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      BITM Ch15

      BITM Ch15 Cover
      by soapa Jin asked with a rather serious face, though less so than before, “Nurse, do I smell like a widower?” * * * Yesterday marked the beginning of spring, but winter was unleashing its final fury, making it bitterly cold. The humidifier in the prosecutor's office was working overtime, causing even the documents to feel damp. The documents on the unidentified body found at Ogori had arrived in the morning and had to be reviewed before lunch. The police were still conducting their investigation…
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      BITM Ch14

      BITM Ch14 Cover
      by soapa Ten years ago, a new building was constructed on a plot of land that had been abandoned as a vacant lot for a long time. As people watched the construction, they all commented similarly. "What’s the point of building such a large commercial and residential complex here?"  "They probably built it because the land was cheap, but it will be empty in a few years." As predicted, the building, erected amid such negative remarks, didn’t last long and eventually became a ruin. The surrounding…
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      BITM Ch13

      BITM Ch13 Cover
      by soapa "Dr. Han." He turned at his call. Jin leaned against the wall with his arms crossed. "I couldn't respond earlier because you fainted." It was hard to recall the moment just before fainting. It felt like every night, he fell asleep at some point without knowing when. "It's already too late." Jin chuckled. Then, he waved his hand gently, indicating he wouldn't approach any further. It was fortunate that he didn't offer to accompany him. He briefly remembered what he had said last night. A dog…
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      RGS Volume 3 Part 16

      RGS Volume 3 Part 16 Cover
      by Yannie The war was over. The rumors spread to the capital faster than anything else. People whispered about the emperor’s army returning whenever they met. The ruler of the country returned after six years. However, the words that came out of their mouths varied. The emperor led all the fights to victory and returned. No, the Emperor died. That's why the war ended. The emperor’s army was originally led by his commanders. The emperor is just a figurehead, and the title of the King of Slaughter belongs to…
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      BITM Ch12

      BITM Ch12 Cover
      by soapa "Doctor." "Yes." As he responded, snowflakes found their way onto his lips. The cooling sensation was refreshing. "Do you want to hold hands?" Jin pulled his hand out of his pocket and showed it. Han Naeyung shook his head without lifting his face. "No, I don't." "Don't you need a support? There's someone here who can make your life a bit easier." Han Naeyung let out a small laugh. "You don't even know why I'm holding on." "I do. To survive." Han Naeyung stopped walking. When…
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      DI Ch 156

      DI Ch 156 Cover
      by Springlila “Why again?” “I just remembered that you were always this kind of kid.” Why… why did the atmosphere suddenly get so sentimental? Did I say something weird? No, I didn’t. I felt like I was walking on eggshells, and it was starting to give me indigestion. I decided I had to change the subject. “Actually, it’s kind of fascinating.” “…What is?” "I thought my parents were the kind of couple where it wouldn't be that odd if they divorced, but I also felt they absolutely…
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