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      OL Ch 30

      OL Ch 30 Cover
      by Aoi Chapter 30 The sun had fully set, and darkness enveloped the sky. The streetlights were on, but their glow didn't reach where Hayun was hiding. He cautiously shifted aside some trash bags. As if cats had gotten to them, one bag was half torn open, leaving traces of bugs both inside and outside its contents. It looked utterly disgusting. Judging by the variety of items present, it seemed like someone carelessly swept everything together without sorting. Amongst the clothes and wallpaper scraps,…
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      OL Ch 29

      OL Ch 29 Cover
      by Aoi Chapter 29 By the time Hayun exited Mookyeong's house, it was well past evening. He briskly walked along. Since Mookyeong lived within the city center, he needed to take a bus home. Thanks to his swift pace, the bus stop soon came into view. He only had to cross one more alleyway, yet strangely, his steps slowed down gradually. ‘It’s okay. Everything went smoothly.’ Hayun couldn't be certain if he completely fooled Mookyeong, but there remained a chance that he might have succeeded.…
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      OL Ch 28

      OL Ch 28 Cover
      by Aoi Chapter 28 "Friend?"  Mookyeong frowned as if he didn't hear correctly. He had no friends. Hayun clicked his tongue while looking at him. Of course, Mookyeong had no other friends except for one. However, it wasn't wrong to say that his only friend was himself. "I think your memory loss isn't simple; some of your memories seem mixed with others." "....." "Your, my and their memories are mixed together." If Mookyeong rejected this because 'they' weren't who he thought, then there was…
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      OL Ch 27

      OL Ch 27 Cover
      by Aoi Chapter 27 "Don't go! Don't go. Please, please don't go." Hayun clung to Mookyeong's clothes like a child. "Let go." "I was wrong. I was completely wrong." "You were wrong?" Despite his harsh tone, Hayun quickly nodded. "Then give him back. Please give him back." "...!"  Mookyeong grabbed both of Hayun's shoulders tightly and pushed him against the wall so he couldn't escape, starting to plead. "I am begging you. If you want me to kneel, then I will kneel! What should I…
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      OL Ch 26

      OL Ch 26 Cover
      by Aoi Chapter 26 On his way to the apartment complex, Hayun spotted a familiar figure from behind. He stealthily approached with the intention of surprising them but paused as he recognized another face. ‘Aunt.’ Hayun swallowed a gasp and stepped back. He considered killing time elsewhere so they wouldn’t cross paths, but then changed his mind on a whim. Instead, he retreated and hid himself behind a wall. It seemed like his aunt had parked above ground because the underground lot was for…
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      OL Ch 25

      OL Ch 25 Cover
      by Aoi Chapter 25 A clear voice echoed inside his head. Following its instructions, Hayun moved his hand. He reached into someone's chest, tearing through flesh to grasp something other than bone. As he pulled it out, he heard a blood-curdling scream. He hastily looked up and saw Seo Iju's agonized face. Hayun quickly withdrew his hand, trying to explain that it was a misunderstanding, not his doing. However, his arm was drenched in bright red blood up to the elbow. Seo Iju's limp hand suddenly…
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      OL Ch 24

      OL Ch 24 Cover
      by Aoi Chapter 24 Hayun woke up early again today after suddenly remembering someone from his past. He couldn’t fall back asleep; his eyes felt heavy and his body sluggish. Rubbing his face vigorously, he let out a long sigh before getting out of bed. It was still pitch-black outside. Checking the time on his cell phone, it wasn't even five o'clock yet. Instead of lingering in bed any longer, Hayun headed straight to the bathroom. He washed his face quickly and brushed his teeth. His body felt…
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      OL Ch 23

      OL Ch 23 Cover
      by Aoi Chapter 23 #3. The Consequences of Lying “Hayun-ah, make sure your seatbelt is on properly. Is the air conditioning okay? It’ll be unbearable if we don’t turn it on today.” “Yes,” Hayun promptly replied to his mother’s words. ‘Even if I said no, she would’ve turned it on anyway.’ The thought was clear evidence that something was wrong with his mind. Hayun tried hard to erase those words from his head, swallowing nervously lest they slip out inadvertently. He forced…
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      OL Ch 22

      OL Ch 22 Cover
      by Aoi Chapter 22 The door was no longer visible, so he couldn’t open it anymore. However, this wasn't entirely unexpected. Hayun calmly accepted his reality, surprised at how composedly he could do so. That day, Hayun had exerted more power than ever before, which naturally resulted in these aftereffects. It was a common occurrence among espers who pushed their abilities beyond their limits during battles. He knew from experience that with adequate rest and consistent rehabilitation training, both…
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      OL Ch 21

      OL Ch 21 Cover
      by Aoi Chapter 21 His vision blurred. It would clear up briefly before darkening again, repeating this cycle over and over. Each time he slipped into complete darkness, someone shook him awake. Hayun groaned quietly and tried to resist, but it was futile. The sounds of hurried footsteps, metal clinking, and wheels rolling grew louder as the blanket covering him was abruptly pulled away. "Patient, wake up." "....." "You need to stay awake now. You must not sleep. Guardian, please keep the…

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