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      LHKE Ch50

      LHKE Ch50 Cover
      by soapa At one o'clock, Shen Li, starving and with a rumbling stomach, finally got out of bed. Naturally, lunch was another takeout from "Wang Jiang Lou," a table full of delicious and visually appealing dishes, which managed to momentarily distract Shen Li from the somewhat absurd scene between them earlier in the day. After lunch, Lu Changting cleaned up the table and trash while Shen Li returned to the bedroom and lay on the bed, unwilling to move. Until now, Lu Changting hadn't mentioned any plans for…
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      LHKE Ch49

      LHKE Ch49 Cover
      by soapa "Good news and bad news, which one do you want to hear first?" Lu Changting returned home, took off his suit jacket and hung it on the coat rack, loosening his tie as he walked towards the living room. Shen Li was sitting on the sofa, a pile of quarterly profit and loss statements spread out in front of him. He looked up at Lu Changting and said, "The bad news first." "The bad news is, I have to go on a business trip again." Lu Changting poured himself a glass of water and sat down next to Shen…
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      LHKE Ch48 (End)

      LHKE Ch48 (End) Cover
      by soapa "Cough... Cough... You're going to propose to Lu Changting?!" Jiang Chifeng choked on his drink, coughing violently. Du Heng was momentarily surprised, then chuckled, "How are you going to do it? Need any help?" For so many years, Shen Li hadn't been able to confess her feelings to Lu Changting. They had always been together because Lu Changting took the initiative... Now, Shen Li wanted to take the initiative for once, and naturally, he supported her. "I haven't figured out how to propose yet,"…
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      LHKE Ch47

      LHKE Ch47 Cover
      by soapa Shen Li gave the jar of stars to Lu Changting, who placed it in the study. Occasionally, when Shen Li went to the study, he would see Lu Changting dismantling the stars and then carefully folding them back together. Shen Li felt that Lu Changting, who meticulously folded the stars, was a bit adorable. Knowing each other's adolescent crushes and unaware of it, their everyday love life didn't seem to change much. Except that Lu Changting always liked to tease Shen Li when they were alone, making him…
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      LHKE Ch46

      LHKE Ch46 Cover
      by soapa Shen Li had a long dream where Lu Changting married Tang Yao. He stood among the guests, just like many years ago, watching from afar as Lu Changting took his vows, put a ring on the bride’s finger, and kissed her... When he woke up, his heart was still pounding. He was drenched in a clammy sweat, feeling both dazed and panicked as he sat up. The space beside him was empty, and Lu Changting was nowhere to be seen. He took a moment to gather his thoughts, reached under his pillow for his phone, and…
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      LHKE Ch45

      LHKE Ch45 Cover
      by soapa In the evening, the sky was still bright, with a swath of sunset hues staining half of the horizon red. As soon as Du Heng stepped inside, he was greeted by the rich aroma of hotpot. The pot was half filled with spicy red broth made from beef tallow and the other half with milky white bone broth, both boiling and exuding enticing scents. The table was laden with ingredients, reflecting the host's warm hospitality. "Heng," Shen Li called out, carrying a plate of glutinous rice cakes coated in brown…
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      LHKE Ch44

      LHKE Ch44 Cover
      by soapa Du Heng's flight to City S arrived at 8 o'clock in the evening. The flight wasn't delayed. Du Heng followed the crowd, dragging his suitcase, and walked out of the airport. The airport was brightly lit at night, and pedestrians, with their mismatched suitcases, stepped into the darkness, accompanied by a wave of heat followed by a gust of night wind. Du Heng heard someone calling his name. He followed the voice and saw Shen Li standing by the roadside along the airport exit, with a smile of joy at…
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      LHKE Ch43

      LHKE Ch43 Cover
      by soapa Returning home in the evening, the rain continued. The pitter-patter of rain followed the winding path down the window glass, the fragmented and subdued sound blending with the rain, making it hard to distinguish. Later, the rain diminished, and the sounds in the room also quieted down. Outside, the sound of rain dwindled, only occasionally tapping against the leaves and branches. Shen Li was taken by Lu Changting to shower, then lay down, too lazy to move. He lazily lifted his eyes and noticed Lu…
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      LHKE Ch42

      LHKE Ch42 Cover
      by soapa Jiang Chifeng’s home and Fengchun Villa were in opposite directions. By the time Lu Changting and Shen Li got back to the villa, it was already early morning. Shen Li had even taken a nap in the car. At first, he had closed his eyes, thinking about how to explain if Lu Changting asked about it later. Then he fell into a light sleep. However, he woke up as soon as they got home. Feeling sweaty, he went straight upstairs after entering, grabbed his pajamas, and went to the bathroom to shower, not giving…
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      LHKE Ch41

      LHKE Ch41 Cover
      by soapa After drinking for a while, Jiang Chifeng suddenly remembered something. "In a few days, there's Chu Jinghong's engagement party. You're going, right?" "Mm." Shen Li replied to a message from Du Heng and then put his phone away. "The Lu family and the Chu family are old friends," Jiang Chifeng glanced at him and said earnestly, "Lu Changting's parents will probably be there too." Shen Li was stunned by this. Just a few days ago, Lu Changting had mentioned bringing him home to meet his parents.…

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