could read minds effortlessly.  He cleared his throat and tried to maintain composure before speaking calmly. “I simply asked for an examination.” “Oh, just an examination request?” “Yes.” “But you were trembling while handcuffed.” “......” How…
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      TG Ch 1 Part 11

      TG Ch 1 Part 11 Cover
      by Canaan Jeong Taeyul had come for compatibility testing with the new esper. Consequently, Sijin lowered his voice slightly. "The efficiency must be high due to the A-Rank Guide." Sijin quickly understood yesterday's situation. A C-Rank Esper and an A-Rank Guide. With such a gap, it was like lighting someone on fire then throwing them onto an iceberg to cool off. Sijin let out a small sigh. He felt unusually tense this morning, which seemed to resonate with Seo Gyuho as Seo Gyuho’s whispers became…
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      TG Ch 1 Part 10

      TG Ch 1 Part 10 Cover
      by Canaan South Korea managed their Ability Users with excessive medication. This was a remnant of past practices when Ability Users were mysterious and feared beings that needed to be suppressed. One particular drug seemed to have had a detrimental effect on Ham Geonwu. ‘Despite these side effects, they continued administering stimulants…’ Even though Ham Geonwu consistently reported adverse reactions, his previous doctor didn't reduce the dosage. Sijin couldn’t comprehend this…

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