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      DI Ch 180

      DI Ch 180 Cover
      by Springlila “Both my mom and dad really disliked it and opposed it, but now that it's making money, they find it fascinating.  Only Grandma believed in me and gave me pocket money to live on. At least for streaming, you need good equipment for clear, high-quality video.” “Have some conscience, Park Kang-woo. She probably gave you money to stop your whining, not because she believed in you. Always going on about equipment." "What would you even know about streaming!" "Then why were you late…
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      DI Ch 179

      DI Ch 179 Cover
      by Springlila "How insensitive. Kwon Jung-hyuk, you're just the same. Asking if he forgot, is that what you should say?" The guy who was grumbling at me turned and shouted at a new target. His tone of rebuke was quite sharp. "It's the truth, so what. Let's sit down first. This is making me dizzy." After mediating roughly, I picked up the teapot on the table. I thought maybe drinking something warm would calm down the guy who was getting all worked up. As the cups were filled, steam rose with a nice…
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      DI Ch 178

      DI Ch 178 Cover
      by Springlila As I was about to look around the bedroom, my desire to see it suddenly disappeared. Though it was supposedly mine, it felt like invading someone else's space, making me uncomfortable. He must have noticed my hesitation, as he quietly spoke up beside me. "Check out the second floor too. Your study room is there, want to see that first?" "Umm..." "Go take a look." "What about you?" "I'll stay downstairs." Maybe it was because we'd been together so much; it felt strange to be apart. Still,…
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      DI Ch 177

      DI Ch 177 Cover
      by Springlila Even though it was clearly not a recent wound, I couldn't help but ask. As I couldn't take my eyes off it, he moved fluidly to put on a white shirt that was lying on the bed. Somehow, that action seemed like he was pretending it was nothing... My heart pounded uneasily. "Wasn't... Wasn't that not there before?" No, was it there? I touched my forehead, trying to remember. The moments weren't clear, and overall, everything was very hazy, leaving me with no recollection. Suddenly, his hands caught my…
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      DI Ch 176

      DI Ch 176 Cover
      by Springlila Whether it was my mood or not, the atmosphere felt strangely peculiar. The shadows cast on his face by the soft light seemed to approach intimately, making my heart pound. There was no reason for it, but I couldn't bring myself to suggest turning off the light, fearing it might come across suggestively. It had been a long time since I'd been so cautious with my words, feeling this mix of excitement, shyness, and not wanting to be misunderstood by someone. It had been over 3 years, no, now 4 years...…
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      DI Ch 175

      DI Ch 175 Cover
      by Springlila Was this really the sight I wanted to see? It wasn't wrong, but it seemed closer to the brink of madness. His face, shrouded by a shadow and seemingly losing reason and composure, looked incredibly attractive. I caressed Tae Seong-je's cheek and earlobe before suddenly embracing his nape. Then Tae Seong-je, who was holding my head as if he had been waiting, kissed my cheek deeply. It was just a kiss, but by the time I thought it was slightly sticky, his lips had moved to my chin. Next, it was my lower…
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      DI Ch 174

      DI Ch 174 Cover
      by Springlila “…No? Who's getting annoyed?" He spoke again as if nothing had happened, but the warm flush rising beneath his cheerful smile gave him away. It didn't seem like that at all. I think you're right to be a little annoyed. You may think it's strange, but it's not that bad. I stared at him as he maintained a clean expression, then shifted my gaze to the rising steam in front of him. "I've been wanting to ask, why did you fill the basin with water?" “Oh, this. It's for you to wash…
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      DI Ch 173

      DI Ch 173 Cover
      by Springlila Just as the atmosphere was about to become more awkward, Tae Seong-je spoke in a very affectionate voice. "It's late. Shall we wash up and go to bed now?" For a moment, I was flustered and could only nod silently. I felt self-conscious and my throat was dry. While it was good for me that we could move on as if nothing had happened, I doubted it was the same for him. Even though I didn't want to deliberately change the shifted mood, I kept feeling concerned. My chest area was tingling, so I stole…
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      DI Ch 172

      DI Ch 172 Cover
      by Springlila When did I ever give any indication that I liked his chest? I was angry, but I didn't stop or pull my hands away. How could touching a man's chest make me feel good? Anyone saying that clearly hadn't touched Tae Seong-je's chest. Despite having liked a man for the first time and now having a boyfriend who is a man, I had been uncertain. But now, I realized I really did like men. It was humbling how much I liked it, to the point where all the tension left my body while other parts hardened even more. At…
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      DI Ch 171

      DI Ch 171 Cover
      by Springlila Honestly, if it were anyone else saying such things, I would have ignored them and left immediately. But since it was him, I couldn't easily avoid it. No, I don't know why I become so weak only in front of him. It can't be because of his face since I'm not even looking at him now, so why am I like this? Could he really be a devil? Is that why he's so skilled at weakening people's hearts and exploiting those gaps? I scratched my skin impatiently. Saying I don't have a high s3x drive doesn't mean I have…

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