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      TTD Ch 3

      TTD Ch 3 Cover
      by Springlila A bag of money spread out on the floor was full of dollars. Wang Han's gaze, who had been organizing it and sharing it, shifted to Jae-kyung, who was sitting at the table. He's been staring at a picture since he arrived. It was a new request from Dmitry. “Are you really going to do it?” Jae-kyung remained silent. The man in the picture wearing a black suit and a black tie was close to expressionless. He wondered what it was. A face in a Western magazine. To be exact, underwear commercial? The…
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      TTD Ch 95

      TTD Ch 95 Cover
      by Springlila The excitement of the date momentarily faded as Kang Il-hyun's car was heading to an increasingly strange place since a while ago. He drove out of the center of Seoul and entered a place commonly known as a slum, but later the road had become narrower until they had to stop and get out in the middle. Ja-kyung who got out of the car stopped when he found a small hole-in-the-wall shop in front of the neighborhood. In front of the dilapidated hole-in-the-wall store, a stooped, gray-haired old lady was…
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      TTD Ch 130

      TTD Ch 130 Cover
      by Springlila His d1ck slipped out. Kang Il-hyun helped Ja-kyung down, holding onto the back of the couch to keep him on his stomach. Then he got down and moved back, rubbing his own d1ck. Through the ripped panties, he can see the hole where Ja-kyung used to receive the d1ck a while ago. Lee Ja-kyung's shoulders trembled as Il-hyun rubbed and pressed the inside with his middle finger. Il-hyun could feel every wrinkle on his fingertips. He slowly drew a circle and explored the inside, as if tasting…
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      TTD Ch 129

      TTD  Ch 129 Cover
      by Springlila Ja-kyung entered the restaurant with a cake in one hand. The staff led him to where Il-hyun was sitting. Il-hyun had arrived first and was looking out the window when he noticed Ja-kyung. After taking his seat, Ja-kyung placed the cake on one side of the table. Il-hyun's gaze lingered on the cake. "Is that for me?" "I couldn't come empty-handed. Besides, it's your birthday." Il-hyun chuckled and stood up from his seat. He approached Ja-kyung, then unbuttoned one of his shirt buttons, revealing a…
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      TTD Ch 128

      TTD Ch 128 Cover
      by Springlila "How is it? Do you like it?" A bracelet of the same design glittered in the black box. Kang Yoo-jung contacted him to say she would be stopping by the company for a short time, and he was curious about what was going on; it turned out she had given him a gift for his birthday. Each other's initials were engraved on the inside of the silver bracelet. “The cat will like it.” "I asked a friend to make it. They said they'd change the name on it if you break up." Il-hyun's eyebrows rose at her…
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      TTD Ch 127

      TTD Ch 127 Cover
      by Springlila Ja-kyung frowned as he looked in the mirror. His eyes were puffy from crying the day before. He came out of the bedroom after washing his face in cold water to wake up, but Kang Il-hyun, who had been by his side all night, seemed missing and didn't appear to be getting ready for work. He thought about whether he should sleep more or go down and have breakfast until he realized that Il-hyun’s birthday was two days away. He woke up at the thought of a gift. What should he buy? As he thought about the…
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      TTD Ch 126

      TTD Ch 126 Cover
      by Springlila Il-hyun had no idea how many times he had done it. Ja-kyung looked at himself in the mirror and had a disapproving expression on his face the entire time. Kang Il-hyun switched from a red tie to a cobalt blue tie. When Ja-kyung asked if this was better, he nodded roughly.  Ja-kyung's hair was styled with pomade, but it appeared to be similar to Kang Il-hyun's at first glance. He looked so damn old. “Your forehead is handsome, so it looks good even with it uncovered.” "I don't like…
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      TTD Ch 125

      TTD Ch 125 Cover
      by Springlila “Hyung, did you tell him to do it?” Ja-kyung looked at the elated Wang Lun with a puzzled expression. He had wondered why Kang Il-hyun unexpectedly got waxing, but Wang Lun claimed he was encouraged by love. They say that love comes with sacrifice and cost. What in the world. It was strange that Wang Lun encouraged it, but even stranger given Kang Il-hyun's personality, he listened to it and put it into action. “When you're in love, your judgment becomes clouded. If I told him to…
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      TTD Ch 124

      TTD Ch 124 Cover
      by Springlila Jang Tae-ho looked at the teacup in silence. The cafe entrance was bustling, and then Kang Il-hyun walked in. Except for the cafe staff, no one else seemed to stand out. The sight of Kang Il-hyun walking from a distance was like a male lead from a movie. When the media covered him, his appearance was never overlooked. His handsome face has always drawn people's attention, to the point where his appearance was praised more than his work performance. After a brief greeting, Kang Il-hyun sat on the…
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      TTD Ch 123

      TTD Ch 123 Cover
      by Springlila The noisy chirping of birds made Il-hyun open his eyes involuntarily. The morning sun rose with a reddish hue. It was the first time in his life that he sat outside to welcome the morning. As he stood up, his entire body felt stiff. Damn it. He cursed quietly, glancing around inside the fenced area. The lights had been on until dawn, but now it was quiet. He patted off his pants and decided to try to get inside. However, the front door was firmly locked. He didn't want to break in and cause a commotion,…

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