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      AST Ch 4

      AST Ch 4 Cover
      by Canaan "My apologies. I seem to have forgotten that it's only been a year since you became a demon." It was true. Mikael's soul, which had previously been tormented in hell, was washed clean by the River of Forgetfulness and sent back to earth just one year ago—albeit as a demon. "To accumulate such wealth in merely a year. You truly are remarkable." Yes, it had been only a year. During this time, Mikael's sole focus had been earning money and fattening his bank account. He did so primarily to impress…
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      AST Ch 3

      AST Ch 3 Cover
      by Canaan Mikael continued speaking more harshly, relishing how visibly shaken Damian appeared. “Perhaps that’s why I became a demon, hmm? Someone who despises their own parents? Isn’t that right?” “If being a demon were so easy, this world would be overrun with them.” Damian shook his head firmly at Mikael's casual remark. “People may not openly admit it due to societal pressure, but there are plenty who detest their parents.” Damian furrowed his thick brows as if pained by the…
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      AST Ch 2

      AST Ch 2 Cover
      by Canaan As soon as they entered the bar, Damian felt everyone's eyes on him. Despite the dim lighting due to the lack of illumination, his striking features seemed to pierce through the darkness. “Yes, isn’t it astonishing? The fact that he’s not just any deity but specifically an angel.” Considering how many souls might willingly surrender themselves with a mere word from this being, it was indeed surprising that he was an angel rather than a demon. “It seems even well-guided souls lose their…
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      AST Ch 1

      AST Ch 1 Cover
      by Canaan Chapter 1 #1. Live Righteously If You Don't Want to Die (All doctrines, religions, historical settings, and professions mentioned herein are entirely fictional and bear no relation to reality.) (The gong and shou do not have even 0.1g of professional ethics, so let's not curse those who work diligently in their respective professions in real life.) (Just curse out these fictional characters; they can’t sue you anyway.) Elaine was somewhat shy and reserved but had lived her…
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      The Angel Does Not Wait for the Scale to Tip

      The Angel Does Not Wait for the Scale to Tip Cover
      by Canaan The archangel who waited over a thousand years for his lover who committed suicide. A sinner appeared before him with all memories lost.
      KR • Mature • Yaoi

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