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      MWMM Chapter 23: A Bite, It’s Nothing

      MWMM Chapter 23: A Bite, It’s Nothing Cover
      by justmisty The moment Yan Yuzhou collapsed into his arms, Shen Ci's whole body froze. Feeling the scorching heat of the omega snuggling against his chest, body soft as if boneless, but fingers gripping his sleeve tightly as if entrusting his entire being to him, continuously pressing against him with a burning warmth like a small furnace, it was evident from the symptoms that Yan Yuzhou's heat period was fierce this time. Shen Ci held Yan Yuzhou's body, trying to keep him from falling, but Yan Yuzhou was…
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      Chapter 22: Missing Someone’s Pheromones

      Chapter 22: Missing Someone’s Pheromones Cover
      by justmisty Xiao Mu sat in the front passenger seat of a Rolls-Royce, with a constant stream of cold air emanating from the iceberg-like presence behind him. His legs shook nervously, afraid that he might freeze to death if he wasn't careful. Can anyone explain to him why he got stopped by President Shen right after making a phone call?  Mr. Shen said something about taking his car together, and Xiao Mu, feeling confused and overwhelmed, ended up being pushed into the front seat by someone who looked like…
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      MWMM Chapter 21: Are You in Heat?

      MWMM Chapter 21: Are You in Heat? Cover
      by justmisty When Shen Ci entered the company today, he had a faint smile on his face. Although it wasn't obvious, the thawed ice on his face shocked the receptionist and his colleagues. It's no wonder they were surprised. They had been working under President Shen for several years and had never seen him smile. Even when the company went public successfully, he only showed a brief flash of satisfaction in his eyes, without even a hint of a smile. Shen Ci's special assistant, Liang Xin, also noticed the change.…
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      MWMM Chapter 20: Black Tea, Hmm, I Really Want to Drink It

      MWMM Chapter 20: Black Tea, Hmm, I Really Want to Drink It Cover
      by justmisty Shen Ci held Yan Yuzhou’s collar and pulled him two steps away from the pile of fragments. Yan Yuzhou stood there dumbfounded. Sister Song heard the sound and poked her head out of the kitchen in a panic. When she saw the fragments on the ground, she exclaimed and ran over, "Oh my, madam, are you hurt?" Yan Yuzhou shook his head instinctively, but his heart was still in shock. He was like a frightened little deer, panicked and at a loss. Sister Song quickly took out a mop from the storage room…
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      MWMM Chapter 19: That Feeling From Last Night Came Again.

      MWMM Chapter 19: That Feeling From Last Night Came Again. Cover
      by justmisty Holding Shen Ci’s coat in his hands, Yan Yuzhou buried his face in it. The cold, wintry scent of the coat rushed into his nostrils, instantly making him feel as though a pair of gentle hands were soothing his body and mind.Yan Yuzhou knelt on the ground, clutching Shen Ci’s coat like an addict for a long time. Finally, he lifted his head from the coat, feeling as if he had been rescued from drowning.Miraculously, the heat and weakness he had been feeling had lessened significantly.He stood up from the…
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      MWMM Chapter 18: Unexpectedly, he leaned in to take a sniff.

      MWMM Chapter 18: Unexpectedly, he leaned in to take a sniff. Cover
      by justmisty "Since that's the case, Mr. Shen, I'll remember your words." After Yan Yuzhou said this, he turned around immediately, ignored Shen Ci's stiff expression, and quickly walked back to his bedroom. With a bang, he closed the door. The moment the door shut, a look of loneliness and helplessness appeared on Shen Ci's face. This omega seemed to be sulking with him again. He had returned looking pale, probably exhausted from a long day without proper rest. The unpleasant alpha scent on him suggested…
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      MWMM Chapter 17: Sooner or Later, We’ll Divorce

      MWMM Chapter 17: Sooner or Later, We’ll Divorce Cover
      by justmisty Shen Ci's interrogation was like a catalyst, instantly making that corner of grievance in Yan Yuzhou's heart even more aggrieved. If it weren't for this wretched omega body, why would he have suffered from being harassed by a pervert? Yan Yuzhou had lived for 25 years outside the book and had never had anyone dare to touch his waistline. "This has nothing to do with you," Yan Yuzhou bit his lip, trying his best to hold back the tears that were about to burst forth, not wanting Shen Ci to see his…
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      MWMM Chapter 16: Harassed?

      MWMM Chapter 16: Harassed? Cover
      by justmisty As the sun set, the first day of military training concluded. Yan Yuzhou and Xiao Mu, drenched in sweat, walked side by side off the training field. Seeing Yan Yuzhou bid him farewell, Xiao Mu asked curiously, "Zhouzhou, does your family live in Wenjing City? If you can go home every day, why did you apply for a dormitory at first?" Thinking of the cold, unfeeling man at home, Yan Yuzhou's face showed indignation. "It’s because of the big, disobedient, fierce, and ugly wolf dog at home. I didn't…
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      MWMM Chapter 15: Need to Have Children

      MWMM Chapter 15: Need to Have Children Cover
      by justmisty While suggesting to eat more, Yan Yuzhou actually had no appetite at all. He managed to drink half a bowl before putting down his spoon. Glancing at the time, he saw that he had enough time to make it to school. Yan Yuzhou had originally taken two days off from school, but now that his allergy had significantly improved, he decided he could definitely attend classes today. He had heard that university included military training. Yan Yuzhou, who had entered the workforce right after high school, had…
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      MWMM Chapter 14: Eyes Red from Crying

      MWMM Chapter 14: Eyes Red from Crying Cover
      by justmisty When Sister Song placed the sticky rice porridge and fried eggs on the dining table, Shen Ci was already sitting on one side with a dark expression on his face. Seeing Shen Ci’s ice-cold expression, Sister Song felt a bit uneasy and puzzled. For a moment, she thought she had done something wrong. “Sir, is today’s porridge not to your liking?” Sister Song tentatively asked, watching Shen Ci stir the porridge with a stormy look on his face. “No.” Shen Ci replied curtly, his tone devoid…

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