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      GTAS Arc 1 Ch. 22

      GTAS Arc 1 Ch. 22 Cover
      by cami Seeing his "masterpiece," Shen Liyu only had two words in his mind: embarrassment. It was really embarrassing. He hadn't expected that what he wrote in anger and frustration would be discovered by the main character himself. But Shen Liyu hadn't even had time to come up with a plausible excuse when a loud and honest voice sounded at the door of the teacher's office. "Shen Liyu! Is Shen Liyu here?" Shen Liyu shrank his neck when he heard the voice and looked up to see that it was the physical…
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      GTAS Arc 1 Ch. 21

      GTAS Arc 1 Ch. 21 Cover
      by cami When Shen Liyu heard the voice of System Six, a curve formed at the corner of his mouth. It seemed that the invisible impact between words was more effective than malicious physical harm... Then, when everyone remained silent with their own thoughts, Shen Liyu bypassed Li Chen and walked towards the direction of the classroom. Seeing Shen Liyu about to leave, Qi Ming immediately called out his name and chased after him. The only ones left at the apartment entrance were Yuan Feng and Li Chen. Yuan…
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      GTAS Arc 1 Ch. 20

      GTAS Arc 1 Ch. 20 Cover
      by cami Even though Song Qihan had advised Shen Liyu over the phone not to go to class today, to rest in the apartment for a day, as a high school senior who was about to face the college entrance examination, no matter how 'hard' or 'tiring' it was, he still had to get up and go to class! As he pulled up the collar of his school uniform to the highest point, covering the kiss marks hidden under the bandages on his neck with his small hand, Shen Liyu cautiously stepped out of the apartment door, only to find…
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      GTAS Arc 1 Ch.19

      GTAS Arc 1 Ch.19 Cover
      by cami At this moment, the top two buttons of Song Qihan’s white shirt had been unbuttoned, and his sleeves were rolled up, revealing his muscular forearms. His short black hair was slightly disheveled, and his deep eyes were now filled with traces of drunkenness. Looking at him now, Song Qihan seemed to currently bear an air of nonchalance, which was very different from his usual serious demeanor. Song Qihan had just fished out the small piece of white paper from the hangover soup. But instead of…
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      GTAS Arc 1 Ch.18

      GTAS Arc 1 Ch.18 Cover
      by cami On the way back to the apartment, Song Qihan was explaining to Yuan Feng for Shen Liyu the whole time. He was still obviously intoxicated, with his tone slurring every once in a while. He did admit to them that he had drunk a bit too much at the celebration and had only rushed back to the office when he remembered that he still had to check Shen Liyu’s test paper. However, it was too late for him to realize that he wasn’t in the proper state to check those papers after all, and now he was bothering…
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      GTAS Arc 1 Ch.17

      GTAS Arc 1 Ch.17 Cover
      by cami Shen Liyu immediately reacted and pushed Song Qihan away from his body. The man obviously reeked of alcohol and was in a drunken stupor. Feeling both shocked and frightened, he tried to run away; but just as he was about to step out of the office, a low and indifferent voice suddenly came from outside. "Ha… Shen Liyu, sure enough, you are inside all along! Are you not aware? Qi Ming came looking for you just now, but I didn’t see you respond back to him. You even only decided to come out now when…
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      GTAS Arc 1 Ch.16

      GTAS Arc 1 Ch.16 Cover
      by cami The sky outside the window had already turned completely dark, with a canopy of stars filling the pitch-black sky, making the world unusually quiet. For the students in their final year of high school, however, it was a race against time, a time of striving and hard work. The classrooms of the entire senior year were all illuminated, with all the students inside diligently writing their time away. Even those students who were known as mischievous troublemakers had opened their books and settled down…
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      GTAS Arc 1 Ch. 15

      GTAS Arc 1 Ch. 15 Cover
      by cami The forty-five-minute class eventually came to an end. Throughout the duration, everyone was heartily laughing as they enjoyed themselves watching a comedy movie. Despite the classroom’s noisy atmosphere, Shen Liyu still managed to complete the math test paper on time. "Ding ling~" The bell rang, prompting the class dismissal. Qi Ming then went up to the podium to turn off the projector before announcing to his fellow classmates that class was over and they could finally have their free time. Shen…
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      GTAS Arc 1 Ch.14

      GTAS Arc 1 Ch.14 Cover
      by cami "I’m not short on money. I’m short on love." After saying these words, Shen Liyu mentally rolled his eyes and snorted before turning around and leaving. He didn’t even give Yuan Feng a chance to ask further questions. Shen Liyu didn't really want to engage too much with someone as immature and eccentric as Yuan Feng. Misunderstanding? Then let it be a misunderstanding. It was probably best for him to just agree with Yuan Feng's opinion that he was that kind of dirty person. Unlike him, Shen…
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      GTAS Arc 1 Ch.13

      GTAS Arc 1 Ch.13 Cover
      by cami "Tsk, someone like him has probably slept with quite a number of people already. He’s probably all filthy now. And yet you still want me to go and learn more about him? Don’t you think that’s ridiculous?!” The male student with an indifferent voice clicked his tongue as if to show disdain for his friend’s suggestion. It was followed by the sound of flushing water as it echoed throughout the cubicles within the room. "Hey, Yuan Feng! Wait for me! Wait for me!" The boy who had first raised…

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